A huge problem today in men’s fitness, is that men simply over complicate the process of getting lean and building muscle. People think the key to men’s fitness is to have some super elaborate routine inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger or something. When in reality it really is simple, in fact what’s crazy about it is that you do not even need a gym to build muscle. Which brings me to what I’m about to write about today, calisthenics. For those of you who don’t know what calisthenics is let me give you a quick definition. Calisthenics is the process of strength and endurance training through the use of your bodyweight only. 

Men’s Fitness| Myths

There are a few false narratives in the men’s fitness community when it comes to calisthenics and it’s embarrassingly hilarious how inaccurate these statements are.
Some of these include:

  1. “You can’t build mass with calisthenics”
  2. “Bodyweight training don’t get you strong”
  3. “You can’t progressively overload”
  4. “There isn’t much variation”

And many more ridiculous notions like this have been floating around in the fitness world. Luckily I am here to debunk them all. There are probably more push-up variations than there are gym machines, you can add more reps and decrease rest time for more intensity, bodyweight training develops more all round strength (core strength, static strength and balance) and you can definitely build a lot of mass and size with calisthenics. In fact here’s an image of a calisthenics athlete:

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Men’s fitness| The aim

So there, all those ridiculous myths debunked. In fact, I might even argue that calisthenics has more benefits than weighted training when it comes to men’s fitness. With the recent pandemic that hit, you can see just how unsustainable it is to rely on just the gym for your fitness goals. I mean weighted training is amazing and is responsible for some of the most insane body transformations on the planet, but is it really better or more beneficial than bodyweight training? According to an article from the example was drawn that if you ask an advanced calisthenics athlete to do an overhead press in the gym, he’ll easily do it however if you ask a bodybuilder to do a handstand push-up he won’t even be able to handstand. And that was a very good argument, calisthenics athletes develop various different muscle groups in one movement because bodyweight training stems from compound movements (the use of multiple muscle groups for an exercise). With all that being said, let’s get into the meat and bones of this thing. Allow me to present to you 6 REASONS WHY CALISTHENICS IS BETTER THAN WEIGHTED TRAINING.

1.Better for weight loss 

Weight loss has been a huge aspect of men’s fitness and this has become so popular because some individuals genuinely don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to weight loss. The simple yet so effective trump card when it comes to weight loss is to undertake a caloric deficit or burn more calories than you intake (in simpler terms). How does calisthenics get into this? You may have asked by now. Well, the nature of calisthenics involves compound moments, high intensity exercises and high calorie burning functions. Simply put, bodyweight training allows for more weight to be lost because it burns more calories in less time, due to its mixture of H.I.I.T, cardio and strength movements hybridated into each exercise. There are few weighted exercises with this combination of movements, which makes calisthenics better for weight loss.

2.Athletic benefits

Calisthenics offer a lot more athletic benefits than weighted training. Most weighted exercises are static, especially with the use of the machines. This ultimately gives more isolation for specific muscles, which can be seen as a benefit, however the downside to this is that muscle isolation eliminates one of the most important athletic muscle groups and that is the core. In almost every sport the core is essential for optimizing and maximizing athletic capability. The core is the base of all movements and actions in sport. Think about heading the ball in football or jumping for a layup in basketball, they all require some degree or level of core strength. Calisthenics however, when it comes to every single exercise, the core is activated. If you want to maintain proper form and see the best results you have to tighten your core. Notice the amount of times I mention this in the workout blog posts. Bodyweight training also increases stability, static strength, flexibility, balance and mobility, which are all essential aspects of athletic sports. 


I know when it comes to men’s fitness we have a lot of ego and we sometimes feel invincible when we’re ‘getting it in’ in the gym. But guys, injury is real and it is something we shouldn’t take lightly at all. I’ll always talk about this personal experience where I was under the bar, doing my regular routine and I had just added some extra weight, mid workout I pulled up and that forced me to sideline and rest up for two weeks before I can get back in again. Bench press literally injured me in my first few months of weighted training. However, with calisthenics I have been training for 5 years and counting and I kid you not I haven’t picked up one injury, not even a minor one. Calisthenics is a lot safer simply because it reduces the risk of injury. Your bodyweight, no matter how you tweak the form or the movement, will always be weight that you can handle. Men often get caught up in all the ego and the showing off and end up ‘ego lifting’. This is all well and good until you bite off more than you can chew and injure yourself in the process. 

4.Cost effective 

Fitness and nutrition can be a very expensive investment, especially seeing that most men aren’t rich. Some of our pockets can only stretch as far as a good diet and that’s okay. That’s where calisthenics can come to the rescue. If you haven’t realized by now, with calisthenics you can actually workout and get tremendous results right at home. So not only do you cut down on gym membership and coaching fees and use that money to invest elsewhere. Financial literacy is something that we teach a lot on this blog and here can be a good aspect to exercise just that. Why spend hundreds of dollars behind membership and mentorship fees, when you can get the same results at home with just your bodyweight?

5.Saves time

One thing‘s for sure, I know all my guys at the redpilltactics community are masculine men about our purposes, and we don’t have the time to be driving to the gym to put in an hour or two to drive back home because we got things to do. When you’re about God’s purpose you’ll hardly have any time to do what you want to do and this goes for most men. Calisthenics eliminates the hassle of having to drive long distances to get to the gym, to drive back home. That’s time wasted, time that could’ve been invested into something else. Alpha males know and understand that time is our most valuable resource so any opportunity we get to cut back on any wasted time, we will. Substituting weighted training for calisthenics can be seen as an opportunity to do just that. So now the time that you would’ve spent driving to and from the gym, you can now put that time into working with a client or marketing a product.


According to, about 25% of the gyms in the US have been closed or shut down due to the pandemic and this opened the doors for one of two decisions. Decision number 1, sit around all day, gain weight and lose strength until gyms reopen or decision number 2, finally exercise the convenience of bodyweight training. It’s sad that it took a whole pandemic to realize and appreciate just how convenient it is to workout from the comfort of your home, on your timing and in your own space. It’s super convenient to hop right into a workout after your morning routine without having to worry about what clothes to wear and where you put your gym shoes. It’s convenient to hop into a quick workout at home when you’re pressed against time. It’s convenient to not have to skip a gym session because of minor inconveniences like your gym closing or too many people in there. It’s convenient to not have to worry about sitting through traffic just to get your workout in, only to sit through more traffic to get home. You get the point by now, hopefully. It’s simply more convenient to engage in calisthenics because it can be done anywhere, anytime and any place.

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