This can be one of the most controversial topics or discussions you may have ever seen on this blog. This subject has been one of the main factors that has contributed to the destruction of men’s fitness and health for many years. It seems as though people are blind to the blatant and obvious consequences that come with the consumption of these items. The subject we are talking about today guys, is fast food. Yes, fast food again. This is a topic that we are going to discuss quite often in fact so get used to it. I can’t seem to fathom why there are so many individuals, especially my fellow alpha males, consuming these “foods” on a regular basis. One of our main goals for this blog is to help men become more health conscious and disciplined by raising awareness and knowledge about factors that lead to both the construction and destruction of men’s fitness and health. So before I begin, I would like to preface the information by saying, when it comes to being alpha you should always keep in mind that you have to be incontrol of all aspects of your life and that definitely includes controlling what you put in your body as well guys. You can’t be alpha if you can’t control what you eat, remember ‘purpose over pleasure’. So without further ado, allow me to present 5 THINGS McDONALD’S WON’T TELL YOU. 

1.It’s Highly addictive 

Guys these fast food outlets have been in the industry for decades simply because they know how to manipulate and market their goods so well, that they find ways to appeal to your emotions and taste buds. What they did was tailor their recipes and diversify their options in such a way that when you consume their meals, it gives you a spike in your dopamine levels. It feels so good to eat a juicy McCrispy chicken combo (or whatever you call it) doesn’t it? Of course it does, it has to be that way, or else they won’t get any sales. That’s why they use all these marketing techniques like color science and campaigns, they want to keep you addicted to their goods, that’s the only way you keep coming back. What McDonald’s and all these other fast food does is exploit you guys’ weak mentalities and addiction to pleasure. They understand that these foodstuffs like fried chicken and bacon and cheese, gives you that sensational feeling, similar to what a drug does, and they target that. That’s why you’ll hardly ever see an outlet like McDonald’s selling and promoting a salad, these are what I like to call “purpose foods” and purpose foods don’t give you that spike in dopamine that a McDonald’s burger gives you. This doesn’t just go for McDonald’s, but all types of fast food as well.

2.It’s the reason why you’re fat

I need you guys, especially as an alpha male, to stop getting into the habit of blaming others and take responsibility for your actions. If you’re fat the main reason for that is simply because you eat McDonald’s or Popeyes every single week man. It’s not because your dad is fat or you have a slow metabolism or whatever other crap excuses you guys make up. You don’t value your health, and you lack the discipline and self control to abstain from ”pleasure foods”. You choose pleasure over purpose every damn time and that’s why you hate the person you see in the mirror and why you’re scared of stepping on the scale to face the reality. Stop running away from it bro, that McDonald’s you consume on a weekly basis is making you fat and that’s what they won’t tell you. Luckily I’m here to expose these things for what it is and help you men better yourselves from a perspective of health and fitness. It’s about time y’all face the reality and pick up the slack man. The truth is the more you eat this crap is the more weight you’re going to put on and the more you’re gonna hate yourself for doing it. So are you ready to make the conscious effort to prioritize your health or are you gonna keep consuming this nonsense?

3.Is more expensive than cooking your own meals

I know this isn’t a Finance blog but guys just use a bit of common sense. You don’t even have to be financially literate guys, if you stop eating out so often and cut back those couple bucks you spend on these outlets daily and instead you learn to cook and prepare your own healthy meals, you will see clearly that you are saving money guys. Not only will you be saving money but you will be a lot healthier as well. What I need you to understand as men, you need to be aware of certain decisions you make and think about how it can affect your health. If you decide to go out and spend money unnecessarily on fast food instead of buying your own healthy foods and cooking them yourself, you’re creating more and more problems in your life guys. Not only financially but health wise as well, and this is what McDonald’s won’t tell you, but I will!

4.It’s killing you quickly 

Yes you read that correctly guys, McDonald’s and other fast foods, is killing you. Some of you may have laughed reading this or thought it was an exaggeration but I kid you not, these fast foods are literally killing you, I can’t make this up. Did you know CVDs (cardiovascular diseases) is the number 1 leading cause of global death, responsible for about 33% of deaths worldwide? Not homicide, not drugs, not suicide but CVDs. Let me hit you another quick fact, poor diet and lack of exercise is the leading cause of CVDs globally. So technically, in fact not technically, actually, McDonald’s along with other fast foods is single handedly responsible for a third of global deaths. Let that sink in, and every time the thought to purchase these fast foods mentioned, I want you to remember that stat. Let this one resonate with you on a spiritual level guys. MCDONALD’S IS KILLING YOU, but they won’t tell you that. Luckily I will!

5.Is secretly putting you in debt (medical fees)

McDonald’s is secretly putting you in debt guys, and you didn’t even know lol. Allow me to explain this one because I know some of you guys are confused. The next time you step in a line of a  fast food restaurant or you pick up your phone to call delivery I need you to remember these figures. The average CT scan in the US is $3,275, To treat a heart attack can run you about $30,000 per year for 20 years (depending on the severity) and to cope with diabetes can run you about $2,500 yearly in medical expenses. Even if you have health insurance guys, this is a lot of money that you have to spend for a situation that you literally got yourself into for no reason. You have no reason to be weighing upwards of  300 pounds as a man, that’s ridiculous. Not only are you guys running yourself some serious expenses but if you are unable to pay, you would pass that burden on to members of your family and that’s very selfish and unfair of you to throw that burden onto someone else because you are too weak minded and indiscipline to stay away from these foods. That’s what McDonald’s won’t tell you, but I will! Can’t say you didn’t know now.

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