In this article I’m going to show you step by step what you can do and exactly how to get abs the fastest way possible. I’m first going to preface this blog by saying, though I am going to show you guys a scientifically proven method on how to get abs the fastest; that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get abs in a week guys. Let’s be realistic, building muscle takes a lot of time and consistency. In fact according to an article from, the average person can take up to 2 years to actually have shredded abs. In this blog we are going to get you to your ab goals a lot quicker than that though, don’t worry but that just goes to show.


I know you guys may have heard this a couple times in the past “abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym” or “you have to eat like a cow to get abs” and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, diet has an essential part when it comes to getting a chiseled 6 pack but not in the way that you think. If you want to know how to get abs the fastest, you have to get out of this connotation that eating salads all day will get there. In fact a blog from my guy over at has backed this point perfectly. So if your intention is to get lean with a 6 pack and you’re not willing to do more than just eat healthy then you’re at the wrong place. 


The abdominal muscles are special muscles that require a lot of patience. You cheat or shoulders you can just blast that away in the gym for 2-3 months and see sustainable results. The abs however, it takes time. I like to consider your abs as a masterpiece, it’s already there but it requires a lot of detailing, fine tuning and refining to get those jaw dropping abs and v-lines that you see in movies. So guys don’t expect this to come overnight, I know you want to see some magic pill or cheat sheet, but when it comes to developing your abs especially your v-line and obliques, it’s a grind man it really is. So with all that being said allow me to break down exactly HOW TO GET ABS THE FASTEST. 

1.Caloric deficit 

Guys! Forget all what you’ve heard, the caloric deficit is single handedly the most important step on how to get abs the fastest way possible. I’ve found that, in my experience of building my abs as well as helping others build theirs, this method has granted the most results. If you have been living under a brick and not reading my blogs, a caloric deficit is simply when you practice taking in less calories than you burn out. This essentially eliminates one of the biggest killers of abs gains which is storage. When your body gets more than the amount of calories it requires it essentially converts all that excess energy into subcutaneous fat or “stubborn” fat. I am not by any means saying starve yourself guys, all I am saying is to simply consume a little below your maintenance calories figure. If you don’t know what your figure is you can use this free tool here.

2.Target the abs in sections

I’ve often seen a lot of guys plateau in their gains because they do the same routine repeatedly, targeting the same muscles. The abs, like any other muscle, require progressive overload and variation to develop. So that’s right Jeff, those 100 daily crunches you’ve been doing, weren’t getting you any progress. The abs primarily comprises of, the abdomen (6 pack), the internal and external obliques (the muscles that cover your ribs) and your v-line. In your ab routine you should aim to target these different sections at all times. This allows for the ab muscles to be properly developed and strong so that they pop more once you lower your body fat to around 10-15%. There are many exercises out there that hit all these abdominal muscles in isolation, I will be dropping some of my personal ab exercises in the future so stay tuned for that.

3.Follow the right macros

When it comes to getting abs the fastest way possible, people often think of micronutrients, you know vitamins A-Z and fiber and all those other good stuff. Which they aren’t wrong but what if I told you that where the real emphasis should take place is quite the opposite of that narrative?. Yup when it comes to getting those shredded v-lines you should actually be focusing on macronutrients. For those that don’t know macronutrients consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you aspire to have a 6 pack, this ought to be the aspect of diet you should pay special attention to. Simply put, if you want to lose as much fat as possible you have to increase the amount of proteins you consume and limit your carbs and fats as much as possible. These are concepts that famous weight loss diets like the ‘keto’ and ‘Atkins’ diets follow.


One of the best methods when it comes to developing those lean abs is to engage in high intensity training. When I say high, I mean high. High intensity interval training is one of the best if not the best when it comes to burning calories. The idea behind this training concept is to go back to back to back, with no rests in between for a certain period of time. High intensity training burns a ridiculous amount of calories in a short period of time. Incorporating this in your routine for a consistent period will ultimately grant you insane results. Not to mention high intensity training is also good for other health aspects as well like blood circulation, joint and bone health and allround fitness. When it comes to getting abs the fastest way possible, you should definitely incorporate some form of high intensity interval training.

5.Be patient 

Guys, this is fitness, not a walk in the park. Stop getting into this thing for the ‘quick fix’. As cliche as it sounds, nothing good comes easy. This is a concept that alpha males understand, they understand that there is no sustainability in instant gratification. You’ll find that alpha males typically succeed in their fitness endeavors because they are patient. For the development of your abs especially, see it as a marathon and not a sprint. If you get into a marathon sprinting all out at the beginning, you’ll burn out and most likely not finish the race. Instead be patient, consistent and focused throughout the journey and ultimately you’ll reach where you want to end up. So yeah guys, if you take all these steps and implement them in your routine I guarantee you’ll see results sooner than you think.


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