As the old cliche says, “life is too short” but few people actually understand the magnitude of this renowned saying. Some people take it too lightly and get caught up in the mindset of “I got time” so they spend years upon years procrastinating, until they realize that their whole life went by without them accomplishing anything notable. Don’t get me wrong it is sometimes almost never too late to start, as seen with famous example Colonel Sanders, who founded the world famous fast food franchise KFC at 65! These are all inspiring stories but no matter how you cut it you’ll always wish you started before you did. If you could’ve asked Colonel himself, I bet you he would’ve wished he had opened KFC earlier. This propels us onto the topic at hand today. I wrote this blog to raise both awareness and urgency about why you should beat procrastination and start now. Whatever super lucrative endeavor or business plan you had in your head or in a queue waiting to be hatched, by the end of this blog you will not only be inspired and motivated, but inclined to start whatever massive project you have been sitting on for the longest while. So sit back and allow me to present to you, 3 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO START NOW.

1.Your family and community needs you

What you men reading this today need to understand is that you have the ability to get out there and change the world. As crazy or cliche as it sounds each and everyone of you reading this blog has almost limitless potential and anything that you may think is unattainable, you best believe it’s damn near possible to get it. You guys need to start putting some urgency and haste in your goals man, like I said life is too short. A narrative that will cement this fact in your head is just how much your community and family need you. Just take some time away from all the media and other distractions and look around. Look at your community, it’s people, families, children. Chances are they can all do with some help, whether through inspiration, finances or ministry, but I’m sure in some regard you can see there’s a need for some elevation. Look at your family, some of us were born and raised into low income households, single moms, abusive relationships and all other kinds of low value environments. You don’t think you owe it to your mama who worked her ass off to pay for your tuition? Or your dad who sacrificed all he had to give you the life you have? Don’t you think you owe it to them to simply get up and go out there and make it happen? Open that company, get that degree, become a millionaire to take them out of poverty? You don’t think you owe it to them to elevate? If you want to be an alpha male you’re damn well sure you owe it to your family and community to be great, and make a name for yourself and represent them well. You’re damn well sure you owe it to them to rise up and work hard to achieve your goals. You’re damn well sure you have to get yourself in a position to give back and help others be the best versions of themselves, of course you do! Look around bro, your family and your community needs you to be successful.

2.Lost money is found but lost time is forever 

I’ll say it again, ‘lost money is found,’ but ‘lost time is forever’. This is a concept that most folk get to fully understand and appreciate when they get older. People get so obsessed and consumed in the habit of chasing money, that they get caught up in a web. What we often forget is that money isn’t the most valuable resource, it’s far from in fact. Time is our most valuable resource and the sooner you fathom or conceptualize this, the more you’ll realize that you have to start now. You have to make the conscious decision to get up and go after your goals right now because time waits on no one. People who fail to take this initiative and exercise the power of now, will always have time working against them. All my guys reading this blog right now, you need to understand that you have to get up and attack your goals relentlessly, cuz no matter how you feel, if you wanna whine and cry about how much your life sucks, or if you wanna sleep in all day, or if you wanna go to the club every single weekend and neglect your goals. Time is going to pass you by, and those precious hours will turn into days and those days into months and those months turn into years and those years turn into you being 60 years old, realizing that you wasted your life by spending your time on things that have no return on that investment. At that point you’ll realize that you would have little time to pursue and achieve your goals because your time is almost up. Do you want to be that guy? Or do you want to be the guy who makes the decision to get out there now, and smash the hell out of your goals?!

3.You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you

I get it, starting now can be difficult, you might be “too young” or you don’t have enough start up money or you’re under qualified, and these, along with many more, are definitely limiting factors. If you rely on your own strength that is. Too many of you guys are just walking around trying to do things without building that spiritual inclination, which is the cornerstone for any walk in life. You guys are relying on your own strength too much and that’s why you experience difficulties and problems that you guys can’t consciously and logically find the answer to. You can’t rely on your own strength when doing this thing guys, you’re human, you won’t have all the right answers and that’s okay. Be humble enough to accept that God knows your goals and your journey just as much as you do, better than you do in fact. Get on your knees and pray guys, talk to him, he gave us the spirit of Christ and with that lies the ability to achieve and conquer any and every goal you can think of. You just have to allow him to guide you and influence you. So not only is this a call to the realization that you should start working towards your goals now, but it is also a call that you should start building and developing your relationship with the Most High right now! If you want to fulfil and reach your truest potential, you have to go with God and right now too.

And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!