Due to the rise of this ‘push button’ and ‘easy’ culture we live in today, men’s health is rapidly becoming more and more of a concern, with obesity increasing by just under 10% over the past 10 years among men according to several studies. You guys who have been in tune with the blog for a while know that it’s in our best interest, to ensure that our fellow alpha males are put up on game, when it comes to building a masculine physique. As we have expressed a couple of times, one of the biggest aspects of being a masculine alpha male is looking the part. How do we look the part? By building a strong and muscular physique. One of the biggest aspects of having that dominant and masculine physique, is the development of that “V-taper”. What that basically involves is building a big upper body (chest, back and shoulders) while maintaining a lean core. Luckily, today I have compiled a list of back exercises that you can do at home, to build a strong and muscular back. Note, you will need to have access to a pull-up bar, or something that you can use as one (A swing set or a monkey bar). So sit back and allow me to present to you, a CALISTHENICS BEGINNER WORKOUT (BACK). 


4 exercises 

2 sets each exercise 

20 secs rest between each set

90 secs rest between each exercise 

Pull-ups: 10 reps

Quick tips:

– Tighten your core 

– Keep your scapulae rotated backwards 

– Try to grip over the bar as much as possible, keeping your thumbs locked in underneath the bar

– Follow through with a full range of motion

Close grip pull-ups 10 reps

Quick tips:

-Tighten your core

-Keep a grip distance about shoulder width a part 

-Engage your biceps for a more explosive movement 

Head bangers 10 reps

Quick tips:

-Keep a strong and straight wrist (reverse grip)

-Tighten the core and do an “L-sit” for stability 

-Slow and controlled movement 

-Be careful! Don’t hurt yourself 

Archer pull-ups 4 reps (2 each side)

Quick tips:

-Keep a wide grip (As usual, thumb under the bar and scaps rotated backwards)

-Engage your core

-Hold at the top of your contraction on each side for to feel the burn

-Hyperextend alternate arms for a wider range of motion

And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!