Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today along with Facebook, snapchat, WhatsApp and now Tiktok. Instagram has developed so much over the years providing users with features to make their time on the app enjoyable but simple. 

What if I told you that you can make money with an app you probably been using for a while; wouldn’t that be cool!? A lot of people lack the information or maybe just don’t want to put the work in but nonetheless this is a great way to make money online with little to no cash. 

If you don’t know already, many users are making money on Instagram even as we speak. If They Can Do It So Can You! Okay maybe you’re not into the whole Instagram thing but wouldn’t it be great to create a new side hustle that generates passive income? 

If you able to reach and influence persons with the content you produce, you definitely have the potential to generate multiple streams of income from Instagram. You can do this to just earn some extra money or even pursue it on a full-time basis and create an entire business around Instagram.

If you are interested stick with me as I would discuss 4 ways to make money on Instagram which I will discuss later on that you can start doing right away. 

  • Theme pages 
  • Shoutouts 
  • Flipping accounts
  • Freelance 

You may think that you need a lot of followers to generate income but this is not the case. It really depends on:

  • What niche are you getting into? Having a niche targets a specific group of people and makes it easier to go about 
  • Engagement. {Fake followers won’t do you any good when trying to make income on Instagram. If your followers are not engaged in your content that you post, you wouldn’t create as much revenue as you would like}

Instagrammers with a large amount of following and engagement make thousands of dollars but someone with as little of 500- 1000 followers can potentially make money as well.

Firstly, you choose the niche you would like to get into, (health and fitness, beauty, sports, food) are popular niches on Instagram.

Then you get interesting content relating to your particular niche. Now this can be done by creating your own or reposting other page’s content; Oh, but remember to give credit to those you took the post from (you don’t want to get reported). Win-win situation for both sides, you get the engaging content and you drive traffic back to the page you got the content from.

Get engaged. It’s important to connect with your followers and develop a relationship with them. This brings about loyalty and high engagement rates. You can do this by asking questions on your story or under posts, replying to comments and by implementing call to action. Example- say you are in the fashion niche and you post a lovely dress a call to action would be “tag a person that this dress will look good on” or “how lovely is this” this brings more traffic to your page and people are able to express their feelings

This is what is important along with consistency in order get organic traffic to your page.

1. Theme Pages 

Theme pages are very popular on Instagram and people are able to gain thousands of followers and likes from them. Making money from theme pages is easier than you think. I have two ways to share which are selling a product or service and affiliate marketing (linking them to the theme page).

If you’re in the fitness niche and decide to sell a product (workout bands) or a service (e-fitness course) you should make sure it is related to your niche. You don’t want to sell dog items on a fitness page. Selling a product or a service can make you a lot of money. This can be equipment, t-shirts, accessories, e-books, e-courses, mentorships and many more. Don’t limit yourself.

Affiliate marketing is more related to you getting sales of a product or service for a partner-brand in exchange for a commission fee. You are given a unique referral link which you can share on your page and potentially turn clicks into sales. Many people a successful with affiliate marketing and so can you!

Two major affiliate companies are:

  • Click bank 
  • Amazon associates 

2. Shout Outs 

I know you heard of shoutouts before

Instagrammers always want to grow their page or bring awareness and get sales to a product or service. They go about this by paying influencers to do so. The beauty of this is that you can choose your rates and prices for shoutouts but it should be realistic prices in relation to your followers and engagement.

Here is an example of a shoutout of a product

3.Flipping Accounts 

You can start flipping accounts right away if you like. Either you buy an account and sell it over for profit or grow an account yourself and sell it.

 Either way, you make money! Growing an account may be a little time consuming but its worth it because you can make some good cash with it. So easy!

4. Freelance 

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and is hired to work different task for companies or persons that need assignments done.

Now in relation to Instagram you can freelance by managing someone’s page, make ads for products to be posted, make content, photographer and more. You option is yours really.

People are willing to pay you for your services and if you were wondering how people will find you, here are websites that gives your service access to the people that need it:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork 

Here is my e-book that teaches you all you need to know about Instagram growth, algorithm, engagement and money in more dept. Lots of credible and reliable information put together from years of experience. Feel free to check it out. Click the the button below. Enjoy!

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