“Money can’t buy happiness” this is one of the most popular statements used by just about everyone, rich and poor, wise and stupid it doesn’t matter. This is a statement that contains some amount of truth to it, yes it’s true that money can fix all your problems on a physical level, it definitely can. You need money to do just about anything physically, from purchasing a comfortable home, to traveling the world to fulfil all your life’s desires, to keeping up with the latest entertainment devices. Just about anything physical that you can do or get to feel some sort of joy or satisfaction requires money. However, money can’t necessarily bring internal sustainable joy or self fulfillment. On a spiritual level there is nothing physical that can heal you or set you free, this is why you see many famous icons and celebrities committing suicide, doing drugs and going bankrupt. To the average person this may seem insane because these same celebrities have everything you can possibly think of they can “buy happiness” and that’s where you are wrong. That’s why I decided to bring this blog to you guys, to give you some perspective on exactly why materialistic things aren’t the end and why they can’t and won’t complete you on a holistic level. Allow me to present 5 REASONS WHY MATERIALISTIC THINGS WOULD NEVER BE ENOUGH.

1.The disease of wanting more

“You still got that iPhone 11? Bro the iPhone 12 just came out you definitely need to get it” or “Man you still got that PlayStation 4? Man the PS5 just dropped you missin out on life man”. I’m sure you guys heard questions like these at some point in your life. Something about these provoking questions trigger an internal desire to always update and keep ahead of the curve. It fuels your thoughts and makes you obsessed with getting the latest edition of that vehicle you own or those sneakers you rock. After getting those new items it won’t be long before those same questions come knocking on the door again, triggering your internal desires, causing you to will the latest items into existence, until those newer items become obsolete, and the cycle continues. This is what I like to call the disease of wanting more. This is called a disease because it is literally a destructive habit financially and spiritually, the truth is if your goal in life is to gain an abundance of materialistic things, you will never have enough. If you aim to make 1 million you will want to make 10 then 20 then 100 then 1 billion and so on. The truth is there is always going to be something better, newer and more developed and playing the game of wanting the latest materialistic items is a never ending one. A game of no start and no finish, a hamster wheel. The goal should never be to acquire materialism, this would never solve all your problems on a spiritual and internal level, I promise you.

2.These things are not from God

This is the most controversial point on this list and I can see some people turning a blind eye to this point but I need you to stick with me here. From vehicles to nice vacation resorts to expensive houses to “boujee” clothing and expensive jewelry, to money itself, are all things that we put value on. We put the value onto all of these 3rd dimensional things we pursue and desire to have today. The most high never gave us any of these things, he gave us peace, joy, love, nature, life and other sustainable elements to life on a primal level. Of course getting you the latest BMW or cashing out on a nice luxury home makes you feel gratified but these things can only do so much. On a primal level a Mercedes is just a vehicle to take you from point A to B, money is just a piece of paper and a PlayStation 5 is just a device used for entertainment purposes. The truth is these things are only so valuable and so desired because of the value we attached to them, we are the reason why there are vehicles and homes costing millions of dollars. So putting your value behind materials would never equate to self fulfillment because on a primal level, these things have no value. Instead value things that come from the most high like life, love, peace and nature. These things are what actually matter in life, these are the things we should put our energy into, these are things that would make us sustainably satisfied from within. Can money and other materialistic things be used to achieve these abstract valuables? Yes and that is what it should be used for. Materials and money shouldn’t be used for fulfillment directly, but it should be used as a tool to achieve things of real purpose and value.

3.Tangibile things have an expiry date

Materialistic things would never be enough because they all have a lifespan, in some shape or form. Your car is going to depreciate in value, your house’s architecture is going to become outdated, your smartphone is going to need to be upgraded. All these things have an expiry date and as much as you grow an emotional and sentimental attachment to these items, they have to go eventually. If you put your value and emotions into these things, when it goes it will leave with a piece of you, hence it would never be enough. It’s great to have a will to be better and achieve great things, it’s excellent in fact to do so but the true value to life lies behind things that are meaningful, things that are sustainable. Being able to spend quality time with your loved ones, being able to experience things that you always wanted to experience, being able to give back to the world, being peaceful and genuinely happy are all examples of things you should put your value and emotions into. Not some physical device or item, those things will cease to exist very soon.

4.Physical commodities can’t heal you from within

I often hear a lot of individuals saying things like “I need a lot of money to buy all the things I ever wanted and I will be healed and at peace, I will be happy”. But the truth is to be healed and at peace you have to do that from within, there’s no materialistic thing that you can think of, can genuinely heal you or set you free all by itself. I need you guys to understand that, yes you should have desires to achieve great things and become successful at whatever you want to do but to become the modern day Alpha you have to be able to be free and healed from all your adversities and traumas. Sadly these things can’t be achieved through just buying materialistic possessions, it doesn’t work like that. Instead grow a spiritual connection with your God, ask for healing and guidance from within. Practice gratitude, practice kindness, practice spreading love to your family and look within. Do the things that make you feel at peace from within. God lies within us, the spirit of Christ lies within us and through developing that spiritual inclination, that is the key to being healed and being at peace. Not materialistic things, I promise you guys.

5.Egoistic desires can be destructive 

There are two things that fuels your desires, your intuition (spiritual inclination) and your ego (bodily desires) and most times they both lead you along the right path. However, sometimes egotistical desires can become destructive to your health, your finances and your spirit. The ego makes you do or get into certain habits for the wrong reasons. Sadly the biggest contributor towards fueling the ego stems from materialism. You see people who are ego oriented will never find true happiness and peace because they are too busy stuck in their mindsets of pleasing other people, who half of the time really don’t care about whatever you flash or flex. This leads you into the weak mindset of seeking validation and needing the opinions of others to make you feel satisfied or fulfilled. This is probably the most Beta mindset you can fall into, it is one that shows lack of strength and assurance in who you are as a man, which screams weakness. Materialistic desires would never be enough because using it to fuel the ego will leave you empty and broken in the end. Instead kill the egoistic desires and focus on developing your spiritual inclination and do things that satisfy you on a spiritual level.

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