Formal education has become the new norm and it has become easier and easier to access over the years. So it’s a no brainer that the value of various degrees and certificates has significantly decreased over that said period so much so that we have people with degrees working entry level jobs and such, some of whom have to omit some of their qualifications just to acquire a job. With this being said, is spending precious and valuable years of your life studying for a degree program you don’t even like, not to mention putting you and/or your family in debt, worth it? I’ll say no, not really. Don’t get me wrong if you have a passion to become a doctor or a lawyer at a young age, by all means go right ahead and do that. But in 2021 and the way technology is advancing with the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, we are not certain that there will be a demand for some of these traditional occupations that our parents influenced us to be at a young age. So not only is the value of a degree decreasing but in a couple years time the occupation that you work so hard to get into, can become fully automated and you can get laid off, left with nothing but a certificate and empty pockets. With all that being said, yes formal education definitely is needed and serves a purpose in the development of your character and mentality, but what’s more important than pursuing tertiary education in today’s society, is learning an online high income skill. 

As an alpha male it’s all about adding value to the world and sadly going the traditional way doesn’t make you valuable anymore, because that’s what everyone is doing! You instead want to focus on becoming highly skilled in an area where there are limited professionals in that field. Notice I said online, I would explain the significance of having it online later on in this blog but if it’s one thing we learnt in recent times is that we must not take what we have for granted. This was reinforced by the pandemic, where we saw millions of people lose their jobs, were forced to work from home and students transitioned into online tuition. Now I’m not a prophet, but I have a strong, intuitive feeling that this is the direction the world is going and with the development of the internet and social media, it has opened a lot of opportunities for professionalism, careers and positions. For example, this blog you’re reading right now is a prime example of this. I do blogging for a living and this field is pretty lucrative if you play the game right. It is also very valuable because there are few people who are able to convey valuable pieces of information and narratives in a clear and concise manner, there are also few people who can build and design websites and there are also few people who can master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, all of which are some of the many abilities and skills needed to be a successful blogger. Which are each individually valuable as well. That’s one of the various online opportunities there are out there, that you can use to become a highly skilled person. Some of these also include, online consultants, coding, app developing, content creation, YouTubing, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, photo editing and design, e-commerce and the list goes on and on. There are plenty of opportunities in the online world and you shouldn’t limit yourself to formal and traditional things because you were told to do so. As an Alpha male, it is important to always be ahead of the curve and most definitely it is important to transition into the latest trends and opportunities that present themselves with technological advancements. As alpha males we focus on adding value to the world in exchange for commodities that we can use to better our financial and physical conditions. So with all that being said we went ahead and compiled 5 REASONS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE AN ONLINE HIGH PAYING SKILL. 

1.Gives you a command of income

This comes in at number 1 on this list because this is probably the most alpha point here. Guys you need to be in control of all aspects of your life, we’ve been saying this since this website started. One main aspect of being in control of the financial side of your life is having a command of income. What this means is that you can use your value and skill set to get up and produce a good or service at any given time of day to generate revenue for yourself. This is important for the modern day alpha, as it is pivotal now more than ever to always have cash flow due to various economic and financial demands. Having a command of income means that you don’t have to wait on the 28th to fill up your fridge with groceries, or pay the rent after being threatened two or three times, or resubscribe to Netflix to watch your favorite TV show. With a command of income you have the luxury of being able to make a purchase or an investment at any given time of the month, so no longer have to deal with stupid inconveniences like your boss messing up your bank account number or the bank bouncing your paycheck a couple times before you can finally have some cash flow to your name. With a command of income, if you feel like taking a day and gather your family to eat the night out on a random Tuesday evening in the middle of the month, you can. This is made possible because YOU have complete control of YOUR cash inflows. 

2.Serves as a form of security 

In some cases you might be left off to some unfortunate circumstances like you losing your job, or your business suffering a series of losses. These things can happen, you’re not invincible (red pill truth). In cases like these the alpha would be just fine because he knows that he has a skill that can cover him through these periods of adversity until he gets back on his feet. The beta however probably doesn’t have an online high income skill and lacks the foresight that he must prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Instead he gets defeated by the adversity and complains and whines about it, showing more and more signs of weakness. There’s no question who you’d rather be out of the two I just mentioned and this concept justifies exactly that. When you’re a man of value, there is no unfortunate event that can stop you from feeding your family and providing for them. As alphas we are calculated, wise and aware and we have the vision to invest in ourselves and our skill set so that we are secured if hard times hit. It’s about time all you men start taking responsibility and stop making excuses for y’all selves.

3.Can be scaled massively 

There are literally thousands of examples worldwide of self made millionaires who made a fortune for themselves, using one of the online skills I mentioned earlier in the blog. Scaling is the process of multiplying your good or service to fulfill the wants or needs of consumers. Upscaling is a habit that I advise all online professionals to get into, it’s a way of spreading your profession to multiple individuals at a time, it can also generate a lot of income passively. For example, being an in gym fitness trainer is trading your time for money but building a fitness brand and selling courses or books on fitness is an example of upscaling. With this example you can easily notice that these digital goods and services don’t even require you to be there in the flesh to teach the information to your clients, instead you are providing that content for them through online platforms and they pay you in turn for that added value. This is a prime example of passive income, you can literally be gaining income in your sleep. Scaling your expertises to bigger audiences through social media and/or websites is a habit of the new rich and one of the requirements to be financially free. Upscaling can not only make you a lot of money, but save you a lot of time as well, time that you can use to invest into other endeavors.

4.Generate revenue for other income streams 

The beauty of having a valuable online skill is that you can generate mass amounts of revenue, which you can use to venture into other income streams, like the stock market or real estate. Many of the online skills I mentioned earlier are in high demand as well, for example SEO marketing, this is literally used to direct customers to company websites or websites in general. This is a unique skill that requires time to perfect since the internet is so broad and most entrepreneurs or other individuals who may have a website cannot begin to understand this concept. Hence they pay big money for it as this is a way to massively increase traffic to their website and in turn revenue. The high proceeds that you receive from these endeavors can now be used to start up a retail business or whatever it is you’re really interested in. This is a great benefit because like most things, money compounds and you can always find a way to multiply the proceeds through other investments.

5.Makes you a valuable individual 

There isn’t anything more alpha than a high value male. Yeah you can have a great physique, a beard, confidence and swagger for a million people, all that is alpha but you see a man of value, that’s a trump card! Being valuable is something all men should aspire to be, as it is the pinnacle of alpha male and red pill theory. Both men and women respect a high value male, this is a gift that is admired by many but owned by very few. What makes this so special is that a high value male assumes his God give role as the leader, protector and provider of the household and on a primal level this is all we aspire to be. “What makes you high value?” You may ask, welllll many things actually, some include having a command of income, being financially free, having an abundance of anything, having high social status, having a sense of purpose, being spiritually inclined, etc. High value males can use their status to achieve basically anything they want out of life. Recent example, YouTube sensation Logan Paul was given the opportunity to box one of the greatest professional boxers of all time in Floyd Mayweather in a professional boxing match. This isn’t because Logan is, by any stretch of the imagination, a great boxer, I reckon he will get his ass beaten by Floyd in the first round in fact. But this opportunity was only made because Logan Paul is a high value male and he unlocked the opportunity to do just what he wanted to do, which was box the best boxer in the game. I gave you this example to show you that the sky’s the limit when you’re a high value male and having an online high income skill is essential to this ability.

And that brings you to the end of this blog, thanks once again for reading all the way to the end of this blog, it comes with great pleasure to bring these types of information to you and to share my perspective with you. As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know your thoughts and feelings about this blog, let’s have a conversation. Feel free to share this blog with a close friend or a family member who needs to hear this is well. As always I hoped this one added some much needed value to you and it comes with great pleasure to be a part of your journey to success. Once again, thanks for reading, signing out. Peace and love!