Men today have strayed so far away from what it is to be masculine and their masculine frame, that they don’t even know how to carry about themselves in day to day life. Men often struggle to get any type of interest from women and respect from other men. It’s actually absurd how much men today embody feminine qualities and characteristics. This doesn’t only affect the man himself, but it more often than not, affects how he is perceived by other people. I know some of you like to play this “I don’t care what people think about me” persona, but no matter how you cut it, perception matters. The way people view you as a man matters. In dating, in business, in relationships and so on. In life you ought to present yourself and carry yourself the way you want to be treated. If you want to be perceived as a masculine male, you have to carry yourself that way. It really is that simple. The easiest way to be perceived as a masculine man, is through masculine frame.


Have you ever heard a woman say something along the lines of “it’s just something about him” or “I don’t know what it is, but he’s so attractive”. I guarantee you 9 times out of 10, what’s turning women on so much about “this kinda guy” is his masculine frame. “What’s masculine frame?” You may ask. Masculine frame relates to one of the core principles of stoicism, in which masculine men carry themselves in a reserved and composed manner. This gives them the ability to think everything through logically and in a calculated manner. The reason why the ‘sigma male’ is often seen as the most attractive type of male is because he mastered the art of masculine frame. There’s something about a guy that keeps himself calm and collected in social situations, not giving himself away, that drive women crazy. Men admire this as well, as it exudes a unique type of confidence. I think the biggest form of confidence is the ability to portray that you’re high value, without saying or doing anything at all. This is the effect of masculine frame. It gives mystery, room for imagination as people (women especially) try to figure you out. Masculine frame entails being selectively expressive, but never giving away yourself personally. Men who master masculine frame are quiet about their goals, accomplishments and achievements. This is simply because they are so confident in their own skin that they don’t need to express their value through external factors. 

In the dating game, men often get caught up try to do stupid and over the top things to get women’s attention. Like showing off their car keys or flashing money and all that other low value stuff. Guys, both men and women can see right through this and that comes off as insecure and overcompensating. It’s okay to be bold and assertive, but you can do this in a more secure manner. Instead focus on being a mystery. Remember women like a little emotional game from time to time. If you give yourself away too soon, it seems as though there’s nothing left for the woman to figure out hence her attraction flatlines or declines. If you remain a secret however, women automatically perceive this as more masculine and confident. So yeah bro, talking about your six figure salary and your S-Class Mercedes all the time, is actually turning her off. Masculine frame automatically puts you in a position of value because the reserved guy is often seemed as confident. Think back to when you were in high school, there were some cases where the girls would gravitate towards the quiet guy at the back of the class rather than the high school jock. This is because the quiet fella, in this instance, shows unmatched confidence through his masculine frame.


Guys, masculine frame is hardly about the physical, it’s all a mental game. I know a lot of guys, 6’4 and 210 lbs and they feminine as hell. I also know a couple of guys barely 5’5 and stoic and smooth like James Bond. Why is this? This is simply because masculine frame entails traits from within. It can’t just be physically portrayed, you have to embody it. Masculine frame is an abstract thing, a state of mind, something that can’t be faked. Now I don’t what you guys to misconstrue the information being presented, because I repeat holding frame so often, that does mean that you are supposed to be sitting up on dates quiet and emotionless like you’re some type of robot. I’m simply telling you guys to be conscious and aware about how you carry yourself and to be confident in your own skins. I’m also saying to be a mystery for as long as possible, don’t give anything away. This will only serve you and never harm you. With all that being said, here’s 7 TRAITS YOU CAN IMPLEMENT TO IMPROVE MASCULINE FRAME. 

1.Have healthy posture 

Having a strong, healthy posture is probably the only physical implementation you can apply to improve your masculine frame. When adopting this stoic practice, it can be very easy to come across as shy, weak or unconfident. If you’re slouching, nervously looking down all the time and making yourself small, you’re running a risk. A risk of sending subliminal messages to the other people in your proximity that you’re of lower value or less than. These are not the ways of a stoic man. When practicing masculine frame, it is absolutely imperative that you maintain good posture, as you will hardly be expressing or explaining yourself most of the time. So you want your body language to express your confidence for you. Having good posture goes a lot deeper than you think, this confidence portrayed by simply sitting upright can actually increase your attractiveness and in turn, dating life. In fact a study from showed that people who sit upright were more likely to have a second date than persons who had bad posture. 

2.Have strong eye contact

As I mentioned before, when embodying masculine frame, you often try to minimize expressing yourself where necessary. When on a date or in any social setting you shouldn’t aim to be doing a lot of talking. So eye contact is just as important as holding good posture. Remember the most significant aspect of masculine frame is to portray confidence by doing the least. Eye contact signifies just that. You often find weak people straying and shying away from eye contact, because they lack the courage to look people in the eye. You already have a whole lot of sex appeal by holding frame and not being flashy, adding eye contact is just the icing on the cake. Practice eye contact as much as possible, get good at maintaining it and keeping it intense. This is one of the most intimate forms of connection, you can tell people what you’re all about with just your eyes. If you don’t believe me, next time you go on a date or out with friends, look them in the eye when speaking to them. Have intense bursts of eye contact with each individual that you are talking to then watch their body language. You’ll see that they adopt a more open body language putting them in an attentive state. This automatically gains respect and increases attraction.

3.Chill out 

This is where men often mess up and turn women off, well people in general. You sometimes have to get it in your minds that you just have to relax sometimes. Don’t be pressed to make a girl laugh, or spark up this big elaborate conversation. Going in with a mentality of running cheesy pickup lines or “game” on a woman is simply taking it too seriously. Just relax and be yourself. Trying to do all the extra stuff again, comes off as corny or overcompensating. The ironic thing is, when you actually try to use these Twitter jokes or pick up lines on women, they hardly ever work. So not only are you coming off as try hard but you are now turning her off with your uncle jokes. This doesn’t only go for dating, but anybody in general doesn’t like to be around someone who is a goofball all the damn time. Like bro relax, remember masculine frame exudes confidence. Overcompensating exudes insecurity.

4.Speak less

The idea behind masculine frame and stoicism in general is based around being of value. People of value don’t see the need to speak all the time. Less is sometimes more, and the less you speak the more reserved and collected you are. This is also very attractive, not only from the aspect of being in frame but from a gentleman’s perspective as well. The most respectful thing you can do is let other people talk sometimes, and listen to what they have to say. Contribute only when you need to, you should especially contribute only when you are qualified to speak on the subject. Respect other people’s opinions and never butt in conversations. This is how you increase attractiveness and respect through masculine frame. Again, this shows a confident and high value man. One who is willing to listen to others and let others speak, while remaining reserved at all times.

5.Be more assertive 

I know this can be a tricky one, it might even seem impossible for some. Like “how do you have masculine frame, remaining calm and collected while being assertive?”. It sure is possible and quite simple if you think about it, let me explain. First of all I need y’all to understand that being assertive doesn’t mean being a douche or anything like that. It simply means that you have a bold and confident personality. An assertive man operates with a sense of ownership towards whatever he wants, even if he hasn’t attained it yet. This sense of assertiveness can show in your actions and your body language, rather than your words. You don’t have to be unfair or selfish towards anyone in this process though because that is quite the opposite of what masculine frame is. A good way to practice this is through your goals, allow for your actions to line up exactly with your goals and take control of what you want. Be unapologetic about it as well, this is very masculine and this is how you stay in frame.

6.Stop being nice to everyone

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘nice guys finish last’? I have an addition to that statement of truth. Masculine men finish first (trend it on Twitter lol). But for real though, masculine men really finish first. When you think about it, it’s those who are bold, confident and take initiative that get what they want out of life. These are definitely traits of the masculine or alpha male. Guys who wait around, mess about and let people walk all over them (nice guys), often get the short end of the stick. So how to not be the nice guy that loses all the damn time? Do the opposite of what a nice guy does! And don’t be misguided here, I’m not telling you guys to go out fighting and robbing people. I’m simply telling you guys to stop being nice to everyone and letting them walk all over you. Value your respect and most importantly, value yourself. Don’t just give any and everyone the green light to treat you however they want. Stand for yourself, set boundaries and be bold. This is a man’s game. 

7.Master your emotions 

Some of you probably like “Whatt??? How can you be masculine and even think about emotions?”. I don’t blame you, I believed that to be masculine you had to be an emotionless robot at a point in time. That is far from the truth, in fact masculine frame is quite the opposite. To be more masculine you should always acknowledge your emotions and work managing them. Know when to express, when to remain calm and think things through and when to be cold. You should become emotionally intelligent. To the point that if you are provoked you would be able to make the logically right decision. You should never be a loose cannon or someone that can be aggravated easily. This throws you off center, out of masculine frame. Which in turn makes you look weak. Weak men never win in any aspect of life, from dating, to finances, to emotions, weak men are always playing catch up. So focus on mastering your emotions and remaining in masculine frame.


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