Brothers! I need you to stop and read everything I’m about to say carefully for this is a very essential topic, when it comes to elevating your life to the next level. This is a blogging series we decided to come up with as this is a very important topic in the red pill community and many of my brothers out there are lost on just how to escape the ‘rat race’. “What is the rat race??” is the question you’re probably asking yourself right now. Well, we describe the Rat Race as a way of life in which people get caught up in chasing money in hopes of a more desirable lifestyle. 

To the average person this might seem like it’s okay to get caught up in this way of living, they might even think that’s a great thing to do. But we here at the Red Pill Tactics community are not your average people and we see that indulging in this cycle of trading your time for money is a hamster wheel that you can almost never get out of. Time is your most valuable resource and every single one of you reading this blog right now are worth more than that 40-hour work week, $30,000 yearly salary. As mentioned before this would be an ongoing blogging series so the points I am about to mention are not the only ones related to this topic. So here goes! 



Most men nowadays think what they need to finally have a breakthrough and quit their 9-5 to pursue their goals is money. This is simply often not the case, in fact! What most men really need is some inspiration. There is an old saying that goes along the lines of ‘You give a hungry man a fish, he comes back tomorrow for more fish but if you teach that man to fish, he can feed himself for the rest of his life’ this statement speaks volumes. The truth is if I give 100 men with no definite purpose or vision a sum of $1 million dollars, they would probably return in a year’s time asking for more money. What you need to understand is that all the elites and new rich people of the world all had desire, clarity and purpose before all the wealth. Bill Gates showed his plan to 1,200 people, YES 1,200!! and only 11 of those people made him a billionaire. That’s what you call clarity, desire and purpose. There are many ways you can get inspired like, reading blogs from, listening to self improvement and empowerment books such as ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, following up on quotes and lifestyle patterns from successors like Bill Gates himself or even investing in a mentor. The internet has opened up many opportunities for you to invest in yourself as a person and as of right now you have no reason to be settling in the rat race with a 9-5 job, your time is worth a lot more than that. Be inspired today. 


FAITH! This is a word you see us use a lot on this website. This is because faith is powerful. Faith is the difference between you living your life paycheck to paycheck, unhappy and frustrated and you becoming a multi millionaire CEO of a billion dollar company. What I need you guys to understand is that nothing is unattainable, and I know you may have heard that before but believe me that is nothing but the truth. UFC sensation ‘Conor McGregor’ was homeless at a point in time, he could’ve given up and not believed in himself. He instead continued to have faith in himself and his ability where his now turn wife picked him off the streets and took care of him because she saw his athletic potential, he later became one of the top lightweight fighters in UFC’s history. This wasn’t because of luck, the same desire, faith and commitment God put in Connor he put in you as well. When Elon Musk sold PayPal in 2002, he received proceeds of around $180 million dollars. Of which he invested around $100 million in SpaceX, $70 million in Tesla motors and $10 million in SolarCity. Every last buck he invested, this is the level of faith you ought to aspire to. Stop sitting down on your potential and believe in the most high and what he has given you to walk your purpose in this life. Have FAITH in that business plan that seems impossible to execute, have FAITH in that investment you put your last into, have FAITH in skill that you learn to create income and most importantly, have FAITH in the man above.



Upon escaping the rat race you would most likely know what exactly you want to do instead of spending hours upon hours sucking your life and energy away in that company. This is exactly the point when you begin to take action. Start off small, by learning your trade and investing in courses and ebooks/books to develop and master your trade. Focus on adding value to the world or solving an issue in which you identify. Work hard and practice your trade until you become a master at exactly that. Creating your own wealth involves A LOT of hard work. So be prepared for working 16 hours of your day, staying up late until you get it done and working for months and months without making a single dollar. Famous rapper ‘Meek Mill’ rapped music for 13 years without getting paid for it. Through hard work and dedication he worked his way up to becoming one of the most successful rappers in the industry today. Without taking action and staying committed to his trade, we wouldn’t even know who he is today. So stop being distracted, stop messing about and grab the bull by its horns and get cooking!


After focusing all your effort, time and energy into the mentioned points above, there will come a time when all the sacrifice, faith and hard work will come to an end. This is the point at which you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and trust me these fruits are very sweet! There is simply no substitute, no luck or shortcut for hard work. Imagine this: you’re swinging from a hammock next to your wife, sipping on a cold glass of Pina Colada at one of the finest vacation resorts in Dubai. You’re happy, you have built up a company that can now run on its own without you even being there, you have many other passive income streams as well, you no longer have to work hard. Your children are playing in the swimming pool and you don’t have to worry about how you are going to pay for their tuition. You’ve made it, you are successful. This life is very attainable and it can be turned into a reality once you escape the rat race, focus on adding value to the world in exchange for money and believe in God and yourself.

That brings you to the end of my blog, I’d simply like to thank you for all the support we’ve been receiving thus far and I look forward to inspiring more men all around the world. So feel free to send this blog or website to someone you think it will benefit in any way. Also feel free to leave a comment on this blog and check out some other ones as well. Email us at [email protected] for more information or inquiries.