“Your network is your net worth” just a few words spoken by famous author Tim Sanders but few that speak volumes. This is an aspect of your life as an alpha male that you should pay close attention to. Many people fall victim to the habit of “the crowd” and its way of life, like going to the club, smoking and drinking stuff they shouldn’t be smoking and drinking and sleeping around with multiple people. Your circle or group of friends is directly related to who you become as a person for the rest of your life, they can either make you very affluent or very poor. This is why I have decided to bring this blog to you guys because this is one that needs a lot of attention, so much so I might even do a part 2 to this blog. Anyways, without any more trivial discussion, allow me to present to you 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM ‘THE CROWD’ (99%ERS).

1.They stray further and further away from God

The truth is most men don’t have a sense of purpose, this can be simply be left up to the fact that they don’t have a spiritual connection with the most high therefore they don’t know their purpose. No I am not saying to hang out with a bunch of pastors and priests, I am not saying that by any stretch of the imagination. I’m simply saying that 99% of men don’t have a sense of purpose in this life therefore they walk around aimlessly, which leads to drifting. The easiest and quickest way to fail at everything is to drift around. You need to understand that especially as a man on this earth you have a God given purpose. People who do stuff that 99% of people do stray away from their God given role in this life hence they would never feel fulfilled. You need to surround yourself with men of purpose, men who have aspirations and goals who are working their ass off to get them. These are the kind of people who feel fulfilled when all is said and done because they have served their purpose. These are the kind of people that are filled with permanent love, joy and peace and not depression, pain and bitterness. These are the kind of people that don’t need any external substance or experience to feel at peace. These are the kind of people that win in life. This is the kind of person you can become if you stay away from the crowd and work on your relationship with God.

2.The blind leads the blind 

A lot of the people you idolize and look up to in the media or even in your personal life are simply doing the wrong thing. These people lack the vision and clarity themselves and are living life off of their own strength and understanding, hence they can only lead you into more destruction. For example famous rapper “NBA Youngboy”. In his music he portrays and conveys low vibrational messages such as violence and murder, sleeping around and giving your body to a bunch of females and abusing substances like pills and alcohol. This is a guy that has an influence over a lot of individuals in today’s society. His fan base is huge and you best believe that his followers are embodying the exact behaviors and habits he promotes through his music. This is sad guys and this is why you should stay away from ‘the crowd’ because they all promote and push these same low vibrational messages that they learn from their idols. On a subliminal level this ‘blind leading the blind’ concept is leading a mass amount of individuals to the path of destruction guys and you want to be aware of this. A part of being an Alpha male is being aware of all forms of agendas and indoctrinations that take place, as well as disconnecting yourself from them. You gotta see it guys.

3.Most people are weak

Due to the way men are conditioned and raised lately, strong masculine men rarely exist today. That’s right, there are only a few of us left. This is why you should disconnect yourself from the crowd by all means. Look around, look at all the men you know and tell me how many of them are physically strong and in shape, have their finances in order and not controlled by his lust? Exactly, not many, if any at all. This is simply because of this concept, 99% of men are weak. Weak spiritually, weak mentally and weak physically. Are these qualities you want to embody as a masculine alpha male? I’ll answer for you OF COURSE YOU DON’T. I can assure you if you connect yourself to the crowd however you will become exactly one of them and that will only be the beginning of the end for you. Instead embody powerful masculine energy, go to the gym, eat healthy, sleep well, govern your finances and practice semen retention. These are things that only 1% of men do and this is exactly why they are Alpha males. They detach themselves from the crowd, put in that work from within, lean on their own strength and dominate everything that they do. 

4.Wide is the path to destruction and narrow is the path to success

‘Wide is the path to destruction and narrow is the path to success’ this is one of the most profound laws of life and one that has never changed and never will change, let me explain why. You see things of pleasure; eating junk food, sleeping around with people, taking drugs and being financially unwise are the easy things to do. It’s the easy way out of life. It requires no discipline or consistency, no sacrifice, no commitment. These are things people often are afraid to face that’s why they run to all these substances and experiences to make them feel good about themselves. The reason why the path to destruction is so wide, it’s simply because the destructive things are easy to do and they make you feel good. Likewise the path to success is so narrow because the constructive things are extremely difficult to endure and they make you feel drained or fatigued. This is why 99% of your friends are the way they are because they, like many other individuals, opted for the easy, more destructive path. This shows exactly why you should stay away from the crowd and abstain from the things that they do.

5.Most people lack inspiration

Lack of inspiration is why people come home from their 9-5 job and choose to complain and be productive from 6-12. Lack of inspiration is why individuals stick at the job they hate just because “it pays the bills”. Lack of inspiration is why individuals look themselves in the mirror and get depressed because they hate the person they see and yet they still choose to do nothing about it. These are issues that 99% of people deal with today and these are things that can be avoided if you simply seek inspiration. Famous actor and celebrity Dwayne Johnson once said,”You don’t work 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You are not tired, you are uninspired.” These are words from a billionaire, which shows just how significant inspiration is. “Where can I find inspiration?” You may ask. I’ll start by saying you definitely can’t be inspired in the company of the uninspired (‘the crowd’). You can’t be inspired when you’re in an environment that promotes low value behavior like taking drugs or drinking alcohol, sleeping around with any and everyone, eating unhealthy foods, etc. You instead have to look within, pray to the most high, seek mentorship, read inspirational books or blogs like this one and lastly get to work. Guys this is 2021, knowledge and information is way too easily available for you to be sitting at home being uninspired and facing problems that ‘the crowd’ faces, BE INSPIRED. 

And that brings you to the end of this blog post, Once again I appreciate those who have read till the end and those who continue to support this website. As always if you feel that this piece helped you in any way, shape or form feel free to put it in the comment section. Also, share this with a family member or a close friend who you feel needs to hear this advice man and as always email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns and we will be more than willing to attend to them. Once again, thank you for reading until the end and God bless. Peace and love!