How To Stop Caring What Others Think

You guys really need to stop caring so much man. I was speaking with a close friend of mine recently. In conversation it became alarming to me just how much this guy seemed to care about everything. That conversation immediately triggered this blog topic. I found this discussion extremely important, as this is a major contributing factor to the lack of men’s success. You guys simply need to master the art of not giving a f**k. This is a habit of the beta male, a beta is often caught up in his own mind thinking about what people think about him and all that other bs. This conversation I had with the friend was no different. In a 15 minute span he went from “Why doesn’t she like me?” to “Why don’t I have more friends?” to “Why am I so lame?”. This is what I call the insecurity complex and it all stems from one simple thing, CARING TOO MUCH. 


Alpha males have a lot of things in common, one of the main components of an Alpha’s mentality though, is they simply don’t care about what others think. What you guys need to understand is that caring too much is one of the biggest limiting factors of a man. It limits your potential to take risks, learn new skills or come out of your comfort zone. In fact, caring too much can literally prohibit you from doing just about anything. 

Why should I stop caring? You may have asked by now. The answer is quite simple, you’ll never reach your true potential if you’re caught up in what everyone thinks about you. I hate saying this but as a developing man you have to be selfish, this selfishness allows for you to focus on improving yourself and in turn increasing your value. As you guys know, my purpose for creating this website is to help you men become the best versions of yourselves in all aspects of life. How can you do this if you are not focusing on yourself but instead what other individuals think about you. 


If you’re a young self improving or self improving man in general, most people are going to envy you or straight up not like you and that’s okay. I’m going to repeat that, once you’re on your purpose MOST PEOPLE ARE GOING TO ENVY YOU OR NOT LIKE YOU! And that’s okay. That’s the difference between the alpha and the beta. The alpha understands that he can’t get everyone to like him and that’s just fine. This mentality of people pleasing or following or even trying to fit in is weak. It screams desperation and low value, a true alpha male is content in his own company and doesn’t need anyone else to feel sufficient.

I tell my guys all the time, you have a limited amount of ‘cares’ to give out in this world. If you waste them on things that don’t matter, guess what? When events or situations that actually require a ‘care’ you’ll be all out of them. This kind of thinking will allow for you to stress less about things that don’t matter or out of your control. This is a principle of the great stoic icons like Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. 


Men today often focus on or spend energy on things that simply don’t matter. From trying to impress people, to chasing women who aren’t interested, to trying to fit in the crowd. All of these low value practices are all preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. So it’s absolutely imperative at this point in most of you guys’ lives to stop caring what others think and put that focus into your purpose. Learning to stop caring what others think is single handedly the best decision I’ve ever made as a man. It helped me to find my purpose, improve myself in all aspects, raise my value and most importantly, build a connection with the Most High. I get that it may not be very easy to just stop caring about what other people think but there are a combination of habits and practices that you can implement in your life to drastically stop caring about what others think. Luckily I have compiled a list of exactly that, I bring to you 5 PRACTICES YOU CAN PICK UP TO STOP CARING.

1.Get In The Gym

This seems to be at the top of every list as of recently, because getting in shape is really THAT important. Why do you think we stress about getting fit on this channel? This is because we strongly believe that half of your problems in life can be solved if you simply get in shape. When it comes to not caring about what others think about you, this principle is no different. When you hit the gym you start and start gaining results, your confidence proportionately increases as well. This level of confidence helps you to not care about what others think about you anymore. The psychology behind insecurity or hyper self awareness stems from not being confident in your own skin. Improving your physique usually diminishes this lack of confidence and as a result makes you stop caring what others think. 

2.Pray Daily

The most important habit a man can adopt is prayer and this goes way beyond the ability to stop caring what others think. Prayer and building a relationship with God builds a strong foundation and support system that no human can ever provide. When you lean on the strength and support of the most high, you’ll find that other individuals’ company and validation is not necessary at all. When praying, ask God for the strength and the ability to be content with your own company and the mindset to not care about what others think. Believe that he will deliver you from this low level thinking and you will start to see things working in your favor and changing for the better. Suddenly that woman who isn’t interested in you won’t matter anymore. Trust me, prayer is always the answer.

3.Get On Your Purpose 

Purpose is something you see us talk about a lot on the blog, because it really is what you are supposed to pursue relentlessly. Your purpose keeps you out of danger, out of social situations you shouldn’t be in and it keeps you aligned with the Most High. Outside of God, your purpose should be top priority in your life and thus, should occupy most of not all of your time. If you commit to the work and dynamic that comes with being on your purpose, you’ll find that you wouldn’t even have the time nor energy to care about what others think about you. For example, I personally dedicate 12 hours daily, 7 days a week to my purpose with 8 to sleep and 2 to exercise. I couldn’t give a damn about what anyone has to say or think about me even if I wanted to. This is what your purpose does, it takes up all your time and keeps you away from low level behavior, like caring about what others think.

4.Delete Social Media or Take Breaks 

Most social media, if not all Social media are validation oriented. What this means is it’s dependent on how much people like or show interest in you or how they perceive you in general. This has been the biggest cause of the increasing insecurity levels of men and women. In fact in 2014, results show that 54% of teens and young adults in the US are indeed insecure in some manner, according to We reckon this number has only increased since the rise of major social media platforms since then, like Instagram and Snapchat. What am I getting at? I’m saying that the use of these social media apps have a direct impact on our mental health. As the quest for validation leads to extreme cases of insecurity most times. This again stems from caring what others think about you. So do yourself a favor and delete these social media platforms, it’ll definitely help you to stop caring about what others think. 

(If you leverage social media to make money, try purging your feed from all validation seeking posts and replace it with uplifting and productive content).

5.Read Self Improvement Books

There are many books out there that help you to stop caring about what others think. My personal favorite is called the ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***’ by Mark Manson. You’ll observe that I referenced the book anonymously a few times in this article. This is because this book hit the nail on the head and it definitely shifted my perspective. This is why I decided to put you up on game. The book went on to explain the disadvantages of caring about what others think and inspired you to stop giving a damn in general. People often neglect just how powerful books like these are and how much they can change your perspective on life in general. Reading books like TSANGAF (that was too long to type in full lol) would not only encourage you to stop caring what others think about you, but it changes your mindset for the better. Other self improvement books that help me to not care about what others think are; Way Of the Superior Man, The 48 Laws of Power and The Power of Now. Not only would you care less about the naysayers but it would indirectly put you in the alpha mindset.


And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!