Semen Retention- How Beneficial Is It?

In the red pill community, I’m sure you came across “semen retention”. You probably ignored it but is this really something we should look pass as males?

But firstly, what is semen retention? …

Semen retention is an ancient practice that is believed to boost physical and spiritual energy. It’s about retaining your seed, your “life force” which helps improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Therefore, no primary ejaculation. Our sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the body and if conserved it can be redirected into any aspect in our lives where we seek improvement or achievement.

No, you don’t have to do this forever or for countless years to come but it is a good practice to get where you want to be in life. But for an example Mike Tyson went about 5 years without any sexual activity. WOW! He was one of the best heavy weight boxers, wasn’t he? This doesn’t have to be for you but occasional streaks can help kick start your journey to success.

So now that we got that out the way, here are some famous people who practice and support semen retention- I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them:

  • Mike Tyson
  • Steve Jobs
  • Kanye West
  • Muhammed Ali
  • Albert Einstein
  • Nikola Tesla

Semen Retention as a topic has many aspects within it. But without a doubt it will definitely lead to the topic of pornography and masturbation.


The internet is the source that causes all our urges and in modern times we are taught to waste our semen as it is easily accessible and promoted in tv shows, movies and songs. Yes, as men it is in our nature to have sexual urges because of reproduction but is it natural to be wasting our semen?


Believe it or not but watching porn destroys your confidence and makes you question your appearance and even relationships with people as well as destroy them.

A big spike of dopamine occurs in the brain when you ejaculate. This is why people keep these habits because in produces high levels of dopamine with little effort. But over time due to frequent spikes will in turn damage your dopamine receptors. Demotivation and low self-esteem are two symptoms of low dopamine levels which will make it difficult to be confident in the first place.  


It is easy to fall into a pattern of unproductivity, that’s just the sad truth but because we have pornography and masturbation on our minds, we get easily distracted from important work that we need or would like to get done.


Temporary pleasure is bad, I know what you are thinking but wait let me explain

The temporary satisfaction from these activities creates a void in our reality and every so often that void will need to be filled over and over again. You will need to keep doing it to feel the same way as you first felt. So basically, we are creating a diversion from our goals by wasting time.


Did you know that every time you masturbate you lose a bit of self-control? In fact, the urges of pleasing your self are very strong but when you fall victim to the urge to ejaculate you are not improving your self-control but rather taking away it. You start thinking with your…. you know what than your actual brain, you let your sexual desires control you . Once you conquer self-control you can achieve more than you think, trust me.


Is porn real or just a fantasy that we perceived to be real?

Pornography makes it difficult to have a real genuine relationship and actually show real love to a partner. It also damages relationships by wanting your partner to meet expectations as persons in pornography also wanting them to look or meet the same standards of them. This is very unhealthy and will destroy relationships.


Okay finally I know you been waiting on this. So here are 5 benefits of semen retention:


If you have heard about semen retention then you know this is a popular subject

Now how does semen retention boost energy levels?

Vitamin B12! That’s right. This vitamin is responsible for converting food into energy for our body to use. It is also important for stamina.

Every time we ejaculate, we lose vitamin B12 and that’s why we feel tired after ejaculation. Preserving our semen will keep us active and feeling energized because we are keeping sufficient amounts of vitamin B12.


Now I know that not everyone is into spirituality but whether or not you are, you are still boosting your spiritual energy when you practice semen retention.

Have you heard of the root chakra?

The root chakra is the foundation that encourages you to find your life’s purpose. It promotes a sense of safety, grounding and stability. Your spiritual energy improves emotional health and helps with keeping you calm it various situations.


When you abstain from ejaculating you are more than likely boosting your testosterone levels and this hormone is responsible for growth of muscle mass, bone mass also promotes healthy hair and deepening of the voice.

your semen contains keratin which is essential for nails and hair. Lack of keratin may result in hair loss, thin hair and dryness.

When practicing semen retention your testosterone levels are boosted about 45- 50% making you have a much loud, clear and deeper voice.


semen retention will have you looking much healthier and livelier which makes you stand out from other men that look tired and drained.

This in turn will make you more confident, also when staying away from porn it will help in engaging in real and genuine conversations.


What keeps you going? what gives you the fuel in the tank to keep pushing?

Everyone has dreams, goals and aspirations, this is why motivation is so important.

As we know it, sex can be a big distraction in our lives but what happens when we use that sexual energy and direct it to our goals? This is sexual transmutation. Now we have more room to work and achieve than drain our system.


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