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One of the most prominent topics in the fitness industry is weight loss. One of the most asked questions is “How do I get lean?” or “How do I lose weight” and the answer is quite simple as complex as it gets. Getting lean is not as difficult as some of these “fitness coaches” make it seem. As a former athlete with 5 years experience in strength training and calisthenics, who has also managed to maintain a body fat of 10% throughout the process, I’m qualified to speak on this subject as I have also helped a lot of people on their journeys as well. So sit back and allow me to break it down. 

Can I get lean fast?

It depends, if you know you’re a fat guy or even a bit on the chubby side it would definitely take you longer to get lean than a guy who is “skinny fat” so it’s relative to your body type. Mesomorphs (athletic built) usually find it relatively easy to lose weight, Ectomorphs (skinny and lanky built) as well. Endomorphs (thick and stocky built) however find the most struggle in losing weight and this is due to their slow metabolism. According to a study conducted by, it is presented that the majority of people in the world are endomorphs. So if you are reading this right now, chances are you are required to put in a little more effort to get lean.

Getting lean|The aim

Luckily there is a specific and scientific method that you can implement in your daily life to start seeing results and getting lean. Like most things, getting lean involves consistency, you can’t just decide to be disciplined and committed one week and slack off another week. I’ve seen a lot of people in the fitness community sell themselves the dream of this “quick fix” or “magic pill”. I’m here to tell you right now, when it comes to fitness, there’s no quick fix. It’s sheer commitment, dedication and hard work. Now that you understand that getting lean requires due diligence, we can begin this presentation. Allow me to present to you  6 STEPS TOWARDS GETTING LEAN.

1.Strength training

If you ever thought that it was possible to get lean without practicing strength training, you’re dead wrong. Not only is strength training absolutely vital when it comes to building muscle, it is also very important when it comes to fat loss as well. During exercise, the body burns calories and fat as metabolic activity speeds up during exercise, but the majority of weight loss actually takes place when your muscles are at rest. This process of fat burning occurs in the growth and repair of muscle tissue and that burns fat that is stored in the muscles. Think of it this way, the body requires energy to perform the necessary steps required to build and repair your muscles after you kill it in the gym. An article published by further backs this theory. So what are you waiting on? Get in the gym today.

2.Eat in a caloric deficit 

If you want to get lean fast, the key is undergoing a caloric surplus. I cannot stress this enough, and I don’t see much fitness coaches putting enough emphasis on this. Before I explain why this is probably the most important factor when it comes to weight loss, I’ll explain what exactly it is. If you don’t know by now a caloric deficit is when you burn more calories than you intake and this is arguably the most pivotal step when it comes to getting lean. What makes you gain weight on a very basic level is consuming too much calories, and not burning enough. Excess calories causes your body to store it in the form of fat. So it’s only obvious to reverse this process you are required to burn more calories than you intake. Once you master tracking your calories and eating below the amount you output, you’ll start seeing sustainable results.

Note this does not mean starving yourself, starving yourself will not make you lean but instead your body will store more calories when you do consume them

3.Get enough sleep

Guys, sleep is just as important to diet and exercise when it comes to getting lean. Let me say that again, SLEEP IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS DIET AND EXERCISE. If you have been tuning into the health section of this blog you’ll see how much I stress on getting a good night’s rest because sleep is absolutely essential when it comes to getting lean. As I previously mentioned, plenty of the weight loss process occurs in the growth and repair phase of bodybuilding. In order for your muscles to properly repair and grow you are required to get ample sleep. You also burn calories while you sleep as it requires metabolic activity to take place to rejuvenate and refresh your body, think about growing in height or recovering from a cold. According to you burn approximately 50 calories per hour while sleeping, therefore if you get your 8 hours that’s 400 calories burnt right there! 

4.Drink lots of water

Drinking water has a lot of essential health benefits that are very relative to weight loss. Water cleanses your digestive tracts as well as making it a lot easier to excrete and get rid of unwanted food. There are also several studies that show that water suppresses your appetite which is extremely important when it comes to getting lean. If you don’t believe me, try drinking like two glasses of water right before you have lunch, you would notice that you’ll get full a lot quicker. Water is also a great substitute for thirst quenchers like juice and sodas, which are absolute no no’s when it comes to getting lean. Okay maybe occasional fruit juice is fine, but sodas are an absolute abomination for your health. These beverages are rifed with sugar which spikes insulin levels, which in turn causes your body to convert the excess sugars into fats. 

5.Follow the right diet

A lot of you guys get scared when you hear the word diet and that’s because you guys automatically associate diet to eating a bunch of grass. Guys this is never the case when nutritionists mention diet. In fact when it comes to getting lean the key is to have the right balance of your macros. The right balance of macronutrients for weight loss consists of high proteins, low carbs and lower fats. So you should have a protein oriented diet. I have a list of healthy protein sources that you can look to here. An essential aspect of your diet as well is to ensure that you are consuming the right amounts of micronutrients as well, which helps with digestion and other key bodily functions. Lastly you will want to cut off any types of foods that don’t serve you nutritionally. These include junk food, foods high in trans and saturated fats and sodas, cut these out of your diet ASAP. 


I saved this for last because this can be the most important step towards getting lean as well. If you guys haven’t realized by now, the key towards fat loss is burning calories. If you pay attention all these factors were tailored around minimizing and burning calories. Cardio and aerobic exercises are no different. Endurance activities like jogging or aerobics are designed in a way to burn crazy amounts of calories. If done consistently you can actually burn results and get lean fast. When you do endurance or cardio training this stimulates your metabolism as your body demands more oxygen and energy. This calls for more metabolic activity in the form of aerobic respiration (the use of oxygenated blood and glycerol to produce energy) which causes you to burn calories and as a result, fat. If you want to get lean you should incorporate regular cardio in your routines.

That’s all folks!

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