Nice guys, aka ‘simps’ are guys that are willing to do just about anything even at the expense of their own character and dignity, just to get some form of female attention. As ridiculous as this sounds, there are actually many “nice guys” out there. I get it, not everyone is aware of female nature and what they really want. That’s why RPT was created. Contrary to Hollywood films, Disney fairytales and your own mother’s advice, women do not genuinely desire and want the nice guy. Yes you have been lied to your whole life and now it’s time to make the change. You often hear about the ‘Chads’ and the ‘Tyrones’ in the redpill community. If you don’t know, these are basically the types of guys who get all the women and respect by all the guys, due to their charming, alpha and borderline selfish attitude. 

“But my mother told me to keep being a nice guy and treating her like a princess and I’ll eventually get what I want,” Yes Johnny she lied to me too. What I need you guys to understand is that men are born losers. We were brainwashed into becoming more feminine through the media and growing up in single mother households etc. We were all told to be ‘nice guys’ to women and they’ll take us seriously. Unfortunately though, this is not what women actually want. I’ll explain exactly why, later on in this blog why exactly they don’t want the nice guy, but instead want the alpha male


Guys, this is all spiritual, whether you want to accept it or not. God has his agenda for humanity and so does the enemy. One of the enemy’s plans is to cause confusion among the gender roles in society to essentially destroy us as a human race. This agenda is manifesting before our very eyes with all the chaos that takes place in society today. Fellas, what do we teach men to do all the time on the blog? That’s right… to be masculine! That’s it. If you look around in society today all the nice guys and ‘simps’ are essentially feminine men who lack masculine characteristics. These men lack confidence, assertiveness, charisma, integrity and strength, which are just some of the traits required to be masculine. Ironically though, most women do not want a feminine man, and that right there lies the issue.


Men lead women follow, I know it’s controversial to say these days but it’s the truth. I don’t wanna get preachy here but Ephesians 5:23 says “For the man is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church”. This is so key when it comes to understanding masculinity at the core. We lead, we lead, we lead! What the nice guy mindset does however, is it puts you in a position of submissiveness and weakness, which is outside of our roles. Women are also repulsed by these kinds of guys, so you see how ironic mama’s advice was, right? As we preach on this blog all the time, all your life’s problems from dating to finances to spirituality to health, can all be solved if you were more masculine. Women don’t like nice guys, simply because they are too feminine.

See it for what it is fellas. To put icing on the cake though, for those who still believe in this ‘be a nice guy to win her over myth’ I’ll quote a study from a credible source. Based on a study conducted by brightside.me, they gathered that the majority of the women surveyed opted for the ‘bad boy’ rather than your average nice guy. Why is this? Well the research went on to say that women choose these guys because they feel more protected by them and their manly physical features. Hence we stress so much on getting in shape. This directly relates to one aspect of our primal role as men, which is to protect our family, this is masculinity 101 fellas. Nice guys tend to have weak physiques, higher pitched voices and weak eye contact, which definitely doesn’t display protection. Even if a nice guy has all of the above, he still lacks the confidence required to portray that dominance.


As you guys know, it’s in our best interest to ensure that you guys receive abundance in all forms of life. Dating happens to be one of them, and we want to ensure that you guys get your fair share in the dating market. Hence I am so adamant in my beliefs about masculinity. Because women do like masculine men, but society lied to us and told us to be a nice guy. This is a recipe for disaster and that’s ultimately why I decided to bring this one to you guys. Not only am I going to debunk the nice guy myth and show you exactly why women aren’t attracted to nice guys, but I’m also going to make this a two part series. So in the next blog, I’m going to show you guys how exactly to stop being a nice guy and become the masculine, alpha male girls desire. Without further delay, I being to you guys 10 REASONS WHY GIRLS DON’T LIKE NICE GUYS. 

1.They Lack Self Respect 

Respect is a recurring theme on this website that comes with great cause too. Lack of respect can cause a lot of problems in your dating life or social life in general. The lack of self respect however is a deep rabbit hole you never want to fall into. Let’s break this down, how you treat, view and perceive yourself, is exactly how people are going to treat you. If you see yourself as low value or beta, guess what? People are going to treat you as such. A nice guy lacks self respect because he never puts himself first and he always sees himself as less than other people. Hence he is willing to allow just about anything to slide and others to mistreat him, just to feel accepted or validated. This is weak behavior gentlemen, and no woman wants a man who she can slap all over the place or a man who everyone can walk all over. This is precisely why women don’t like nice guys.

2.They Lack Confidence 

Women like confident men, that’s just it. Guys often ask me “how to get women” or “how to get her to like me” and it boils down to one thing all the time. Confidence! Yes you have to get lean, your finances, your sex appeal, etc. However, none of the above means jack if you don’t have confidence. You can’t expect to get women off your possessions only. Nice guys however, due to their timid and feminine demeanor, lack the confidence and courage to even approach women. Even if they somehow do, they often never know what to say and start showering her with compliments (which is a bad thing btw) which ultimately screws up the entire approach. Women smell this lack of confidence and are instantly repulsed by it. Although it’s common knowledge at this point, I’ll still insert a credible source to back up this claim.

3.It’s Too Easy

I know this sounds confusing but at the end of this paragraph it will all make sense. Let’s keep it real fellas, nice guys usually don’t get a lot of luck with women. Therefore when they finally get some form of female attention, they make themselves super available and as easy to get on to as possible. Seems pretty logical and obvious right?. This is exactly why women don’t like nice guys. Let’s get one single thing crystal clear, women like a challenge. This is why the guy who gets all the girls, gets all the girls because women like to compete with each other to get the most valuable guy’s attention. This is how it is in the animal kingdom, the most alpha lion, has sex with all the lionesses. It’s embedded in a woman’s dna to compete, so if she feels like she won you over easily, she instantly loses attraction.

4.Low Sex Appeal

Men today often get this twisted, this is due to all the nice guy narratives that are trending on Twitter and Instagram. Stuff like “be a good sport” and “just make her laugh” these connotations are highly misleading. As it makes men think that women are solely sensual and completely neglect looks. I’m here to tell you that women are visual too fellas and sex appeal, how you carry yourself and your physical appearance matters bro. Men who suffer from nice guy syndrome forget completely about their physique and clothing and this is exactly why women don’t link nice guys. This is because they believe in blasphemous statements such as “looks don’t matter” and “all I care about is personality” these are all lies fellas. What you have to understand is upon seeing someone, what attracts you is the way they look and how they carry themselves. Let’s be real, you don’t see “I have a nice personality” written on a woman’s forehead and get attracted by that. You see her nice body and pretty face and that’s what attracts you. It’s the same thing for women don’t fall for the gimmicks, nice guys. 

5.They’re Weak

Nice guys are weak and this is definitely a problem in the dating game. This weakness goes beyond the just physical, as we already established that they are built like matchsticks. This strength is mentally, the masculine energy from within. Nice guys lack that whole alpha persona, they are instead timid, reserved and afraid to speak their mind. This is a turn off fellas and women are definitely not attracted to this level of weakness. Nice guys also have little to no mental barriers, meaning they don’t have any solid beliefs or boundaries. This in turn makes them easily manipulated and easy to command, these are not characteristics of a masculine man. Women subconsciously look for a strong stable rock in a man, someone they can rely on to remain on center and in frame at all times. Nice guys lack this ability and that’s why women don’t like them.

6.They Are Submissive 

Due to the nature of a nice guy, especially in social situations, he often adopts more of a submissive role. This is a big turn off to women, don’t be fooled. Even the most “alpha” and independent women deeply desire a dominant man and this is exactly why nice guys don’t have much luck in dating. You see, when you’re used to serving everyone, people pleasing and kissing ass 24/7 it’s impossible to hold a dominant position. Especially with women, they like to be led and dominated. So what a nice guy does is he forces the female to tap more into her masculine energy and thus picks up a more dominant role. This right here brings out the worst in a woman she starts disrespecting you, being angry or aggressive towards you, bossing you around etc. And she doesn’t want to be like this, which is why women don’t link nice guys.

7.Lack Leadership

Like I said earlier on in this article, men lead and women follow! Forget all that you heard, this is the truth and this is how it has always been in the animal kingdom, for the most part. Women understand that they are to be lead on a subconscious level, this is why they can’t resist the alpha male. Nice guys however are quite the opposite. Due to continuously behavioral patterns of submissiveness, nice guys develop a sheep rather than a shepherd mindset. Initiative is key when it comes to dealing with women and nice guys don’t get this, that’s precisely why they always get the short end of the stick. An article on thekewlshop.com broke down this point very well and it even went on to describe how the lack of leadership on a man’s end can cost him the relationship.

8.They Put Up With Everything 

What women are probably the most turnt off by in a nice guy is the lack of a spine or backbone. These types of men have no sense of core values or boundaries, due to this people often take advantage of them as they can more or less get away with anything. This is weak behavior, women are not attracted to this in the slightest. As the good old saying goes, ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’. This speaks volumes and it’s a concept that the nice guy doesn’t seem to get, which is ultimately costing him in the dating game. Women like to be put in their places fellas and this gives them the mental clarity that you are a strong man who will defend her if the going gets tough. This is why women ‘shit test’ you, it’s because they want to ensure that you are a strong man who won’t tolerate any nonsense or disrespect. You nice guys however, let everything slide which signals to her that you won’t defend her in serious situations.

9.They Are Needy/Clingy 

Not only will being clingy or overly available to a woman make her not like you sexually, it will also guarantee you ending up in the friend zone. The friend zone is sadly where most nice guys end up and due to their lack of self respect, they are content with this. This is exactly why nice guys never get a chance with women. Being needy and clingy are female characteristics and this is because females value attention and affection. A true masculine man has little or none of that to give because he is always on his purpose. This ironically drives women wild as they build attraction with distance and time away from their guy. This is why nice guys never win, because they always try to give women all of their time and attention. Understand how a woman’s mind works and move to suit guys.

10.They Are Low Value 

Women are hypergamous by nature, what this means is that they date men who they perceive as higher value than them. Whether it be through finances, status and/or looks, they hardly ever date down. High value men are successful or abundant in all these aspects of their lives because they are always improving themselves. Nice guys however, don’t have this level of abundance simply because they spend most of their time chasing the validation and attention from others. This is a dangerous game because you usually come out with nothing to show from it. Hence your value is lowered which in turn pushes women away. Nice guys, even if they have all the looks, money and status, are still low value because they have a scarcity mindset. Especially with women, and women hate to be the only one in the beginning of the courting phase. 


And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to redpilltactics.com for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!