I am first going to preface this blog by saying, I am by no means a sales skills expert or sales professional. I haven’t gone to school to study sales related courses of any sort.

However in my personal entrepreneurship endeavors and other income streams, I’ve practiced the art of selling and sharpened up on my sales skills.

I have made a couple thousand dollars in sales over my short time in business. I was also complimented and commended on my natural sales skills a couple of times.

I’m not saying this to brag but I’m simply proving that I’m qualified to speak on this topic on a foundational level.

So let’s talk about sales skills, what works and what doesn’t based on my personal experience.


I know this sounds pretty counterproductive, like how can you get better sales skills if you don’t prioritize the sale itself?.

This is a common misconception I’ve seen a lot of small business owners and self employed individuals fall into.

To develop better sales skills, you have to start by putting the monetary rewards last on the list. Instead focus on satisfying your customer, adding value to his/her life and building a personal relationship with them.

In entrepreneurship people get caught up in this greedy and transactional mindset, this will work against you.


This is an aspect of sales that I’ve received the most benefits from when I focused on it.

As I mentioned before, being transactional can work against you. 

Having a transactional mindset takes the emotion and compassion out of the sales interaction and this repulses customers from returning.

One habit I’ve adopted and it has increased my referral sales funnel is providing my clients with more value than they paid for.

This will not only benefit them by granting them extra benefits but it will also incentivize them to tell their associates about how good you’ve treated them.

The key to this is to do it with a genuine heart and not expect anything in return. You must genuinely want to serve your customers by providing them with more value than they paid for.

So if you sell sneakers, provide them with a free pair of socks. Or if you sell smartphones, hook them up with a free phone case.


Now that we spoke about compassion and selflessness. Let’s speak about the ‘dark’ side of sales.

According to someone with a ‘type A personality’ can be described as an individual who is quick and decisive on tasks and gets things done regardless. 

Though these are great characteristics in the macro, people with type A personalities tend to be more competitive in nature, have low patience and operate at an urgent pace.

Though these can be seen as negative characteristics. I’ve noticed that some of these personality traits have developed my sales skills. 

As it enabled me to make better and quicker decisions, walk away from negotiations when necessary and most importantly, get the work done to the best of my ability.

A type A person can sometimes come off as overwhelming or too strong, but it can also work in your favor as well. As ambition, discipline and time management are all beneficial towards building good sales skills.


As I mentioned before, I am by no means a qualified sales expert so my advice is pretty much softcore information.

However these sales skills are ones that have worked for me and have been successful in increasing my income. 

The aim of this article is to shine light on a topic that people often have question marks about, through my own successes.

So I’ve compiled a list of sales skills that you can use to most certainly increase your income and expand your enterprise. 

So with that being said, here’s a list of my TOP 10 SALES SKILLS.

1.Value Yourself

As I mentioned all over this blog, confidence is the most important quality as a man.

This is no different in business, it’s important that you have confidence when going out into the market, this way people take you seriously and are more enticed to purchase your goods or services.

This confidence comes from valuing yourself. Remember sales goes down to a primal level too, no one wants to purchase or even interact with an individual who doesn’t value himself or his brand.

2.Always Be Willing To Walk Away

A huge aspect of sales is negotiating, whether you like it or not you are going to have to exercise negotiation.

Especially when dealing with clients, it’s important to always be willing to walk away from the deal.

I’ve noticed that this gives the clients a sense to value your product or service. This is because the contentment of you not getting their sales sends a signal of a high value product. 

It’s kinda like an abundance mindset, that whether this particular customer purchases my product or not, I’ll be fine because it will be sold regardless. 

3.Never Give Up Your Negotiating Power

It’s important to always leverage your strengths when it comes to sales skills. 

As I mentioned above, negotiation is a huge aspect of sales and being able to stand strong on your price and never bend no matter how good the deal seems is important.

This is what I call your ‘negotiating power’. This refers to the technical ability to refrain from dropping your price in negotiation, unless it’s a legitimately good bargain.

This is one of the best sales skills because it allows for you to have a strong and secure position in all negotiations.

4.Learn Your Product Or Service 

This aspect of sales skills is so key. You have to have holistic knowledge on the product that you are selling. You must know it inside out.

The most embarrassing thing that can happen when closing a sale, is if your customer asks you a question about your product you don’t have the answer to.

Not to mention you’ll most likely lose that customer due to your ignorance about the product. 

Learning your product completely is a great sales skill because it allows for you to appear more confident which in turn convinces your customers.


One of the most underrated sales skills in my opinion is tonality. Like projecting your voice and finding the right balance between dominance and passiveness is very important.

Speaking in the right tone sends off signals of confidence and again, confidence is key when it comes to closing sales.

Speaking with a level of assertiveness also convinced your customers into purchasing your goods or services. As it shows a level of value and certainty behind the product.

6.Body Language 

As I mentioned before, the art of selling boils down to some of the most primitive principles. Like most social interactions, body language and nonverbal communication is important.

Body language is one of the most important sales skills. If used correctly, it sends subconscious communication, that you know what you’re talking about.

It might seem repetitive, but all good sales skills entails is mastering the art of convincing individuals to buy your products or services.

7.Attentive Listening 

When I was younger, I never quite understood the old cliche ‘the customer is always right’ but now that I got into sales myself, I’ve learned to experience the accuracy behind the saying.

This saying justifies why it’s absolutely important to practice attentive listening when dealing with a customer. 

In service based businesses especially, it’s absolutely important that you cater to your customer. This involves putting their requests over your suggestions.

Attentive listening allows for you to completely understand what exactly your customer wants. This then enables you to provide for them more effectively.

8.Demonstrate Superiority 

This might sound all dark and gloomy but allow me to explain. According to a study done on, one of the biggest reasons why people purchase luxury items is because of the brand’s superiority.

What does this tell us? Well it’s safe to assume that once you leverage some form of superiority over a customer, they can be more enticed to purchase.

This is one of the best sales skills and it has worked so well in my business life. 

9.Use Scarcity Tactics

Scarcity sells guys! That’s the bottom line. Remember I kept on repeating how sales is all about convincing another party? 

Well one of the best ways to do this is to convince them through scarcity. Using terms like ‘limited time offer’ and ‘temporary deal’ are great examples of scarcity tactics.

Scarcity tactics is one of the best sales skills because it puts customers on alert. People always have fear of missing out on a good item or deal, so using scarcity convinces them to make the purchase before it’s too late.


Last but not least, articulation. The ability to convey and express messages in a clear and concise manner is one of the most important sales skills.

Using technical terms and jargons about the product puts you in a superior position (as I explained earlier). This position allows for you to leverage your product better.

This is why I stressed so much on educating yourself about your product and widening your vocabulary. A good salesman is one that knows his product, a great salesman is one that knows how to express what he knows about his product.


And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!