You Don’t Need Friends

In modern times we are thought that we need friends or that we have to constantly make new friends but this isn’t true. In fact there are so called “friends” that hold you back, make you feel down, don’t give back the same energy and use you. But don’t get me wrong, there are some friends who are positive and uplift people. These are the people you should associate yourself with.

A friendship is one that is supportive, strengthening and elevating. It is not enough for a friendship to be just pleasant and enjoyable because they are people that are kind and fun to be around, but they never look to aim higher in life. Over time these friendships will be seen as valueless and will be a waste of time. Hey, I’m not saying to don’t like or appreciate these people or even stop hanging out with them but just realize that their association with you has little to no meaning.

Stay Away From Toxic People

Everyone has their own definition of a toxic friend but technically we all feel the same towards toxic people. You will feel deep down that they are pretending, you will feel as though you are being used, you feel the fakeness and negativity. Watch out for those snakes!

How to identify a toxic friend?

1. Embarrassment

Toxic friends bring you down to feel better about themselves or be perceived as cooler.

This can be bullying or aggressive behavior in the form of jokes.

2. Remove you from other friendships

They don’t like your other friends and they try to isolate you from your other friends. They make it seem as though that they are all you’ve got and if you leave, you will be alone.

3. Giving back the same energy

You are always there for them when they need you but they never do the same. They find you when they need help, it almost seems as though their phones only work one way, like they could call but cant receive any. Toxic friends also always bail on plans, they show up late or not at all.

4. Fake

Toxic friends will talk bad about you behind your back and smile in your face when they are around you. Its disgusting! They are almost never happy to see you win or accomplish something. They are generally liars and they try to manipulate you.

It’s important that you are not manipulated by these people and get rid of them from your life. just simply block and delete their contact. Say no when they ask you to hang out, you don’t need a long paragraph with excuses just simply say no. Limit your discussion with them and do not agree to any favors they may ask of you. If you are brave enough, you should tell them straight up how you feel about them.

Avoid Immoral Friends

These are friends that cultivate negativity in any area of their life. Many people have friends that are self-destructive in some way. Examples of these are:

  • Drug addiction
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • stealing

and other bad habits ….

Termination of these friends is very necessary because they will never help you grow and become a better you. One trick you can try is changing your vibration and focus on becoming a better version of yourself and I assure you that you will passed right out of your immoral friends’ lives naturally and you probably wouldn’t hear from them again.

You don’t friends! I don’t mean not to have any friends but don’t be too keen on getting friends. Choose them wisely and surround your self with like minded, supportive, encouraging and “real” people. Only then your mind will be peaceful and you all can grow and succeed together.


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