Before I even begin to break down how to look more masculine. I have to first make sure that you know what exactly a “masculine” look entails. When most people hear the term masculinity they often think 6+ feet tall, a huge lumberjack beard and a fitted Armani suit. I’m here to tell you that’s an outdated precept. The “masculine” look has nothing to do with height or wearing an expensive suit. It instead starts in the mind; in order to look masculine, you must be masculine from within. Before I begin to explain this further allow me to say this, being tall or wearing some boss clothing definitely comes with it’s advantages when it comes to masculinity. It’s very easy to perceive a guy who is tall and has a big beard as masculine. Likewise a 5’5 baby faced man, would subconsciously look less masculine. But! Not because they are perceived that way means that they are actually this stoic badass they make out to be. There are many cases where the macho male, contrary to popular narratives, is short and can barely even grow a beard. Why is this? This is simply because there’s more to masculinity than just looking the part. 


As you may have established by now, looking masculine is never enough. I need you guys to understand that, as an alpha male you are required to embody your masculine role. Notice I said embody, there’s no faking this over here. When you begin to develop more and more of a masculine character, you’ll notice that you can wear a pair of flip flops and a tank top and people will still view you as masculine. No matter how tall you are, how big your muscles are and how much facial hair you have. The truth is, as long as you embody masculine energy, people can feel this exuding from you on a primal level. This will in turn allow them to view you as a more masculine individual. Testosterone is our sex hormone and it is responsible for us developing into masculine men.


As mentioned before, testosterone is our sex hormone. It’s a steroid hormone that enables us to develop sexually and as a result in masculine features. Testosterone peaks between 16 and around 25 on average, this is the point at which men are most: 

  • Athletic 
  • Sexually fertile 
  • Developed height and muscle wise
  • Powerful
  • Masculine

When we go through puberty we basically transition from boys to men. You often find males who developed earlier have higher doses of testosterone than later bloomers. In fact argued that men who experienced delayed puberty tend to have lower levels of testosterone at older ages. Why am I giving you all this information? I’m basically trying to show the importance of testosterone and it’s relation to masculinity. In a nutshell, men who have more testosterone are more masculine. Men who are more masculine, often know how to look more masculine as well. 


Essentially, the aim of this article is to put you guys up on game, on how to look more masculine. That’s what we are going to present in just a minute, be sure to read to the end for a bonus tip. Though this article is going to focus primarily on the physical aspects of masculinity, I want you guys to not neglect the mental and spiritual aspects as well. Hence I broke down what masculinity entails from an internal level. I’m making this apparent because you can follow all the tips given in this blog and still not be viewed as a masculine male. As I said before, you can’t fake masculinity, you have to genuinely embody these qualities and traits. So without any more delay allow me to present to you 5 WAYS TO LOOK MORE MASCULINE.


I cannot stress this enough guys! You have to hit the gym. There’s nothing that signifies dominance and power, more than a muscular physique. If you want to be perceived as masculine, you must portray dominance and power in some form. Building a strong physique allows for you to do just that nonverbally. I can’t tell you guys how much respect I’ve earned from my pairs, women and strangers simply because I stay lean all year. People often associate a strong physique, with bravery, hardwork and confidence which are all masculine characteristics. However, you can easily go about bodybuilding in the wrong way and get a completely different effect. For example a guy who is “bottom heavy” (has a bigger lower body than upper) can be easily perceived as weak, or even worse, feminine. You instead want to focus on building more “masculine” muscles such as your back, chest and shoulders. This does not mean you should neglect other muscles though. So don’t skip leg day guys! 


As I mentioned earlier in this article, testosterone is an essential aspect of masculinity as it develops all your masculine features. Some of which include, your beard, jawline, muscles, voice, height, etc. Some of you guys though, might not have been aware that there are many ways to boost or stimulate the production of testosterone in the body. One of them and arguably the most important method is through diet. There are many foods that aid in boosting testosterone in your body. Some of which include; eggs, tuna, greens like asparagus and spinach, beef and much more. did a good job at listing these in relation to testosterone production. On the contrary there are also foods that you should absolutely stay away from because they lower testosterone. These include; some dairy products, alcohol, desserts and soy products. Implementing these dietary changes will steadily increase your testosterone.

3.Get enough sleep

For some weird reason guys today don’t like to get enough sleep, people in general. I never understood this trend. Like in addition to the great health and masculinity benefits that comes with sleep, it simply feels so damn good to click in a solid 8 hours sleep. As I mentioned before, sleep comes with a lot of benefits as well. Especially when it comes to looking more masculine. One of the biggest contributors on how to look more masculine is simply getting ample sleep. Allow me to explain, when you lack sleep there are a lot of negative feelings attached. These emotions make you more feminine because you walk around more cranky and annoyed and this isn’t a good look. Also when you are sleep deprived you tend to look more dull and your droopy eyes make it impossible for anyone to take you seriously. Not to mention, the production of testosterone peaks in the deep sleep stages, so getting enough sleep is pivotal when it comes to knowing how to look more masculine.

4.Grow a beard

A beard is simply one of the most alpha statements any man can make. A beard is often associated with the traditional masculine look and this look has been embedded in people’s minds a while now. Think of any masculine or alpha male….. chances are they have a beard. Chris Hemsworth, Micheal B Jordan and Connor McGregor, are all masculine badasses that all have one facial feature in common. That’s right, you guessed it! Beards. This has immensely contributed towards their masculine reputations and there’s no doubt that it makes them look a lot more masculine. When I say beard, people often think that you have to have this big bushy lumberjack style when that isn’t even the case. Too much beard makes you look scrappy and unkept in my opinion and that’s not masculine. Instead focus on maintaining stubble length and focus on shaping it up to your liking. You want to rock a look that brings out your jawline and facial structure, which is what ultimately signifies masculinity. For my guys who can’t grow a beard, don’t worry about it, every other step on here can more than contribute towards looking more masculine

5.Dress maturely (bonus)

I know this can come off as quite a controversial point but allow me to build on this. Dressing maturely is a relative statement so I’m not going to tell you exactly what style to wear. I am however, telling you that wearing all the flashy, fancy jewelry and gadgets are immature and uncalled for. Think about it, a man who has to wear a “buss down” 200 grand Rolex and 4 cuban link diamond encrusted chains is sending a statement. Sending a statement that he, as is, isn’t good enough or secure enough to add value to people’s lives in any way. Therefore he needs to overcompensate for that lack of value through these flashy items. This is weakness, ladies and gentlemen, whether you are aware of it or not. This sense of weakness and insecurity is therefore not masculine and trust me it shows. Think of unconfidence as getting cut in a sea full of sharks, they can sniff that from a mile away. Like I said you can’t fake masculinity. If you want to learn how to look more masculine, start by being confident in your own skin first, dress simply but effectively. This is the ultimate form of masculinity, it shows confidence, security and alpha energy. 


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