Distractions. This is the first time we are talking about this on the blog but it definitely won’t be the last time as this is an issue that both men and women fall victim to, every single day. Half of the time they simply aren’t even aware that this is the cause due to the “feel good” nature that comes with these actions. This is why we like to call them silent killers, We call it this because these issues I am about to mention are all distracting you and killing your God given purpose, goals and ambitions in life. So please allow me to explain what these silent killers are. 


1. Social media 

Boy oh boy this is a huge one, especially for my younger brothers coming up who were born into the cusp of social media or into the era when it already became 100% globally accessible. According to various sources, it is concluded that individuals between ages 16-29 spend about 3 hours of their day on social media platforms, as at March 2020, we reckon that this number has increased since the pandemic hit the western world. Assuming that you sleep for around 8 hours this is just under 20% of your day gone, yeah that’s right you spend 20% of your day, every day scrolling on social media, liking the Instagram models’ posts, watching videos of no substance and ‘dming’ random people who you may never see in your life. When I put it like that you finally see it for what it is huh? It’s so sad to see that men today are wasting so much potential and worth that they possess by just wasting time behind these trivial, synthetic social media apps. Am I against the use of social media? Heck no! I use it everyday in fact, social media can definitely be used for informative and educational purposes. There are many Instagram/ Facebook pages that promote the use of the apps in a constructive way. We over here advise all of our clients to limit social media time to roughly 30-90 mins a day given that you are using it for educational or informative purposes. Guys, life is too short to be giving your time to these celebrities, news platforms or athletes and sporting teams that already have their lives in order and finances in check. As a growing man or man in general you should be all about your purpose and building your finances in the form of entrepreneurship or hustling. You are worth more than Instagram or Facebook, deep down inside of you lies an animal. An animal that can conquer anything and climb any mountain to get to what he wants regardless. It’s up to you to focus your energy on your purpose and stop letting these distractions drain your energy. 

2. Drugs 

This is a topic that I don’t hear much of my fellow bloggers in this field talking about but we here at Red Pill Tactics where our priority is to help men develop and grow all aspects of their lives and building men into the Red Pill alpha that you were meant to be, it would be irresponsible of us not to touch on this topic, which we would blog about quite often in the future. Drugs such as cocaine, tobacco, caffeine, heroine, etc. are substances that WEAK men indulge in. Drugs like these are a form of escapism, it prohibits you from facing reality on reality’s terms, instead sending you on a high which in a sense makes you live in your mind. This also spikes dopamine levels which gives you “that feeling” that everybody talks about which is the single handed reason why you get addicted to these drugs in the first place. You simply can’t get closer to your purpose or God given destiny if you’re always intoxicated, sluggish or sleeping (which are effects of these drugs btw). There is NO possible way you can achieve anything in life if you are taking these substances. Focus on you and your purpose bro, these drugs were made to keep you in a box and unaware of your abilities and potential in this life, remember the enemy wants to destroy you in every way possible and keep your life at a mediocre standard. Don’t be weak bro, stop falling victim to these narcotics and take control of your life. 

3. Toxic Friends/Family 

So you have this amazing business idea, full of potential and promise. You write it down, you pray about it, you feel confident. You make the brilliant decision to tell your friend Harry about it and immediately Harry says something like “That’s not even possible though” or “That’s too risky” with a look of disdain and literally 5 minutes later he changed the subject to having sex or going to the club. Right then and there all your hopes and dreams of becoming the next Mark Zuckerburg crushed. Or you make another brilliant decision to carry that same business idea to your mother and she says something like “Why don’t you go get a real job!?” or “You better focus on that degree, that’s the only way you can make it!” also killing your dreams. Yup, you may have guessed it, these are examples of toxic friends and family members and these are the FIRST people who the enemy uses to distract you or discourage you from your goals and aspirations. Firstly I need you to understand that these individuals may not always be aware that they are distracting you or throwing you off course from what you want to do, so it isn’t necessarily their fault. With that being said, this is why you have to have your vision tunneled on your purpose or mission in life, keep that purpose within and don’t share it with anyone unless they are on the same path as you. Try your best to abstain from having these types of conversations with these people because they can only distract you from turning your dreams into a reality. 

4. Parties/Clubs 

This culture is one that occurs among the lives of my younger audience on this blog but nonetheless all of us are very well aware of this party/nightlife culture and this is one of or probably the most destructive ones you can engage in. Tell me if this sounds familiar, You’re at your job on a Friday afternoon and the clock strikes 5, you immediately rush out the building clocking out like a child who just had a lick of a lollipop. You race home, take a shower, hop in one of your favorite outfits and you call up your friends to hit the club all night, drinks on you and you have “the time of your life” all night only to magically wake up on your living room floor with a broken finger and puke all over your carpet. Yup, that’s the life, that’s what is socially accepted among your friends, if you’re not doing this every weekend you’re called “lame” or “boring”. Not only does this have a lot of negative effects on your health but it clouds your vision from a mental and spiritual standpoint. The 1% are working their ass off while you are in the club getting drunk and high, destroying your health. While you’re hungover the next day they are still working their ass off. Every weekend they get 2% better at what they do while you get 20% worse getting “lit”. If you want to live the life you want to live, get closer to God and enjoy your life on your own terms you have to cut out distractions such as clubbing every weekend, this only blurs your vision and distracts you from your purpose. Exactly where the enemy wants you. So do your body mind and spirit a favor and stay out of the club. Instead read a self development book or hit the gym, do things that get you closer to your purpose because that’s the only aspect of your life that matters as a developing man. 

5. Pornography 

This is probably the most destructive or detrimental thing that a man can do or make a habit. To be fair the media has done an excellent job at devaluing our sexual energy, they lead men to believe that it is okay to spill it with everyone and even on your bedsheets, which is quite sad when I think about it. Thanks to the wonderful internet, the platform that you are currently reading this blog on, it has been made possible to look at synthetic sexual fantasies and get off to them, ultimately wasting your semen which God has given to us to procreate, which is also the most powerful form of energy we have as men. These dirty websites distract you from your purpose and your path with God because it seems to capture hours of men’s time daily which is detrimental because these disgusting sites add no value to your life as a man. What makes this the most destructive habit however is that it is EXTREMELY addicting, silently too. More and more young men are suffering with erectile dysfunction and low sperm count, which prohibits them from doing what their seed was meant for in the first place, procreation. It also rewires the brain into believing sex is something imaginary or unattainable, which leads to insecurity and depression. This was created to keep men addicted to lust and straying away from their God given purpose. We at Red Pill Tactics advise all our men to abstain from pornography at all costs and value your sexual energy. This is pivotal when it comes to staying on course with the Most High and being free from distractions. 

And that brings you to the end of this blog we want to thank you for reading this until the end and we assure you that if you delete or remove these activities from your life you’ll be one step closer to becoming the best version of yourself and achieving the goals you want to achieve health, spiritual and financial wise. Feel free to leave a comment, letting us know how you feel about the blog and email us at [email protected] where we would be more than inclined to help you.