There has been a lot of confusion in the redpill and masculinity community as of recently about what exactly makes you an alpha male. I’ve read a lot of valuable content surrounding this topic but I’ve also read a lot of equally, if not more, misleading information surrounding the aspect of being a strong masculine man. After taking a scroll on Google, I’ve come to realize that a lot of you men are confused and misled by the loads of misinformation that has been going around. This is no fault of yours though, and luckily I’ve decided to compile a list of alpha male traits. This will once and for all, end all the confusion and give you a clear and concise depiction of how the alpha operates on a primal level (these are Biblical principles). With all that being said, allow me to present 5 TRAITS OF THE ALPHA MALE.

1.Natural leaders

Alpha males have a high tendency to be leaders, they the ones to break the rules and set their own. The most alpha thing you can do as a man is separate from the crowd or norm and do your own thing, be your own boss. Because of this natural tendency to lead the pack, people often gravitate towards alpha males because of this natural ability to lead and influence the masses. A man who can roll solo and be his own boss is a strong man. Understand that God has appointed us all on this earth to lead and influence other people in some way, for the better. Therefore it is essential that you embody this natural spirit of leadership that the most high placed in you. As alpha males you should always take initiative and be accountable for everyone and everything in your environment. This exudes a level of masculine energy that sadly most men lack today, however if you right here practice leadership and responsibility, that will take you one step closer towards being that alpha male that everyone wants to be around. So start by taking logical and decisive action among your peers, doing what you feel is right despite what anyone else says and being responsible for the people around you.

2.Strong mentally 

Guys, I need you to understand one simple thing when it comes to masculinity. Strength is masculinity and masculinity is strength. You must be a strong and stable man in all aspects to even qualify yourself as the alpha, especially mental strength. On your road to success, in all walks in your life, it is going to be hard, it is going to be difficult and it’s going to be long. A journey not even the strongest of the strongest (physically) can survive, unless you’re mentally strong that is. Your mindset should be an unbreakable and immovable object when it comes to being alpha. What a lot of you guys don’t understand is that when you make the conscious effort to assume your masculine alpha role, people are not going to like that because society wants you to be weak. They want you to shut up and behave yourself and follow the rules, do what they say. Being alpha male goes directly against that and you have to be prepared to not give a damn about whatever people say or try to do to get you off your path. To not give a damn takes mental strength. For example, if you decide to quit your job to go and pursue that business opportunity you always wanted to do, that will be a very alpha decision. Society however will call you stupid or tell you to give up because it’s not going to work, you have to have that mental resilience now to block out or ignore anything they have to say and that requires immense mental strength. Being strong mentally also helps you along the journey because your mindset is what keeps you going when your body is tired, when you’re fatigued, when you fail a hundred times, when you’re knocked down! The mind keeps you going. This leads to persistence and perseverance, and God rewards that. So strengthen up mentally fellas, this journey is not for the weak.

3.Brave and fearless 

There’s nothing more BETA than a coward, nice, soft spoken man. Timidity gets you nowhere in life I don’t care how intelligent, how handsome or how athletic you think you are, if you can’t be brave and walk with your chest up high, people are going to see right through you and smell that energy that you are portraying. This causes them to lose respect for you or form an impression of weakness in their heads about you, and that’s not alpha bro. Alpha males have that brave and adventurous mindset which is a very attractive and admirable trait to have. Let me tell y’all something about fear, fear is single handedly the biggest limitation there is. Fear influences you to back out of million dollar decisions, fear influences you to question your beliefs, fear keeps you up and night, fear holds you back from having amazing experiences, fear makes you weak, and that’s not alpha bro. Instead, be fearless and brave! Let your nuts hang and push your chest high, look people in their eyes when interacting and take risks from time to time, this puts you in a state of masculinity. The truth is guys, God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, so if you’re exuding a fearful spirit, that’s not how the most high wants you to be. He instead wants you to be brave and fearless; have faith that he will guide you and protect you at all times. The most high wants us men to be alpha guys, you have to see it.


There’s a big misconception going around about alpha males saying that you’re supposed to be an arrogant and cocky bastard. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact men who treat others as something lesser than, to make themselves look “better” are weak men and that’s beta. True alpha males understand that we are all one and they are no better than their friends or families. Masculine understand their strengths and are secure in their own skins, therefore they don’t need to portray any form of boasting or arrogance, especially in a way to degrade people. Alpha males are dominant, not cocky; there is a line between the two. Dominance is expressed in body language, tone and actions while cockiness or arrogance is a product of the ego. A true alpha checks his ego so much to the point where he has it in complete control and is able to be humble in situations where he needs to be. For example a true masculine alpha male, in a conversation where he lacks the knowledge about the subject, will sit and allow the other person to teach him. While the cocky arrogant beta male, will butt in, pretend to know and not listen to anything being said. An alpha is humble at all times, no matter how rich, how successful or how attractive he gets. 


This might seem like a completely contradictory or contrasting point to the one mentioned prior  but stick with me and allow me to build on this trait. You guys might have to check your definitions again if you think you can’t be confident and humble at the same time. Let me explain, confidence is basically you being secure and have that sense of belief in yourself in all situations and scenarios. Confidence allows for you to not be intimidated by anything and everything but to handle the situation with the right attitude. Confidence is alpha and it influences you to be assertive and strong. Again do not mistake confidence for arrogance, because arrogance is a product of the ego, confidence is not. Therefore confidence and humility can indeed exist. To be completely honest, confidence is by far the most alpha trait you can inherit simply because it is the cornerstone of masculinity. Think about it, how can you approach that fine chick, if you don’t have the confidence to make your move or how can you convince people to buy your product if you don’t have that confident energy to close a sale. How can you build that dream body if you don’t have the confidence to go to the gym and let everyone see you start from ground 0, exactly! You can’t. Confidence is simply the most essential masculine trait you can adopt as a man. So much so, if you can only remember one trait on this list and you wish to be Alpha, remember this one. As the old cliche goes, confidence is everything, and that is damn right!

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