If you have been keeping up with this website , you may have seen that I often emphasize the importance of being alone or separating from the crowd. Alpha males understand this concept, they understand that they must walk their own path. But why is it so important to depart from the majority and focus on yourself? This is single handedly the most important step you can take to become alpha. Mastering the art of being alone, is something that most people respect and admire simply because they don’t possess the courage needed to be content with their own company. It’s a reason why women find the ‘sigma male’ so attractive. This ability and confidence to walk alone is something most people can’t do.


As I mentioned before, most people are walking in the wrong path in life. Most people are tired, lost, depressed and/or lacking purpose in life. Why would you want to be in the mix? The blind literally leads the blind. This should give you more than enough incentive to focus on being alone and enjoying your own company. It requires a lot of mental strength and courage to stand on your own two feet, most men simply don’t have the balls to do this. The truth is, your purpose, passion or reason for existing, lies within. Nobody on the external can give it to you, that’s why we talk so much about self improvement on the blog. I didn’t discover my purpose until I separated from the crowd, got rid of the toxic friends and abstained from things of the flesh. This mental and physical conditioning allowed for me to focus not on the things that distracted me from who I really am but instead focus on the things that actually serve and benefit me. 


Being alone is an important season in every self improving man’s life. Notice I said season, because I’m not advising you guys to stay cooped up in a house all lonely for the rest of your lives. What I am saying though, is if you want to develop and grow as a man, you ought to practice some sort of self distancing to focus on yourself and progress in life. That’s right Jake, take a couple months away from the bar or the club and put in some work on yourself. I’ll reiterate that this is only a season in your life to really focus in on your purpose, a season of growth and development, not suffering. If you think being alone and working on yourself is suffering, time out the club is suffering, time away from the boys is suffering, then you have some issues as a man, which is exactly why you should go on this journey.


As I concluded the prior paragraph I hinted at what exactly this article is going to be about. Being alone or rocking solo is not a dark and gloomy thing, it can be if you want it to, but that’s not the intent here. The intent is to help you become the best version of yourself without any form of social distraction. You can and most certainly should be happy in your own company. Being happy alone is simply the most powerful thing I believe anyone can do, simply because of the sheer courage and self confidence required to role solo. This is where you find out most about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and your skills which you can use to serve the world. A man who sleeps on his personal purpose, is a failure but a man who unlocks his potential from within is a self fulfilled man. The purpose of this blog is to make this solo self discovery and improvement journey a joyful one. So without any more delay, allow me to present to you, 7 WAYS TO BE HAPPIER ALONE.

1.Get In The Gym

This seems to be coming in at number 1 on just about every blog I produced lately. This is because working out is simply the most important habit a man can pick up. Hitting the gym is definitely a good way to improve your morale while being alone. It’s one of the most important self improvement tools as well, as getting in shape betters you physically and mentally as well. A strong, masculine physique gives you more confidence, grants you respect and gives you discipline to name a few traits. If you want to know how to become happier alone, start by hitting the gym. Exercising has scientifically proven mental benefits such as reducing stress levels and boosting energy throughout the day. In fact, according to a source from, exercising has a direct relationship with happiness because it stimulates chemical releases of dopamine, endomorphin and endocannabinoid, which are all chemicals related to happiness. So in other words, if you want to be happier alone, hit the gym.

(Boxed water is not better btw, like who does that?)

2.Pick Up A Hobby

A lot of men today often engage in activities they shouldn’t be doing because they are “bored” or “having nothing to do.” This is nothing but a bullshit excuse, to escape from your own company. You guys have a lot of idle time simply because you don’t choose to spend your time wisely. Picking up a hobby is something that can not only make you happy but it can also help you find your purpose as well. As purpose and passions are usually correlated. If you’re a developing male anywhere from 16-25, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be trying new things. This habit is essential when it comes to being alone and figuring out yourself. Picking up hobbies would help you figure out what’s for you and what’s not. And let me tell you, doing a hobby that you actually love is the best thing ever. So go on, learn a new language, play a new sport, pick up a musical instrument, just try it. It will definitely make you happier on your own.

3.Get On Your Purpose

In Redpill philosophy, your purpose is the most important aspect of your journey as a man. It’s how you find happiness, make money and achieve ultimate self fulfillment. You may have realized how often I tell you guys to seek your God given purpose. This is because it’s so profound and the key towards legitimate gratification. You would never understand just how divine and significant being on your purpose is, until you actually get on it. Writing blogs for you guys, influencing and changing men’s lives and helping fellas get in shape brings me so much joy and happiness. This is what purpose brings to you, genuine joy. I need you guys to all understand that each and everyone of you was put on this earth by the most high for a reason. You can’t find out that reason unless you detach and go seek it on your own. I promise you once you discover what it is, you’ll be 100% happier alone. 

4.Do Activities Alone

You want to be happier alone? Try going out and doing things that you usually would do with other people. Take trips alone, eat out alone, watch a movie alone, etc. This will seem ludacris at first, but what you are indirectly doing is eliminating dependency for happiness from others. It allows you to find happiness within as the courage and guts it takes to go to these activities alone, leaves you no choice but to not only be content alone but happy. Most people today make the wrong mistake in putting their happiness and fulfillment in other people and if that particular individual is to leave their life, that’s it, shambles! I don’t want that for you guys, I want sheer happiness from within, abundant amounts too. Once you build up that self reliant happiness, through doing activities alone, you’ll see that people can only add to your life but never take away. This is true happiness. 

5.Pray Daily

Praying should’ve come in at number one on this list, because this is the most essential part of your improvement journey. Not just when it comes to being happier alone, but being a better person in general. Where else to get happiness from than the source itself, the man above, the Most High himself. He gave us a spirit of happiness and peace, so the only logical thing for you to do is turn to him in prayer. Ask him to restore your happiness and joy whenever you feel left astray. The truth is you are strongest, happiness and most peaceful when God is leading you through this life and this is why it’s so important to pray. If you want to be happier alone, pray. You want to be happier at night, pray. You want to be happier in general? pray! There’s no other way. Psalm 144:15 said “Happy are the people whose God is the LORD”

6.Practice Gratitude 

“Gratitude is a must”- sang Koffee in her hit single ‘Toast’ and this is something that has stuck with me since then. Gratitude is so key when it comes to maintaining happiness. When you’re alone on the self improvement journey, the last thing you want to do is be grateful for everything you have. When you simply take the time to thank God and acknowledge him for all the basic things he has done for you, he will indeed reward you greatly. I told you guys about how much gratitude has done for me on a recent blog and I’m not kidding fellas. Gratitude literally makes you a happier man to the core. It’s important that you genuinely mean this appreciation from the heart, practicing gratitude is a lifestyle. Once you develop this way of life, you will definitely be a happier person while being alone.

7.Delete Social Media 

Unless you’re using your social media to market, leverage or make money in some form or fashion, you should probably delete it. Especially if you wish to be happier alone, I’ll explain why. Social media today is filled with a bunch of false presentations, fake flexing and depressive and suppressive content. These things are not serving you in any way. Even if you’re not taking on the task of being happier, growing and developing alone, social media is jam packed with a lot of frivolous and unnecessary content that doesn’t contribute to your life in a positive way. Social media is a big distraction if you’re using it like most people. So my advice is, if you wish to be happier alone, delete your social media. Let go of the validation mentality, let go of the fake personalities, let go of the destructive individuals and start prioritizing you.


And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!