The truth is, the reason why most of you guys have issues with women, your bosses, your friends and even your families all stems from this one simple thing. You all lack masculinity, this lack of masculinity causes people to in turn lack respect for you as a man on a conscious or subconscious level. A lot of you guys are always out of your frame or off center and this can be as a result of external or internal influences. Whatever the cause may be, being in touch with your feminine essence as a man is one of the most detrimental habits you can adopt. The sad truth is many of you guys aren’t even aware of this, you lack the understanding of what it truly means to be masculine hence men today find it increasingly difficult to assume their masculine role. Masculinity is complex and I can come up with many definitions, however this can be deemed useless if you don’t know what type of traits you should practice, in order to become the masculine alpha male. Luckily we have compiled 7 MASCULINE TRAITS ALL MEN SHOULD HAVE. 

1.Logical thinker 

Some of you men nowadays are simply just too emotional bro, like seriously, leave that for the females. One of the most alpha qualities you can assume is just looking and interpreting things for what it is. You must have a sense of logic, deal with cold hard facts, no opinions. When making a decision in life, you should always aim to have a calculated and informed approach, not an emotional and ‘in the moment’ approach. This goes for everything in life, as a man you should have the composure to sit down, relax and observe the moment and assess everything logically. Your very thoughts should be logic based, this helps you make better life choices and decisions. It also helps you gain more self control as instead of being reactionary, you are now thinking on a more calculated plane, in turn allowing you to make the most appropriate choice. So the next time you decide to go purchase that baconator combo at Wendy’s, sit and think about it, ask yourself logical questions like “Is this healthy for me?” Or “Do I really need this?”. Trust me, this way of thinking would help you become more masculine due to the sheer logic and emotionless decisions that you would make on a day to day basis.

2.Responsibility and Accountability 

Everything is your fault! Yes you read it correctly, everything is your fault. It’s about time you guys start taking some responsibility for your actions, no it’s not because you grew up without a father, no it’s not because you were poor YOU choose to be the way that YOU are. As a man everything in and around your life is all because of you, it’s not because of politics or God hating you, it’s all on you. A real man takes responsibility for himself and others, a real man always holds himself accountable for any mishaps or inconveniences. The ability to be responsible and accountable allows for you to be someone respectable and trustworthy. One of the main pillars of strength and dominance is to be responsible, everyone should always be able to lean on you whenever they need you the most. You should always be the guy that everyone knows is in control of all of his business and his concerns. This is strong, this is alpha. I keep saying on this blog, Alpha males are in control of every single aspect of their lives and you can always bet on them to be aware of and responsible for these aspects. Accountability and responsibility are also very brave characteristics you can assume as a man. If you’re a married man for example, your wife should always feel safe coming to you with any issues concerning the household knowing you will have a logical response, being the responsible and accountable man you are. These are very respected traits guys, write them down.


Men lead and women follow. Let me say that again, men LEAD and women FOLLOW! You have to learn to go alone and be assertive and confident in what you believe in. You must be secure in your values as a man and live by that regardless of what anyone thinks. As an alpha you should adopt the habit of separating from the crowd, most of them are on the path to destruction anyways. Though it is good to be bold and be dominant, those in fact are very masculine leadership qualities, however a true leader doesn’t lead with his tongue but his actions, his way of life. So not only should you be on you be a vocal leader but you should be one that walks the walk as well. True masculinity comes with saying and voicing what you are about and backing it to hell up as well. Nobody has the time to listen to a self proclaimed leader yap his mouth about how he is on his own path and he is all about integrity and responsibility but he’s not backing it up with action, this is a way of the false prophet. Find it within yourself to be a doer first, this is a trait of the most influential and iconic leaders, they walk the walk. Masculine men lead by example and take the burden and responsibility for all his disciples.

4.Assertiveness and confidence 

Boy oh boy, this probably is the most essential puzzle piece of masculinity, you can become alpha by adopting this single trait. You see guys, a man who is assertive and confident, gets whatever the heck he wants out of life, I don’t care if it’s a woman, a new car, a raise or negotiation, the confident man always comes out on top. Assertive men are so successful because they have a way of somewhat brainwashing themselves into believing whatever they wish to acquire is already in their possession. Don’t mix this up with entitlement however because there is indeed a fine line, entitled men do think this same way, except they do nothing to get it. Assertive and confident men however, work their asses off to get what they want because they have this almost obsessive belief of belongingness. This is masculine, this is macho, this is alpha. Assertiveness puts you in that ‘go getter’ mindset and a man who believes he can get whatever he wants, and matches that same belief with the respective work ethic, you best believe he’s going to get it. Aim to be this type of man, settle for nothing less.


Men today are often shy and submissive in nature and this often reflects negatively on their dating life mostly. What you need to understand is that on a primal level men are dominant and women are submissive, I know that goes contrary to what the media says but red pill truth, that’s just what it is. The reason why girls pursue “bad boys” is not because they are violent and they kill people, it’s definitely not because of that. They like these types of guys because they are dominant in a very masculine way due to the rough, ‘on the edge’ lifestyle they live. Women submit to men that they respect holistically and being that dominant masculine man allows for her to have that respect for you on a conscious and primal level. This goes even further than women, people in general respect you when you are dominant and have that bit of a stoic edge to you. Don’t misinterpret this point though, you don’t have to be brandishing weapons and beating people up to be dominant, that’s actually not advisable in the slightest. Being dominant is all about the way you walk, talk and act. You must have a strong posture, look people in the eye, speak with your chest and don’t allow anyone, man or woman to cross your boundaries. An aspect of being dominative comes with the look as well, you must have a strong ‘v-taper’ physique (check out the Health and Fitness section of this blog to learn how to achieve this look), you must have a decent masculine dress code, you must have that edge to you whether it’s having a big beard or walking with that swagger. Masculine men dominate, think of the lion, a lion is far from the biggest animal in the jungle but he is the worldly renowned ‘king of the jungle’ because he dominates.


A man who possesses the ability to systematically follow the same regimen on a consistent basis for lengthy periods of time is a strong man therefore he is indeed masculine. The reason why a lot of you guys never remain consistent to or achieve great things, isn’t because you lack the ability, or the motivation or the inheritance or the physical ability or whatever excuses you guys make up today. It’s because you lack the discipline. If you ask any successful person about success I guarantee you they will talk about discipline. This is because success boils down to this simple equation, discipline=consistency, consistency=results, results=success. No matter how you cut it, you have to be disciplined, discipline is the key towards getting anything you want and desire out of this life. Believe me, the most alpha ability you possess, is the ability to get anything you want out of life and besides the most high obviously, discipline is one of the biggest traits you can adopt to get anything you want out of life.

7.Hard working 

Last but definitely not least, one of the most masculine traits you can assume as a man is to be a hard worker. Guys work hard unapologetically, you can’t claim to be an alpha male and you don’t have a high work ethic, they simply have to coexist. We are valued based on what we bring to the table as men, not that you should work hard to achieve things for external validation, but you should indeed do just that to satisfy yourself and the most high. Work on your purpose and keep your head down when it comes to your craft guys, no messing about just sheer hard work. The Bible says, he who gathereth by labour shall increase. Guys the most high put you on this planet to work, there’s no cutting the corner, we eat by the sweat of our brow, meaning we have to work hard to achieve our wants and needs. Real masculine men are hard working and they make no excuses about it. So get up off your ass and put your head down and start working right now! You have to.

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