Is smoking Cool?

In the 1920’s smoking became associated with masculinity and rebelliousness. This was done through advertisements, movies, tv and even people that surrounded you. Now in 2021, smoking is still something that is common in society.

But does lighting up a cigarette make you masculine? Does it make you rebellious? does it make you cool? NO! Your literally killing yourself. smoking has become normal, you may know smoking is bad for you but you don’t feel fear when you inhale deadly chemicals into your lungs. This is due to the fact that your subconscious mind perceives smoking as safe because you are seeing people doing it everyday. Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand that people around you are hooked on highly addictive drug (nicotine) that is killing them.

some effects of smoking are:

  • All kinds of cancer (lung and throat cancer)
  • Bronchitis
  • Heart attacks
  • Stokes
  • Molecular degeneration

Death from cigarettes are prolonged and can be really painful. If you are someone that doesn’t have worries about their health in the future or rather live in the moment, you should definitely consider this. Some smokers suffocate to death, others need a machine just to breathe. This isn’t shown in the main stream media or in movies but it is very much real.

Movies has related cigarettes with ‘badass’ characters. The rebellious man/woman always has a cigarette between their fingers and you must understand that this has been instilled in our heads from a young age. What we see on tv and the media is directly affecting our lives. Our brains have grown a connection to smoking because of it and we are totally unaware. If you do smoke, it’s okay, you just need to accept and understand how you been brainwashed so you can fight the addiction.

Do you know that movie actors don’t really smoke in real life. In the movies they smoke herbal cigarettes that are free from deadly chemicals. So why promote cigarettes so much in movies? The Tobacco industry has one problem, their customers are either getting sick or dying so they need to seek for replacement such as teens. The movies help with this believe it or not. Smoking in movies can be seen as cool and can manipulate teens to try it. Research has shown that smoking in movies has caused younger people to start smoking. They are unaware that it will lead to an addiction and even major health problems later on.

They are many deals with the Tobacco industry and the movie industry. Thousands of dollars has been spent to promote cigarettes in movies. But the audience in unaware of any sponsorship involvement, that is why movies is a great way to promote agendas like this.

  • $350,000 to have lark cigarettes appear in license to kill movie, James Bond
  • $42,000 to have Marlboro placed in Superman 2
  • 30,000 to have Eve cigarettes in Super girl

There are many more deals even some we have no access to

Cigarettes are just the carrier device for an addicting drug called nicotine. Nothing about smoking makes you masculine, rebellious or independent. You were brain washed and lied to by the Tobacco Industry. They technically don’t care about your health, all they see is dollar signs. Every time you buy and smoke a cigarette because you think it’s cool, the Tobacco industry is sitting back as they profit from killing a huge percentage of the population.

Smoking isn’t cool! Why do you think it’s cool to slowly kill yourself? That’s what you are doing. Many people try to rationalize why they smoke and say stuff like “my grandparents smoke and they are totally fine” or “it’s not that bad” or even “I just want to enjoy life” but the problem is that its hard to continue to rationalize smoking when you start to experience the effects.

Let’s take our health into consideration so we can live a long healthy life and continue to succeed as we go along. Yes it’s true that we all have to die sometime but why take away some of the time we could have just because we think smoking is cool or we want to be perceived as cool. Its not worth it!


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