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Men today often over complicate or over think their diet and what to eat when trying to get lean. Luckily I have compiled and simplified exactly what is required when it comes to minimizing body fat and gaining and maintaining muscle mass, to get you to the physique you want and desire. Firstly I need you guys to understand that weight loss is 80% in the kitchen therefore you should not be playing any games when it comes to your diet and nutrition (I cannot stress this enough). So get your notepad out and take notes on WHAT THE ALPHA EATS TO GET OR STAY LEAN. 

1. Chicken

There is no surprise that chicken comes in number one on this list, specifically chicken breast. One serving (100g) of chicken breast is packed with a whopping 31 grams of protein! That’s almost a quarter of my macros. Protein is essential when it comes to maintaining a lean physique because what it does is it repairs and grows muscle tissue after you kill it in the gym. This is responsible for bigger, more powerful muscles and chicken is an excellent protein source for that. It’s also very tasty depending on how you cook it, remember to stay away from processed seasonings and excessive oils!

2. Salmon 

Salmon definitely has to come in high on this list because it is debatably one of the most nutritious types of fish out there, it’s also a personal favorite. Like chicken, salmon is also an excellent protein source with around 20grams of protein per 100grams of salmon which is the most protein packed fish on the market, organically at least. Salmon is also a good source of healthy fats and is highly nutritious with various micronutrients like vitamin B-6 which helps with digestion and the assimilation of protein and potassium which helps maintain muscle mass. It is also really easy to season and cook, an all round tasty and healthy option to add to your diet.

3. Peas and Beans

Peas and beans are what I like to call super foods. They contain a lot of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B6. Which helps with the immune system, vision and bone health and digestion and assimilation respectively. Various types of peas like lentils, pigeon peas and chickpeas all contain high amounts of these nutrients. Don’t get it twisted, peas and beans are excellent sources of proteins as well. For example black beans contain almost 10 grams of protein per 100grams which makes it an excellent source for vegans as well. They are all great sources for iron, fiber and potassium which are all essential micronutrients which all assist in weight loss through proper digestion.

4. Eggs

Unless you’re a vegan, eggs should be a part of EVERY man who wishes to get lean breakfast. Eggs are simply alpha, it’s an alpha food! These bad boys contain a whopping 13 grams per egg, which is an insane amount considering how little in serving size one egg is. Most people usually crack 2 eggs minimum for breakfast which is 26 grams of protein right there. Eggs also surprisingly have high underlying micro nutritional value as well with high amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A. Eggs have also been proven to be a testosterone building food as well which is responsible for losing weight, building muscle and increasing athletic ability. You may want to limit your consumption of eggs however because it contains alarming amounts of cholesterol per serving which mainly lies in the yolk. So if you wish to consume more than two eggs, simply extract the yolk from the egg as a precautionary measure.

5. Oats/Oatmeal 

Oats is also an all round excellent food to consume when aiming to gain or maintain a lean physique. A good source of protein and fibre with about 17 grams and 11 grams per serving. Oats is a great breakfast food seeing that it is so high in carbohydrates with about 66 grams per serving which makes a good source of energy before exercise and training. Feel free to use this as a substitute for bread and cereal on a morning as it is healthier, contains more protein and other key nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B1. Oats is also a cholesterol lowering food which is always beneficial due to the amounts of cholesterol we consume on average. You might want to refrain from consuming this at night because excess carbohydrates spike insulin levels, which causes weight gain.

6. Nuts

Nuts! Like peanuts and almonds have great nutritional value when it comes to building lean muscle. They are great sources of magnesium, fibre and vitamin E which are essential vitamins and minerals for digestion and growth. Nuts also contain great proportions of macronutrients with high percentages of protein and healthy fats as well. Which makes a good snack to eat in between meals and a healthy option to add towards your daily macro and micro nutritional targets.

7. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is perfect for balanced macros and all round nutritious food to consume. It aids in building lean muscle because a serving of cottage cheese contains about 28 grams of protein! and low fat variants of cottage cheese make an excellent food for building lean muscle. Like most dairy products however, it contains a mixture of fast digesting proteins and slow digesting proteins as well. Like oats, refrain from eating this excessively at night because it can cause weight gain as it is high in carbs and fats as well.

8. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a perfect snack that you can fit in between meals or even use as a pre workout snack. It consists of high calories 60 grams per 100grams of yogurt, which is good when getting intensive workout sessions in. Greek yogurt also consists of high protein per serving as well with 10 grams per serving which is excellent for just a snack. It’s also rich in calcium and potassium as well which is responsible for bone growth and development and maintaining of muscle respectively. You definitely should substitute all the chips and biscuits for this nutritious item.

9. Fruits

Of course I have to incorporate fruits as a part of this diet and you should too! Any diet in fact. Fruits should be at the base of any diet you are practicing. Whether you are trying to bulk up or cut down you should always find space in your diet for some fruits. Fruits are jam packed with micronutrients with just about any vitamin or mineral you can think of fruits have them covered. From citrus fruits to oranges and grapefruits, to super fruits like apples and bananas they are all stuffed with nutrients to aid in digestion, grow bones and muscles, strengthen your immune system, grow nails and hair, keep your eyes healthy, etc. there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t be eating a banana right now as you’re reading this. 

10. Vegetables

No, I did not forget vegetables! I think this needed to be a separate item because fruits and vegetables have many differences. Vegetables, like fruits, are rich in micronutrients as well and they contain a lot of essential healthy nutrients that are pivotal towards having a healthy and lean physique. Vegetables, like fruits, should also be at the base of any diet you are trying to follow. Whether you aim to gain or lose weight, vegetables are your best friends. Vegetables, like fruits, are also jam packed with vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A to Z (yes, this was obviously exaggeration) minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, etc. which are all essential for having a healthy and proper functioning lean body. “So where does vegetables differ from fruits?” You may be asking. Well there is one single difference I can think of which is important when it comes to this topic. That difference is that there are vegetables with high contents of macro nutrients. For example spinach, broccoli, asparagus and brussels sprouts are all great sources of protein with around 5 grams per cooked cup. So not only are these essential for having a healthy body, they can also be great sources towards building lean muscle as well, which is easy to digest as they are plant based proteins.

And THAT brings you to the end of yet another informative blog. It is quite a pleasure adding some value to you guys’ life, feel free to add a comment on how this blog inspired you or remarks on the content. Thank you for reading until the end and if there are any questions or concerns feel free to email us at [email protected]. Feel free to leave and comment and share the link to a friend who you think this would benefit.