3 Reasons why Alpha males prioritize their purpose.

Guys, this topic is a serious one that has been going on in the community a while now and I’ve been trying not to comment on it. But the more I see it occur the more I get the urge to talk about it and of course you may have guessed it, I have succumbed to that urge. The problem today is that men simply aim to put females and friends over their purpose in today’s society and that’s a problem my fellow readers know I talk about on this website. I wrote about this in glimpses before but I finally decided that I am going to bring this one to you guys properly because I know it will help someone out there. I’ll try to keep this one as brief as possible so sit back, get comfortable and allow me to explain 3 Reasons why Alpha males prioritize their purpose. 


Let’s get this straight, no one is born alpha. No one is born with a great physique. No one is born with all the wisdom and knowledge about how life works. These are all acquired traits that make up the Alpha. So a reason why Alphas prioritize their purpose and why you should too is because you should always aim to better yourself as a man. As I mentioned no man is born in control and on top of every aspect of his life, they all get there through years of relentlessly pursuing their goals and purpose in life. By putting your goals at the front of your mind and setting high standards for yourself, as you progress through each goal you’ll realize that you improve a little more and more as you keep progressing. You’ll get a little more confidence, put on a bit more muscle, make a bit more income for yourself. You might attract a beautiful woman, the list goes on. Every single man reading this blog right now, I don’t care if you’re in your junior year in high school or you’re 45 years old, you should always aim to improve yourself! When you don’t improve you get comfortable and comfort is stagnancy and stagnancy is mediocrity and mediocrity is Beta. Keep improving kings, c’mon!


There is NOTHING more unstoppable or powerful than a man on his mission in life and I mean nothing! Men who focus on trivial stuff like celebrities, sports or women are weak men and society and people in general simply don’t respect them. It’s hard being a man because society expects so much from us and our family wants us to do this and our spouse wants us to do that. I’m going to tell you right now, forget all of that, forget what mom wants you to do. Focus on YOU and what YOU want out of this life. Focus on what God put you on this planet to do. You would see those same people who were telling you to go elsewhere would respect you, trust me, I’ve been there before. As a man you need to develop almost a mental block from other people when it comes to your purpose and stay locked in on exactly that, keep your vision tunneled at all times and everyone around you would respect you. This is because you stand for something and you are not willing to bend or twist that for anybody. That’s admirable and that’s what most men can’t do today, because most men are weak, that’s why men often get disrespected in society today. Respect is earned my brother, keep focused on your purpose.


One of the biggest, if not the single BIGGEST distraction that pulls men off course today is women. I really don’t understand this to this day, I think it’s because some of you just don’t understand basic female nature. What red pill Alphas understand is that females are individuals looking for someone strong and sturdy to latch on to and to support. A lot of you out there don’t even have your own empire and your own things together but you run out there chasing females and running after them, putting them on this big pedestal when they in their primal state should be and would be chasing us once we have our purpose in order. What you need to understand is as a man, your God given role is to provide and protect your family. This is a concept that all red pill Alphas understand to the T. You see once you focus on yourself and your purpose, you build a great healthy physique, you establish a business or some high return income streams, you have a nice house and a luxury vehicle and you are walking your purpose on this earth every single day. Then she would chase you, no matter what. In a woman’s primal state she craves and desires a man who has his stuff in a gear and is achieving his purpose. You see how backward some of you guys operate now right? Lol. Focus on yourself and your purpose in this life and any female you want, would come after you, I guarantee that.

That brings you to the end of this blog, I really wanted to get this quick one out to you guys. I really see some of my brothers being misled by some of this blue pill propaganda that goes around in the media. I hope I add some value to you guys life with this one and I thank you for reading until the end. Feel free to leave a comment letting us know how you feel or email us if you have any questions or concerns. Peace and love!!