Today we will be talking about NoFap. Pornography has became one one of the biggest weakness and limitations men face today. So many guys are often enslaved or caught in a trap by their very own lust. Engaging in PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasming) men today are not only stripping away their own dignity but their own life force that the most high has placed into us as men. Your seed holds a lot of value as a man and one of the most low value practices you can partake in is spilling your semen to two other individuals having intercourse behind a screen. Not only does this low value act of masturbation emasculate you it strips you of that very substance that makes us men. This is a problem that many men face today, according to a study done by fatherly.com about 70% of men consume pornography at a highly active rate.


The feeling of ejaculation is probably one of the most addictive sensations to mankind. I believe the Most High made it this way to entice or enable us to spread our seed to populate the earth and essentially allow for the human race to thrive. So as you can see, the act of releasing your seed or ejaculating is actually not a bad thing in it’s core function. It becomes destructive when we use it for pleasure rather than purpose (procreation in this case). Prior to modern civilization though, if a man wanted to release his seed he would’ve had to build himself physically, be an excellent hunter and protector and be an alpha male in order to attract a woman in order for him to have sex to in turn ejaculate. 

So in other words it required some form of work and development to ejaculate, even if it’s not a purpose driven release. Due to the introduction of pornography though, it has become push button to experience this chemical and emotional climax at a very active rate. There is no longer any need for delayed gratification, self improvement and hard work to experience this feeling. This is why this has become so addictive. You see on a biological level, post pornography, you would’ve had to undertake a series of practices that mentally prepare you for the extreme release of dopamine that comes with ejaculation. For example, getting in shape, killing an animal to feed your family and maybe climbing a tree for materials to make a shelter. These are all activities that not only made you more attractive and masculine at the time but with each activity came smaller dopamine releases and feelings of satisfaction. This ultimately makes the brain feel worthy of the mass dopamine release that men often experience soon after these practices. What makes pornography and masturbation so addictive is not necessarily the women or the ejaculation itself, but the sensation that comes with the mass release of dopamine. Not to mention it’s an unearned release as you don’t have to hunt, fight nor climb but instead lock your bedroom door and handle your business. 


According to healthline.com, the sexual inactivity among young men (18-25) has reported double the sexual inactivity rate in 2018 in comparison to the early 2000s. This insane stat we reckon has probably increased drastically in today’s world, due to the pandemic and other contributing factors. Men today are also reporting more rates of single relationship status than ever before. We believe that THE biggest contributing factors towards these concerning statistics and phenomenons is indeed pornography. When you do weird stuff like look at two other individuals banging on the computer screen and get off to it, it subconsciously sends a signal to the brain that you are indeed sexually active. That in turn puts your brain in a mode of complacency, as your primal function of a human is to reproduce. So it logically makes sense that as long as you’re releasing, your animalistic purpose is fulfilled right? 

Due to this complacency and tendency to masturbate instead of going out in the dating field and experiencing the real thing, this puts sex on an unattainable pedestal. Watching practicing PMO on a consistent basis subconsciously programs the brain to believe that sex is not attainable and ejactulation can only occur once that individual touches himself. This is mainly why men are reporting such high levels of sexual inactivity.


So I broke down exactly why engaging in PMO is the most destructive thing you can partake in as a man. I also discussed why exactly is PMO so addicting and I broke down how watching pornography is linked to sexual inactivity. Now it’s time to discuss the main aim of this article, which is to discuss ‘NoFap’. NoFap is basically a popular challenge in the manosphere where men are challenged to not masturbate and release to any form of pornographic material. This is often a step towards self improvement, as sexual transmutation is a powerful virtue that men can use to their advantage. This also exercises a man’s ability to control his lust and think clearly, which is a spiritual practice in itself. Quitting porn is ultimately the best decision a man can make, at least in my opinion. With that being said I present to you 5 IMPORTANT BENEFITS OF NOFAP.

1.Dopamine Detox

This is a societal problem, the advancement of mankind has made it possible that all the pleasurable things of life can be achieved without any or little physical and mental investment. Think about how easy it is to consume food nowadays, we no longer have to prepare it or even make a trip for the food itself with companies like UberEats, instant gratification at its finest. With pornography it’s no different, the investment to receive this dopamine high that comes with an ejacutory experience is nonexistent. It is free to consume content off of these dirty websites and due to this something that once required a lot of investment and delayed gratification has become just another cheap thrill. This in turn gets your brain accustomed to these high releases of dopamine which makes it very difficult to find pleasure in activities that give you lower dopamine releases. NoFap, however, allows for you to detox your brain from all these undeserving dopamine releases. 

2.More Time

On this website, you often hear us preach the narrative of time being the most valuable and prized asset we have as human beings. NoFap inherently saves us a lot of time, as practicing PMO can’t be quite time consuming. Due to its addictive nature the urge to bust a nut often occurs multiple times a day and if you are to act on these urges, you run the risk of wasting valuable time. There are men out there who sit for hours on end behind a computer screen touching themselves for pleasure. Not only is this low value but it’s not a good investment of our time. When you partake in NoFap you find that you’ll have more time that you can now spend on self improving activities. These activities include getting in shape, building a second income stream, praying, working overtime, spending time with your homies and the list goes on. All of these self serving activities can now be fitted into your schedule due to the practice of NoFap. 

3.Sense of Purpose

Guys it’s all spiritual, the feeling of guilt, shame and worthlessness that occurs after a PMO session is very much deliberate. This is the conviction that the Most High has placed in all of us, so that it allows for us to refrain from partaking in such low value, low vibrational activities. NoFap however allows for quite the opposite, simply because you are engaging in a high vibrational practice. In case you don’t know, God rewards certain practices of the flesh such as fasting and abstaining from earthly pleasures. From experience, one of the most rewarding aspects from NoFap and semen retention is getting a sense of purpose. The Most High fills you up with this inner confidence and self sufficiency that propels you into the direction of your God given purpose. Understand that the main obstacle between a man and his purpose is often his lust, and NoFap helps combat this. 

4.Stronger Connection With God

NoFap subconsciously makes you start valuing one of the most significant elements of a masculine man that the Most High has put in you. That element is your semen, your life force. The sooner you guys understand that, what’s in your sack is the potential life, mind and soul of another human being who God has a plan for, the sooner you’ll understand just how low value it is to spill it behind a computer screen. NoFap usually leads to semen retention which is a huge spiritual practice in which many men build and develop their relationship with God. A combination of retaining your seed and prayer can work wonders in your spiritual life and direct you along your God given path. Your seed has power gentlemen, start treating it as such.

5.Enables You To Go Out And Mate

Remember earlier I mentioned that PMO subconsciously puts sex on an unattainable pedestal? Right, NoFap does quite the opposite, it instead enables you to go out and become a man worth having sex with. Remember the sexual urge is the strongest urge a man faces on a day to day basis. Because of NoFap however, you can’t satisfy these urges the cheap and easy way in the form of a PMO. You instead have to put in the work mentally, physically and spiritually to attract a beautiful woman you can vet and eventually sleep with. Notice how much effort and work it requires to get a nut off when you’re practicing NoFap right? Exactly this puts you in a healthy state of mind. It enables you to understand that if you want to have a highly pleasing experience, you have to put in the work to then be rewarded with such experience.


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