This calisthenics workout for beginners will eliminate all the hassle and strain that weight training comes with. So if you can’t afford (time or money wise) to go to the gym then calisthenics makes it possible to still get in shape. You literally don’t need any money or equipment, soley your bodyweight. Guys, I cannot stress on how important it is to get in shape. I often find men today making excuses about not being able to afford a gym membership or a personal trainer. The thing is people often find it difficult to come up with an effective workout routine because they believe that all there is to calisthenics is push-ups and sit ups. That couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact I will be breaking down a proper full body routine that you can implement right away to gain maximum results. 

Calisthenics For Beginners| The Aim

The truth is there are many calisthenics workout for beginners and movements that you can implement that get you insane results. People often get caught up in trying to get ripped or shredded quickly that they aren’t willing to endure the process of building muscle. Building muscle can take some time with calisthenics depending on the person and their genetics. In fact mentioned the fact that you can build mass and strength with calisthenics. Especially when muscles are progressively overloaded correctly. Like anything valuable, it takes time to achieve it. You have to put in a couple hours over a period of time consistently, to see sustainable progress. Don’t jump into any form of strength training expecting to build muscle fast. According to a thread on Quora it takes around 6 months to start seeing noticeable results with calisthenics workout for beginners. 

Calisthenics For Beginners| Start Now

Guys I don’t encourage you guys to get lean or get in shape just for the aesthetics or the women attraction that comes with it. Don’t get me wrong those are great benefits, however the true value in building your body lies within the mental qualities that come with it. When you undergo a body transformation over a specific set of time you develop qualities that few experiences can teach you. With calisthenics you learn what it takes to be hardworking, consistent, disciplined, focused, abstinent, confident, to overcome failure and a lot of other key qualities that are required to make up the formula for success in anything. So start exercising for more than just women or aesthetics, learn what it takes to be an alpha male through your fitness journey. 

Now that we got the importance of calisthenics and strength training, we can now get into the good stuff. I have been getting a lot of emails from my guys asking for some full body calisthenics workouts for beginners. I get it, we all may not have the time to do a proper split routine throughout the week. So I have designed a calisthenics workout plan that all men can use, even advanced athletes to hit their full body. This is for my guys who don’t have the time to put 1 hour into a workout for each muscle group weekly. I present to you a CALISTHENICS WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS (FULL BODY). 

This workout consists of:

-8 Exercises 

-No rest time between each exercise 

-A rest time of 4 mins after each round (if you can even finish all 8 exercises lol)

1. 12 Push-ups 

Quick tips:

-Tighten your core

-Keep your elbows flared slightly inwards

-Maintain a straight back throughout the movement

-Keep your arms shoulder width apart

2.  5 pull-ups 

Quick tips:

-Tighten your core

-Rotate your scapulas backwards to engage the back

-Grip over the bar as much as possible 

3. 10 Crunches

Quick tips:

-Contract the heck out of your core

-Maintain a full range of motion

-Keep your back pressed against the mat

4. 10 Squats

Quick tips:

-Tighten your core

-Keep your legs shoulder width apart 

-Go down deep to engage the glutes 

5. 12 Wide Push-ups

Quick tips:

-Tighten your core

-Full extension for full range of movement 

-Push from your palms, not your fingers

6. 10 Lunges (each side)

Quick tips:

-Drive your hips forward 

-Tighten your core

-Push into the floor with your legs as much as possible 

7. 5 Close Grip Pull-ups 

Quick tips: 

-Tighten your core

-Squeeze your chest at the top

-Hyperextend your elbows

8. 30 sec plank 

Quick tips:

-Tighten your core 

-Keep your back straight 

-Contract your shoulders

That’s all folks!

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