Many men in today’s society aspire to have “six pack abs” and the “v-taper” physique that makes you look like a dominant, masculine man. This is good, great in fact, however one who aspires to have such a physique must understand that there are 3 fundamental things to build that jaw dropping body. 

Of course, there are more aspects to this and it can and most definitely will be broken down further in future blogs, but for the sake of this particular post I will simplify the process into three major aspects. Here are, three things men MUST do to build a desirable physique:



Coming in at number one on this list is diet. This should be seen as no surprise because the idea of building muscle/ burning fat requires key nutritional practices to attain the results you desire. Let me explain, if you are someone who is overweight and you aim to cut down on some body fat, you need to firstly understand that you should be consuming at a caloric deficit. This simply means that you intake less calories than you burn. So if you intake a lunch meal consisting of 900 calories, in exercise or physical activity you should aim to burn upwards of 900 calories, in fact you should attempt to burn in excess of 100 more calories than you take in.

Likewise if you are someone who is underweight and you aim to put on some more muscle mass then you should consume at a caloric surplus. Obviously meaning that you should intake more than you burn out. Using the same example if you consume a meal consisting of 900 calories then the amount you burn should be a lot less than that mark, I’ll say 700-750 calories. For the record these numbers aren’t realistic, they were just used theoretically. So in a nutshell if you aim to gain weight, increase your caloric intake as much as possible and try to limit the amount of calories you burn and if you aim to lose weight, do the opposite.

“So you’re saying you can eat anything you want??!” You may ask and the answer is of course not! Which brings me to my second point in this aspect, NUTRITION. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight you should, at all costs!! avoid foods high in trans-fats like cookies, cakes, margarine, pies ,etc. all forms of junk foods like chips, fries, pizza and fried chicken. These types of foods are not healthy for you in any way shape or form and they lead to many physiological diseases in the long run. Quick stat, according to www.cdc.gov, around 805,000 Americans have a heart attack annually, you don’t want to be one of those people, so stay healthy. 

“So what do I eat then, that seems to be just about everything there is to eat!?” False, there are actually many healthy foods that you can substitute for all of the above mentioned disease-causing foods such as fruits and vegetables, brown rice, lean meat and fish (if you are not vegan), beans and peas, ground provisions, eggs, nuts, milk, yogurt, the list goes on. Focus on maintaining a healthy diet contrary to what mainstream media promotes.

Ensuring that you eat the right macronutrients based on your physique goals is extremely essential for example if you aim to lose weight you should lower your carbs intake and increase your protein and maintain an even lower fat intake. Excess carbohydrates would be stored in your body and if they aren’t burnt quickly enough can cause weight-gain hence if aspiring to lose weight you should limit your carbs intake. .

Likewise if you are trying to gain weight, you should maintain a high protein intake as well as increase your carbs while maintaining a low fat intake. As mentioned above this excess intake is quite good if you aim to achieve weight gain since the excess of stored carbs causes weight gain.

That covers the basics of dieting in relation to building your ideal physique.


That’s right! You guessed it, the second point is exercise. I would keep this point as brief as possible as I intend to go a lot more in depth with this topic in my blogging series to come (look out for those by the way). 

What you need to understand is that to build a great physique and a lean body you don’t need to spend 2 hours in the gym, you don’t need all the expensive training plans and professional fitness coaches, no, you don’t need it, of course such things are a benefit towards achieving the physique you desire but to build lean muscle is quite simple when it comes to training and exercise. I like to break it down into three steps:

  1. Create a simple and easy to follow routine
  2. Stay consistent!
  3. Incorporate progression in your exercises

Let’s break these down, so first, Creating a routine. Creating a routine is simple, you don’t need to incorporate any advanced exercises or techniques initially, you just need to ensure that you schedule weekly activities frequently to match the specific results you desire. Your plan should consist of exercises that hit each muscle group (upper and lower body) twice a week, that’s just 4 days of exercising per week. In your plan you should want to space the exercises out with adequate rest periods to give your muscles the required rest time it needs to recover properly. 

Secondly you want to STAY CONSISTENT. This is easier said than done, trust me on this I know from personal experience as well staying committed to exercising and being fit is extremely difficult BUT not impossible. All it takes is a bit of will power, motivation and desire to stay consistent to your goals. One of the things we aim to teach on this website is that to see results you have to stay committed to anything you do, and I mean anything! In life there is never a “quick fix” there is always discipline, desire and hard work that leads to the results that you need and this is one of the many abilities you ought to have to become an ALPHA! Quick word of advice, whenever you feel like giving up, or you feel like today isn’t your day, ALWAYS remember why you started in the first place and reminisce back to the day you first started, that fire you had, that energy, that passion. I guarantee you, 9 times out of 10 that reflection would rekindle that flame. 

And lastly you want to incorporate progression in your exercises. Let me tell you something and this goes for everything in life as well, you can’t level up or get better than something if you don’t progress from where you were yesterday, read that again. With fitness the key to keep improving, getting stronger, more endurance, fitter you have to incorporate variances, increase reps and move up from beginner exercises to intermediate and so on. If this week for example, you can only do 10 push-ups, 20 squats and 30 sit-ups, next week you should aim to do 15, 25 and 35 respectively. This is how you get better, by progressively overloading your workouts and never allowing your body to get used to the exercises because comfort is stagnancy. 

By following these ESSENTIAL steps in setting up your plan you WILL crush your fitness goals. I look forward to hearing good feedback from you.


Rest is essential. Although it might seem like resting is a bad thing it’s actually quite the opposite. When you exercise what happens is that you get micro tears in the specific muscle that you target and it breaks down, with good diet, the nutrients ingested repairs and builds the micro tears formed and that leads to bigger and stronger muscles. Resting is an essential part of this process as you have to give your muscles time to recover from the fatigue and soreness caused from your killer workouts, cool how the body just replenishes itself if you allow it to huh? 

When I say rest I don’t just mean give your muscles time away from the gym but I mean sleep as well. That’s right, get your full 8 hours of sleep, this gives your body ample time to do its thing in repairing the micro tears you developed during exercising. Interestingly enough a lack of sleep can cause the recovery process to be prolonged and that ultimately means even more time away from the gym and that means getting less work done and less work done leads to inconsistency and inconsistency leads to lack of results and lack of results lead to-, do you see where I’m going with this? Sleep properly bro.

Lastly the lack of rest runs the risk of injuries. Injuries can be saddening at times, you have to take time off and see your progress slowly fade away due to the lack of activity of the injured muscle. That atrophied muscle discourages you from even picking back up after you recover from injury. Coming from a guy who was victimized by not resting properly, I was forced to sit out of the gym in my early fitness days since I was over eager to get under the bar when I wasn’t ready for it recovery wise. To avoid being sidelined for a couple of months and risking the possibility of consistency, just get your rest bro, 1 or 2 days rest won’t kill I promise you.

And that brings you to the end of this blog, I hope it was very informative and I hope that you learned a thing or two or that I motivated you to continue doing what you know. I appreciate those who made it to the end of the blog and those who didn’t, they’re not reading right now but I appreciate you still nonetheless, for taking time out of your day to read my post, it means a whole lot.

Look out for more blogs about Health and Fitness, Spirituality and Finance and Entrepreneurship in more blogs to come. Stay Alpha!