Fitness is one of the most important aspects of the Alpha’s life that he should have in check. Of course one of the main motivators for most individuals, especially my younger folks, is obviously female attraction. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this whatsoever, as finding a mate or a companion is also a very important part of the Alpha’s lifestyle. Hence you should always aim to optimize your physical appearance, to attract the opposite sex. However the main reason why I advise people to get in shape is to build the character that comes with getting that aesthetic physique. Some of these traits and abilities you acquire while on a fitness journey is discipline, mental strength, increased focus, desire, commitment and the list can go on and on. These are all parts of the mind that you exercise while hitting the gym consistently for long periods of time. These of which you can transfer to any other aspect of your life for example business or education (for my younger readers). If you are a man reading this right now and you’re not working out, you need to get to it immediately! as in right after you’re done with this blog. Getting fit takes no talent, level of intelligence or IQ, just raw discipline, consistency and hard work.

With all that being said the true aim of this blog is to bring to you guys a BEGINNER upper body workout that you can do at home. Yeah that’s right, no equipment, no gym wear, no memberships. Just a decent sized space and your bodyweight. Before I bring you guys the workout I need to put physique building in the perspective of an alpha. You have to look the part as well guys, and there is nothing that makes you more alpha than having a well built upper body and a slim core giving you that “v-taper” effect. The muscles you should target to get this effect would be chest, shoulders and back. For the sake of this routine we would just focus mainly on chest, though this workout targets shoulders, triceps and a bit of back as well. 

This exercise consists of:

  • 5 Exercises
  • 2 Sets of each exercise 
  • 30 secs rest between each set
  • 2 mins rest between each exercise

So grab your notepad and take notes of this simple beginner chest workout that you can do right now. (Read till the end for a pro tip)

1.Pushups-10 reps

Quick tips: 

-Keep your arms shoulder width apart.

-Keep your back straight. 

-Focus on keeping a wide range of movement meaning you must go all the way down and push all the way back up. 

-Focus on controlled reps rather than speed. 

-Try not to flare your elbows out too far as you want to keep your shoulders and triceps engaged throughout the movement.

-Tighten your core throughout the whole movement. 

2.Clap push-ups- 8 reps

Quick tips:

-Focus on being explosive.

-Push the ground as hard as you can to propel your upper body off upwards.

-Aim to clap your hands, this ensures that you explode enough.

-Focus on power, not necessarily strength.

-Keep your core engaged.

3.Close grip push-ups-10 reps

Quick tips:

-Keep your hands close together.

-Focus on hitting controlled and deep reps.

-Tighten your core.

-Keep your back straight.

4.Decline push-ups- 8 reps

Quick tips:

-Keep your back as straight as possible.

-Focus on deeper reps to target your upper chest and engage your traps as well.

-Maintain a wide range of motion and a controlled movement 

-Be careful! Don’t hurt yourself

5.Wide push-ups-15 reps

Quick tips: 

-Maximize your range of motion 

-Keep your hands spread wide apart to target the entire chest

-Hyperextend your elbows when pushing up to feel the burn

-Tighten your core

(Lol I know this isn’t a wide grip pushup but I’m avoiding copyright, bare with me)

Total duration:30-45 mins 

PRO TIP: Do all exercises (where possible) on your knees if you can’t use your entire bodyweight just yet. Then work your way up

And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for tuning into this one. It comes with great pleasure to bring you guys these pieces. I hope you enjoyed this one and you incorporate it into your daily routine. As always feel free to share this with your family or a close friend whom you feel may benefit from this piece of information. Also feel free to email us at [email protected] leaving us any questions or concerns. Don’t forget to leave a remark in the comment section. Signing off now, peace and love!