Online entrepreneurship has become a common trend in the modern world with the rise of Social media and the internet in general.

This has given us many opportunities where business is concerned. With that being said, it’s safe to say how we now live in a globalized economy, or at least close to.

In fact, according to, just under 20% of the world’s business is conducted online and they expect it to increase to about 22% by 2024.

This tells us that the market for online entrepreneurship is a growing one. It’s important that we as alpha males see the opportunity in this field and put in the work.


Where business solvency is concerned, it’s important to adapt to modern climates. The internet has introduced a whole new dynamic where entrepreneurship is concerned.

According to, about 60% of businesses in the United States that have closed down as of August 2020, won’t be reopening. This shows that many businesses have failed to adapt to the adversity set by the pandemic.

Online entrepreneurship however has opened a window of continuity. This allows for people to somewhat continue various business operations on respective online platforms.


Where online entrepreneurship is concerned, leveraging social media is a great channel we can use to get started. Especially my fellow younger guys out there.

People often fail to understand that their social media platforms have great earning potential. 

Instagram, for example, can be leveraged in many ways

Depending on the size and niche of your Instagram account you can scale it to a couple thousand bucks per month by selling promos.


Online entrepreneurship has allowed for us to scale our business to new heights, have a side hustle or income stream or even create employment.

Whatever your goal is behind starting an online business, We can all agree that there are many benefits to getting into this field. Convenience, bigger market and efficiency to name a few.

Luckily, if you were wondering how to get started, we went ahead and compiled a list of online entrepreneurship channels you can tap into.



E-Commerce is basically the trading of goods or services for monetary resources, through an online platform.

This is the most classic form of online entrepreneurship, it basically involves moving a physical brick and mortar business, in the online world.

The nice thing about e-commerce is that there are some models where you can trade goods online without even holding stock.

This inherently, lowers overhead costs and allows for higher profit margins. You already know, we all love more profit!

2.Freelancing A Skill

We always advocate having a skill as a man on this blog and the importance of it. If you’ve taken heed to our advice then you’re in luck.

Where online entrepreneurship is concerned there are a lot of opportunities where freelancers are in demand. You can find these markets through platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. 

These are basically platforms in which you can upload your skill in a market for many customers to purchase. 

It allows for you to be freelanced by companies, individuals and clients who require a job done from you. Making you the man in demand.

3.Starting A Youtube Channel

This is one of the most underrated forms of online entrepreneurship, it simply doesn’t get enough attention. 

Building a solid business brand on YouTube is every entrepreneur’s dream. It’s basically getting paid for doing something you love (given that you use common sense and choose a niche that you love).

Building a YouTube channel is a great way to scale and gain passive income on a frequent basis. You can also create multiple income streams from YouTube, like selling a product or having a membership. 

4.Publishing an eBook

This one requires a bit more effort and strategy, but if done correctly, can earn you a fortune. 

If you’re a writer like myself, you can profit off your talents immensely by writing and publishing an eBook on platforms like Amazon and Payhip. 

Getting your book to sell might require a bit of marketing and advertising but this can be done at very affordable prices. Influencer marketing can be a great start, by paying social media influencers to market your book.

The returns can be very much worth it, guys. 

5.Sell Stock Photos

Stock photos have great demand, this can be a great method to get your online entrepreneurship experience. 

For those that don’t know, a stock photo is a high quality image that can be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, the sale relates to the selling of such items. 

Stock images can be sold on platforms like ShutterStock and iStock. The beauty about this is, once you have a decent enough smartphone, like an iPhone 6 and up, you can get started.

Photography can be quite a task though, but if you’re good and consistent enough, you can reap great rewards.

(Here’s a stock image of a guy taking a stock image lol).


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