I noticed that a lot of men today simply don’t let their balls hang. The average amount of genuinely strong, masculine men has dropped significantly over the years. In my personal life especially, in conversation with certain clients and associates, I find that with men there are one too many men who embody feminine traits and that’s terrible. That essentially leads to the demise of masculinity among men. There’s no other way to cut it, there must be a polarity when it comes to men and women on a primal level. Men must embody masculine traits and energy and women must embody feminine traits and energy. So where am I going with this? You may ask, well I noticed recently, men are starting to become more and more emotional and that in turn leads to their vision and focus on the stuff that actually matters, to become more cloudy. I’ve noticed that many men today fall into the habit of making excuses and whining all day. This stems from being too intuned with their feminine side because men are supposed to be logical and straightforward, so logically we get what we have to get done regardless. The aim of this blog is to highlight why you should stop complaining and making excuses about your purpose and your goals. So without any delay, allow me to get into the meat and bones of this discussion. I present to you, 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD STOP COMPLAINING AND MAN UP! 

1.The victim’s complex

The victim’s complex is a state of mind that influences you to always feel sorry for yourself and put yourself in a victimized position. They blame everyone but themselves, and can never take ownership and responsibility for their own actions. This is a toxic concept to fall victim to for anybody, especially men! As men it’s in our God given role to provide and lead. Meaning we have to be the ones to get up and grab the bull by the horns regardless of how we feel, regardless of how unfair life is, regardless of how bad your condition is. The truth is as a man, you have to have your shit in an order. Nobody has time to listen to you complain about how bad your childhood was as a kid, or how terrible your living conditions are. Men who sit down and complain about the past and give sad stories all day are weak men and weak men finish last. I need you guys to understand that playing the victim and selling people a trauma story your whole life, gets you nowhere. The victim’s complex is a mindstate that certainly won’t get you any more money, a healthy relationship, more success or more respect. In fact it will only bring more problems into your life because what you focus on is what you get. You think if you focus on that one time your mother said some degrading things to you as a kid, you’re going to manifest a million dollar company? Ya damn right you won’t. In fact you’ll attract more disrespect and degrading words because that’s the energy you’re going to exude and everyone around you is definitely going to return the favor. So do yourself, your family and your community a favor and free yourself from the shackles of this destructive mindset. We are men, strong and masculine men too, stop all this ‘playing the victim’ bs.

2.You waste time

If you have been following this website for a while, you may have been well aware of the fact that your most expensive resource is not money, gold or diamonds but time. A lot of men today don’t quite understand this statement and hence they wake up one day at age 30, in debt, out of shape, disappointed children and 3 failed relationships. This is simply because they didn’t take the time to actually put in the work and build sustainable wealth, relationships and their body but they instead opted to waste years upon years whining and complaining about the past and how terrible their life was. The habit of complaining and making excuses become a lifestyle, so much so that you begin making excuses as to why you can’t do what you are supposed to do without being conscious about it. Whenever you guys feel like complaining and making excuses, or if you have done so in the past, sit and think about how much time you actually wasted doing this then think about how much work you could’ve get done instead. You can’t waste time guys, you have to start valuing your time and the minute you start valuing your time the way it should be valued, you’ll realize you have no time to complain about who the damn president is and why the bank interest rates are so low. You see when you guys realize that self made billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos had the same 24 hours in a day that you have, before they built their fortune, you’ll finally realize that you have no time in the day to complain and make excuses about things that don’t even matter in the long run. The clock is ticking, and it always will be.

3.Life goes on regardless 

I’ll say it again, WE ARE MEN. We have to generate, accumulate and impact. We don’t have time to be sitting around all day making excuses as to why we can’t make shit happen, we find a way no matter what. The sad truth is whether you awaken that Alpha mindset and get what is yours or not life is going to continue regardless. I know some of my readers for example are looking forward to hitting the beach this summer with them chiseled abs and popping pecs. I know we all have high expectations and aims for ourselves but the truth is if you decide to skip days at the gym, keep drinking that soda and eating all that fast food and keep sleeping late, summer is coming and going regardless. Let me repeat, SUMMER IS COMING AND GOING REGARDLESS. Life doesn’t care about your financial situation, how bad your health is or your family genetics. You fail to build that lean physique and eat right, you’re going to be fat and out of shape on the beach, you best believe that. That goes for all walks of life, not just fitness. Whether you go out and build the capital required to start that business this year or not, 2021 is going to end regardless of what you got done or not. Whether you ask that cute girl in the park out or not, the day is going to pass you buy and you’re going to miss that opportunity if you don’t pull up. The choice is really yours, you spend the next year putting in the work, improving yourself and your craft daily til you achieve your goals, or you sit around complaining and whining about how terrible your life is without doing shit about it for the next year. It’s all up to you as a man.

4.Nobody cares about your problems 

There are two kinds of people who would listen to your problems, people that almost have to give you half an ear because they’re your parents and family members and they love you, or your other loser, defeated friends that’s who. Amma tell you right now, if nobody else would, they can’t pick you up and carry you where you want to go in life and that goes for both your parents and your bozo friends. As much as they would like to, they can’t. Especially as a man, there’s no free ticket or no cheat sheet to this thing, it’s strict grind, persistence and discipline. As I said before, only two types of people care about your problems and sad stories, LITERALLY everyone else on planet earth doesn’t give a shit about whether your parents passed away without leaving an inheritance or your job underpays you. I’m saying all this because I need you to guys to understand that it’s not worth the time and energy to sit down and make excuses all day because the people that are actually going to put money in your pockets or put you on to a new opportunity, doesn’t give a shit about your sad stories, they won’t even listen to you. Guys, I’ll say it again, WE ARE MEN and men suck it to hell up and keep it going. Real winners like us over here in the redpilltactics community are well aware that nobody is trying to hear your excuses and feel sorry for you. That’s why we get on the grind and put in the work, regardless of how much our life sucks because we know making excuses would never change anything. Complaining is never worth the time because people that matter in your life genuinely wouldn’t care about your reason for not producing. Your boss doesn’t care, your wife doesn’t care, your children don’t care, your clients don’t care, your business partner doesn’t care, your bank doesn- You get the picture right?

5.If you complain you stay the same

Amma say this one last time, for the hard headed, thick skull fellas in the back. WE ARE MEN! It’s time to start acting like it. Masculine alpha males don’t complain, for they understand that the only product that comes out of complaining, is stagnancy. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to change the past, nothing. So why bother whining and crying about it and wasting time, when you can focus on what actually matters (the now) and make the right logical and purpose driven decisions, that can lead to something unimaginable. As a masculine man you need to start to operate based on purpose and every decision you make, should be done to benefit or satisfy your purpose. Hence when you get the urge to complain about anything, using this mindset you would be able to quickly deduce that making excuses and whining about anything would not get you in a better position. This is what masculine men do, more so men of purpose. They weigh the pros and cons of every situation and decision in accordance to logic and facts, not emotion and speculation. I said all that to say that MASCULINE men understand completely, that is you complain about anything, rather than work to get out of the situation, you will remain in that same situation that you hate so much. As alpha males we think forward, we think progression and we think purpose and complaining definitely won’t get you anywhere in that trajectory.

And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!