Did you know! About 48% of Americans in 2016 suffered with some sort of cardiac disease?! Yes this is true according to an article from this stat is indeed accurate. There are a number of reasons as to why one may catch the risk of a heart disease. By far the leading cause of this issue is unhealthy eating habits. In fact as at March 2017, just under half of the cardiac diseases suffered in America was directly linked to eating unhealthily. Did I also mention that cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of global deaths? Responsible for 31% of all deaths worldwide. This goes to show that your health and diet is no joke. As you know on this blog our aim is to help men become the best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives and this topic definitely is an essential one as it pertains to that aim. As an Alpha male you are required to have a fit and healthy body to perform at optimal ability with every endeavor you partake in. So without further ado, allow me to present 5 NEGATIVE EFFECTS FAST FOOD HAS ON THE BODY.

1.Physiologically destructive 

As mentioned before fast and processed foods are easily the most unhealthy items on planet earth. No exaggeration, these foods causes individuals to get obese rather quickly. This effect obviously affects individuals on a physiological level and that screams danger. When a person engages in consuming these unhealthy foods, it causes them to gain massive amounts of weight in short periods of time. Which doesn’t give the body time to condition itself as weight is gained, so before you know it you become immobile or less physically capable of performing certain tasks. This in turn causes you to become unable to meet your body’s physical demands. When a person is obese, what this does on a biological level is it forces the heart to produce more oxygenated blood to cover the increased body size. Because this is an alarming amount of blood to be produced, it causes the heart to go under pressure to meet these ridiculous demands. This ultimately causes high blood pressure which leads to various forms of health diseases like strokes or heart attacks.

2.Highly addictive 

I need you guys to get out of seeking pleasure first when it comes to everything. One of the main causes of addiction is not to the item or substance itself you know, it’s the pleasure that comes with it, the dopamine spike, it makes you feel good. What you need to understand however, is what feels good is not necessarily good for you and with fast food etc. this principle is no different. I know stuffing your face with a bunch of grass and low salted food isn’t necessarily the most desirable thing, trust me I know but when you decide to consume a meal, sit and ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this?”. “Is it to fuel me with proper energy and heal and regulate my organ systems?” or “Is it to make me feel good?” Doing this simple evaluation would help you detach yourself from seeking pleasure and being obsessed with consuming food for pleasure. Food addiction is something that many people suffer from and it only becomes evident when you are 6 feet and weighing nearly 400 pounds. Do the right thing and choose purpose over pleasure. 

3.Doesn’t fuel the body with real energy

Fast foods and processed foods don’t provide real energy. Allow me to explain this one because I know some of you guys are confused. Yes on a logical level fast foods like fried chicken and bacon, cheese burgers have high levels of macro nutrients like protein and carbohydrates but! Due to the high levels of chemicals and other substances injected into these foods it doesn’t allow for proper assimilation of the food content. Hence when you consume that baconator from Wendy’s it won’t be long before you feel the need to use it and do ‘what a man’s gotta do’. After that process you become hungry again, this is what I like to call empty calories and you only appreciate the truth of this point when you actually prepare your meals organically and on your own. I promise you a well balanced home cooked meal would make you feel more energized and healthy than a whopper and fries combo at Burger King.

4.Provokes laziness (push button)

This isn’t something related to food alone damn near everything in today’s society has become ‘push button’. Due to rapid advancements in technology it is now easier to access fast foods than ever before through mediums like fast food delivery and UberEats, which eliminates the hustle of you having to get up and drive down to your favorite outlet and get your food yourself. But is this necessarily a good thing? We here at aim to give you the realest perspective. With that being said this does more harm than good. Not only does fast food make you gain weight and become unhealthy but by default you become more lazy. Recent times has made it even easier to access food further provoking and encouraging laziness. This culture of getting everything ‘readymade’ or ‘push button’ has subliminally programmed our men and women today to receive things without working for it. Not too long ago there was a time where man would have to hunt, climb and pick foods to have it ready for consumption. These actions and tasks develop a lot of healthy traits when it comes to being an alpha male, such as hard work and will power. Nowadays with this ‘push button’ culture men are losing that ability and you know we here at this website are 100% against that narrative.

5.Limits your potential

With all these factors coming together they all simply lead to this simple one. It limits your potential. In a nutshell the consuming of fast foods stops you from becoming the best version of yourself and this is our main purpose on this website. Let me explain, how can you become that multimillionaire CEO when you’re laying on a hospital bed from heart failure? How can you build that dominant Alpha Male physique when you’re currently stuffing your face with fried chicken all day? How can you be confident in yourself and your ability when you hate the person you see in the mirror? How can you take action and work towards your goals when you are lazy and laying around all day? Exactly! You can’t. Everyone reading this blog, especially if you have a good command of your income, you should cut out fast food and invest into a healthy diet. This is not an expense, this is an investment. One that would reward you with a long and prosperous life to achieve and conquer all the things you want in life.

And that brings you to the end of this blog, I thank you for reading to the end that means so much to me. As always feel free to leave a comment on this blog letting us know how you feel about it and if it benefitted you in any way. Feel free to share this to a friend or family member too, share the wisdom and knowledge always. And lastly if you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave us and email at [email protected]. Stay tuned for the next one, peace and love.