In a society where the roles have reversed, where women are adopting more and more masculine roles. Men today have long forgotten what are good qualities for themselves.

It‘s written all over the Bible and it’s no secret that the Most High wants us to embody certain characteristics and roles to lead our women and fellow young men.

It’s also no secret that there is a great demand for positive masculinity in a world where men are so feminine. Men often whine and complain about the bad behavior of women today but what we need to understand is that it starts with us.


As I mentioned before, many of the chaotic practices that happen within intersexual dynamics all starts with us as men. Platforms like ‘OnlyFans’ and ‘Pornhub’ wouldn’t exist if we as men learned to master our lust and stop rewarding bad behavior from women.

What we can’t do is condemn women for taking advantage of our low value behavior. If men weren’t enabling women to sell their bodies on these platforms, there wouldn’t be a market for these types of women to profit off of. It starts with us.

I need you guys to understand that we must first take accountability for enabling our loved ones to stray. We are the leaders so we must be the ones to give account for our ‘disciples’ for the lack of a better word. 


There seems to be a lack of understanding in our roles as men, especially in the red pill community. Men often shame women for having provisioning demands of them in the dating market using terms like ‘gold digger’ and ‘leach’.

This clearly shows a lack of understanding of our masculine roles as men on a spiritual level. For my guys that don’t know it is in our role to protect and provide for our loved ones. So it’s in a woman’s right to demand this of you.

In fact in 1 Timothy 5:8 it says, if a man does not provide for his relatives, especially for members of his household he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 

This verse emphasizes how essential it is that a man adhere to his masculine role in the eyes of the most high. As an alpha male it’s absolutely mandatory that you provide for your household, it’s not ‘beta’ in any way to provide for your family.

In fact, providing for your household puts you in a position of leadership and masculinity. This in turn puts your woman in a feminine state, which creates the polarity a relationship requires to thrive.


I want to first preface this by saying, these are not the only good qualities in a man, there are much much more. These are just the 5 that we deemed the most important in your manhood quest.

In this article, not only am I going to list what exact qualities are required to become a strong, stable and masculine man.

I am also going to show why the most high requires these traits of you to lead his people in the right direction.

So without further delay I present to you guys, 5 GOOD QUALITIES IN A MAN.


Discipline is a virtue. It enables us to be consistent, to stick to long strenuous tasks and most importantly, separate business from emotion.

This is important for us as men, because we need to get over how we feel about doing things. It doesn’t matter how we feel about a particular task, if it needs to be done it must be done. This is a stoic characteristic.

Discipline enables us to have a high and consistent work ethic, which all leads to rewards in the long run. These rewards should then be used to provide for ourselves and loved ones, as instructed by the most high.


God created man first! And this wasn’t a mistake. This was very deliberate, the Most High has intended for us to lead, build and guide the world he built.

One of the most attractive characteristics of a man to women is leadership. As seen in this article from the artofcharm.com, women want men who can take charge, make decisions and get things done.

This is because women are attracted to primal characteristics that traditional men possess. There’s no cutting the corner fellas, society, your woman and your family requires you to lead them to success.

3.Emotional Intelligence 

In Stoic philosophy, one of its key principles focuses on emotional intelligence. I believe this is a trait of the good man.

The philosophy often mentions the fact that as a stoic, you have no control over what goes on in the external world. What you have control over however, is how it affects you. This control is referred to as emotional intelligence.

The ability to appropriately and rationally choose when to react and how to react to a given situation, is one of the many good qualities a man can embody.


One of the many good qualities a man can adopt is responsibility. Remember earlier I said as men we are to be responsible for ourselves and loved ones.

This is because the Most High placed us with the leadership burden from birth, remember he created us first. So with this great authority comes great responsibility as the old saying goes.

Your community, your family and your damn self requires responsibility out of you as a man. So tighten up and stop blaming everyone for everything that you have control over.


The fifth good quality you can adopt as a man is strength. And no this isn’t just subject to physical strength. Though this is just as important because it’s in your masculine role to protect your loved ones. So physicality is necessary in the event that you have to scrap it out with a predator.

Primarily though, one of the good qualities you can have as a man is mental strength. This mental strength creates a resilience that makes you unstoppable. No naysayer, no pessimist or doubter can throw you off your purpose when you’re mentally strong.

As men in society, we experience a lot of adversity, adversity that can shatter us emotionally and spiritually. Hence it’s important that us men develop the right tools to combat said conditions, to in turn kick life’s ass. 


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