“How to talk to women?”, “I like this girl, what do I say?” Or “I don’t know how to talk to chicks”. You’ve heard or thought about all of the above if you are a guy. Talking to women has always been something that men struggle with over the generations, especially in modern times with the invention of the internet. You no longer have to be brave, confident and smooth to talk to women; you can now do it behind a screen.

In fact, based on a study done on dozens of men were interviewed and asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 their fear of approaching women (1 being not fearful 10 being extremely fearful). 

Out of all the men interviewed, there was no man who submitted a score less than 7. I reckon this is a proportionate representation of men in general.

This crazy statistic shows that not only men today face extreme anxiety and fear when approaching women but they simply lack confidence in themselves in general. 

This fear stems from a lot of things, lack of confidence, insecurities, fear of rejection… the list goes on.

One of the biggest concerns in this regard however has to deal with men just simply not knowing what to say. 

Luckily for you guys we are going to break down just how to overcome this problem that men face in the dating market. Let’s break it down!


Before I break down exactly how to talk to women and what to say, I’ll first talk about the biggest hindering factor, rejection

Men today often fail to pull up on women they find attractive, simply because they fear rejection. 

In fact, according to dating coach Ryan Saplan on, the main reason why men are scared to approach is due to the fear of rejection.

Fellas I’m going to say something that might sound counterintuitive here. Rejection is good! Rejection makes you stronger, more confident it makes you masculine.

The ability to take rejection for what it is and not on a personal level is a stoic trait. It helps you understand reality, not everyone is going to like you! And that’s okay. It’s okay to not be everyone’s type, it’s okay to be respectfully declined. What’s not okay is missing out on a quality woman because you’re too scared that she tells you no. 

The ability to take rejection to the chin and move on is also very important in business as well. Because not everyone is going to like your product, that doesn’t make it an inferior item, it’s just not for everyone. 

Rejection is good fellas, it’s something you should look forward to. Adopt the mindset of looking forward to a rejection when talking to women, you’ll eventually become numb to this fear.

As famous CEO Gary Vaynerchuk said, “It’s not important that you finally close a sale after so many rejections, it’s more important that you get used to the ‘NOs’”. A line that stuck with me where not just dating is concerned but business


You fellas today act like women are these pedestalized creatures who require so much qualifications and prerequisites just to go up and have a conversation with.

C’mon fellas, they are humans too just like you are. The same way you can approach other guys and have a normal flowing conversation with them you can talk to women the same way fellas.

You guys over complicate this thing, understand that women are not of any higher value or position as us men. It’s a leveled playing field, don’t get in your head about the approach, just do it.

And besides even if you approach the woman and you say some stupid stuff, that’s all a part of the process. Don’t let these awkward moments, fails or embarrassing situations hinder you from learning how to talk to women. 

The best advice I can give you fellas on talking to women is to see them like one of your homeboys. If you’re with one of your guys, and you need their help, you’ll simply ask for their help. This should be no different when talking to women.


What I’m ultimately trying to get in you guys’ heads is that talking to women should never be a difficult task. It only seems difficult because we get in our heads about the unknown and that scares us.

Think about it, if you rehearse talking to women and it results in rejection. Then you somehow build up the confidence to actually talk to women and you get rejected. You technically got rejected twice.

That should give you further incentive to get out of your head before you decide to talk to women. This is destructive behavior, you should instead be nonchalant about the approach and whatever happens happens. 

You’ll discover that you no longer give a damn about what she says or does. This will also condition you mentally to not take things so personal.

Now that I explained to you guys why you shouldn’t take talking to women so seriously. Let’s get down into the meat and bones of this article.

There are key things that you can implement into your approach to not only get better with talking to women, but actually build and develop mating partners as well. As alpha males I don’t want you guys to just talk to women for talking sake. You must have intent behind interactions with women.

Whether that is to build a good associate or to get laid or to develop a future relationship, you must have intent with each interaction. With that being said I present to you 10 WAYS TO GET BETTER WITH WOMEN.


Confidence doesn’t come in at number one by accident. Confidence is simply the most attractive and most important trait when it comes to talking to women. 

Not only because it enables you to make the approach and interact with her but because it makes you seem like a man of value.

Confidence in relation to talking to women shows that you have some kind of experience in the dating field and women find this highly attractive. Women tend to prefer men who have experience with other women and who know how to talk to women. 

According to, a study showed that women are more attracted to men who are more confident. The article went on to say that women like men who are direct and men who are the alpha type. 

We speak truth on this blog and this is nothing but the truth. Confidence is the number one trait you can have as a man. 

2.Eye Contact

Not just when talking to women but talking to anyone in general eye contact is essential. It makes you come off as an assertive and secure individual which are very masculine traits.

It also slightly intimidates women as most men have poor eye contact. This level of direct intimacy through eye contact is something that women don’t get often so not only are they attracted to this but it builds a deeper connection in conversation.

Eye contact also grants you more respect as it takes great courage and boldness to look someone in the eyes when talking to them.

When talking to women, practice locking deep and intimate eye contact, you obviously won’t do it in a creepy way but in a smooth and attractive manner. 

Tip: relax your eyebrows when maintaining eye contact, this sends off a more arousal or erotic signal. 

3.Break The Touch Barrier

You guys are so afraid of women nowadays it’s not even funny. There was this time I hooked up my boy on a chick. I sat and observed the interaction. Then I noticed how uptight and to himself this guy was. I noticed how she responded to this as well, she took a more uninterested stance and started to stare all over the place.

Little did this guy know if he had just broken the touch barrier when the time was right he would’ve gotten her a lot more comfortable and feminine in the conversation.

This is a lesson for all you young guys, even older guys as well. When talking to women, never be afraid to touch her appropriately when the time presents itself. 

Women are sensual creatures, the more you appeal to all of her senses while interacting with her, the higher her interest and attractiveness is towards you.

Hence I stress so much on breaking the touch barrier. Don’t be afraid to tap her on the shoulder when explaining something or gently pull her in closer when she’s speaking too softly. 

These are things that you must do when talking to women. The boldness and confidence it takes to break the touch barrier is something that alphas do. 


Tone and pitch when talking to women is important. You never want to come off as shy and submissive when speaking, every word must be heard.

Speak with your chest, project your voice and dominate the conversation where this is concerned. Remember women like masculine men and projecting your voice is very much masculine.

It’s also something that shows confidence and assertiveness again, increasing attractiveness.

It’s important that you find the right balance between not speaking softly and speaking too loud. Speaking too loudly can easily repulse her while speaking too softly can make you come off as feminine, so be careful.

When talking to women, master the art of tonality and pitch, this can significantly increase a woman’s attraction for you. 

5.Let Her Do Most Of The Talking

When talking to women, fellas often blow it when they start saying all kinds of random stuff to impress her. No Tyrone, she doesn’t care about that guy you beat up in high school nor does she care that your dog has your middle name. 

Sometimes you guys just have to chill the hell out and let women do most of the talking. Understand that by nature, women are social creatures, so they strive for interactions and conversations with other people. 

Due to female nature, half of the job is already finished. If you make her feel comfortable enough to communicate with you, you’ll find that she talks nonstop. As it should be.

This puts you in a masculine position, as one of the stoic laws is ‘less is more’. This is intriguing to women because it gives you that edge about you, like “why isn’t this guy trying to impress me or sell me a dream?” It really keeps her wanting more.

6.Be Bold

When talking to women, as I hinted before one of the main things that can set you apart from the rest is boldness.

Men are often afraid to say bold things and be assertive in conversation. Remember fellas, women love leaders. Being bold is an inherent trait of a leader and this is attractive.

Yes, set boundaries, set the tone and call her out when necessary. If you’re talking to a woman and she is on her phone, don’t be afraid to ask for her undivided attention.

It’s bold to tell her to get off her phone when speaking to you but it’s also attractive in her eyes. It shows that you have a backbone and you won’t stand for anything. 

7.Be A Mystery

Most guys go about it all wrong when talking to women. They give their whole identity, financial and social status and day to day life a way when talking to women, in desperate hopes to impress women.

As I mentioned before women are more socially developed than us men and they often see through this weak behavior. Going out of your way to impress a woman is something that low value men or ‘nice guys’ do. 

On the contrary however women are actually attracted to men who are reserved and composed. As I mentioned earlier, chill the hell out and let her do most of the talking. 

Being a mystery is very alluring and attractive to women as they like the challenge of figuring you out. Understand that women don’t like when it’s too easy to win you over.

So that’s right, when talking to women practice shutting up about your personal life. Yes she’s interested in how much money you make and what car you drive, but let her figure it out. When she does figure it out she would admire your humility and reserved personality. 

8.Masculine Frame

Masculine frame is so key when talking to women. Like you guys just don’t understand the demand for polarity where intersexual dynamics is concerned.

In every male to female interaction there must be a masculine entity and there must be a feminine entity. And you guys already know we teach you guys how to be masculine men

This is why it’s so important to master masculine frame when talking to women. The strength and strange confidence that comes with a man who is sitting in a reserved and relaxed manner is so attractive to women.

Men often try to be all animated and overly expressive when talking to women and this is quite counterproductive.

Practice relaxing and chilling out when you’re talking to a cute girl. Calm down, you’re the alpha and you’re in control.

9.Little To No Compliments 

I know this might seem ‘misogynistic’ or ‘toxic’ but allow me to explain how this works in the female psyche. 

This isn’t subject to female nature alone but human nature in general. If you spoil someone with too much of anything, they grow complacent and accustomed to it no matter how good it is. They no longer feel the satisfaction that they once received from that thing.

This is what has happened to women when it comes to compliments. They’ve heard so many sweet nothings in their lives that there is rarely anything you can do or say to compliment her successfully. This is why pick up never works.

Understand also that if you shower her with compliments the authenticity and genuineness behind the comment eventually fades away. This puts her to believe that you have ulterior motives.

When talking to women, practice with holding compliments and any form of validation instead. This raises her interest as she thinks “what’s so good about this guy that he doesn’t compliment me like the rest of these guys?” Again making you the focal point.

This would then make her do things to impress you and seek your validation if she likes you. This also sets you apart from the rest of guys.

10.Keep The Discussion Short

So many guys screw their chances up with women by not keeping discussions brief. Contrary to what the media portrays, women are actually repulsed by men who are all about them and prioritizes them. 

Most guys figure that when talking to women they have to have deep, long and meaningful conversations all the damn time. This digs you in a rabbit hole known as the friend zone.

Terrible place to be with a woman you’re attracted to. If you want to get better with women or get better at talking to women, talk to them less.

As a high value man your time is valuable and you can’t afford to spend it on unnecessary conversations with women. This is why we stress so much on getting on your purpose

Ironically, the less attention you give to women in the beginning the more attracted they are to you. Because this ability to cut conversations short to return to your purpose is something that high value men possess. And we all know women love high value men.


And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!