Holistic self improvement is a journey any and every man should partake in. If you want to understand exactly how to be a high value man, you would have to undertake some kind of self improvement process. Unfortunately, a man’s value is measured by the amount of money and/or status he offers. What really separates you from the ‘99%’ is ultimately your value. The higher your value, the better obviously. Though I believe becoming a high value man is more of a mindset than physical commodities, one’s finances and/or status is often the determining factor. As you guys know, we here at Red Pill Tactics aim to turn boys into men, high value men in fact . That essentially involves being in control of all aspects of your life, your health and fitness, your finances and of course your spiritual life (which includes dating and mindset). What it takes to become a high value man is actually quite simple. You simply have to become the best version of yourself. 


As I mentioned before, if you want to know how to become a high value man, you have to understand this simple thing. Being high value is not just about finances and status! Let me break that down, you see guys, there are a lot of men who think being rich is the end. Like some guys think you can acquire all the materialistic possessions in the world and that will fill all their insecurities. That’s not the case, money will only bring temporary fixes to these types of issues. If you truly want to be a high value man, you must fix within first. You must be confident in your own skin, you must be humble and respectful and you must have an abundance mindset. What ultimately makes you low value is scarcity, the fair of running out of something. That fear is one of the biggest limitations that men face today, which stops them from being high value men. You best believe, if Elon Musk has a scarcity mindset, (which is impossible but theoretically speaking) he is indeed low value. 


CONFIDENCE! is a word you see us repeat over and over on this blog and this is so key. Guys I can’t kid you, the key to an abundance mindset is to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You can’t seek this elsewhere I promise, it comes from within. When you are confident in your ability to add value to the market, to get women, to make money and to get stronger physically, you are in abundance. This makes you a high value man. So that’s right, the key to this thing is confidence. Confidence enables you to do great things and change the world, confidence allows for you to level up in life. Confidence… is the single most important trait in a man’s life. This is the key to becoming a high value man.


As you guys already know, it’s in our best interest to help you become the best version of men you can be. Men that are confident, strong and masculine. We discussed the importance of an abundance mindset and confidence and how they coexist in the formula of becoming a high value man. The good thing about this is that literally, and I repeat, LITERALLY any man can become high value. Self improvement has made it possible that all men can gain the abundance mindset and confidence through acts of self improvement. By constantly expanding your comfort zone, doing the “hard” stuff in life and staying consistent in productive activity, any man can improve significantly. Now I know some of you guys don’t know where exactly to start but don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We went ahead and compiled a list of 10 SELF IMPROVEMENT METHODS YOU CAN PRACTICE TO BECOME HIGH VALUE. 

1.Hit The Gym

Don’t you guys get sick and tired of us telling you to get in the gym all the damn time? Because we sure are. Fellas, I’ll keep it straight with you guys, if you’re fat, out of shape and visually unhealthy, nobody is going to take you seriously. Hell you can’t even take your damn self seriously. Like how are you going to convince yourself that you are a high value man, when you look in the mirror and see a wet bag of sand looking right back at you. If you want to feel good, you have to look good and this concept directly correlates with confidence. You simply have to get in shape if you want to think of becoming a high value man. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline and consistency to build a good physique and these are traits of the high value man.

2.Read Self Improvement Books

Empowerment is key when it comes to kick starting your high value journey. There are many individuals in the world who walked the same or similar path to you. Fortunately we live in a time where lots of these icons wrote books, documenting their experience of becoming a high value man. These books are also easily accessible as well, which makes it so desirable. Guys as you know I am an advocate of seeking inspiration through mentorship or anything along those lines. Famous books like, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Way of The Superior Man and The 48 Laws of Power to name a few, are filled with inspiring content that motivate you and guide you towards becoming a high value man. One of the principles in above mentioned, Think and Grow Rich is, ‘Riches and Wealth starts in the mind’. This is one that resonates with me so dearly and it has definitely inspired me to pursue my purpose. Practice reading self improvement books daily, try finishing a book per month and watch your perspective grow and expand before your eyes. 

3.Practice Semen Retention 

Semen retention is single handedly the most powerful tool as a man. This is because it is so difficult to master. Before you guys start going off in the comments, allow me to explain exactly why this is so key. You must understand, on a primal level we men were placed here to spread our seed and continue the life of our species. In our true animalistic nature, we are here to simply reproduce. With the advancements of mind kind however and the development of social media etc, we now live in the most lustful period ever. The program us men to be ruled by our lust and sexual urges through mainstream media, television and music. People are rewarded for being promiscuous and sexually immoral in today’s society. 

So what does this say? It is now more difficult to control lustful desires than ever before and it’s too costly to not be aware of how powerful your seed is as a man. Guys you have to value your seed, this has the power to create a life, a soul. The Most High equipped us with this seed to procreate, to spill it needlessly for sexual pleasure. Mastering your lust gives you the ability to transmute that energy into improving yourself on a spiritual, physical and mental level. This is made possible due to the new found discipline and resilience, physical energy and strength and ability to abstain from things of the flesh. The Most High rewards men who have this sexual discipline, to delay that gratification. Guys this is something that 99% of men can’t do, so if you can go months without releasing your seed while building your empire, you are no longer ruled and driven by lust, you are no longer able to be manipulated through sex, you are indeed a high value man.

4.Follow a Diet/ Cut Back on Junk

On your journey to becoming a man of high value, you must prioritize your health. This requires some serious investment in yourself. I know the Wendy’s and the McDonald’s are good guys but is it really worth compromising your health. I know you’ve seen this stat on this blog before but I’ll keep reiterating this until you guys are consciously aware of the garbage you put in your body on a regular basis. In 2016 48% of adults in the US suffered from cardiovascular diseases. This is the number one cause of global deaths btw. These alarming numbers show that you cannot slack with your health fellas, prioritize it. You should follow a healthy diet that helps you get leaner, healthier and sexier. These are things that 99% of men are not willing to do, so if you can stick to a diet and battle your urges to eat junk food, you are indeed a high value man.

5.Drink More Water

Something as simple as drinking lots of water can change your life for the better, I’m not even joking. Lot’s of lifestyle diseases can be avoided if you simply substitute soda for water, like diabetes and hypertension. In relation to self improvement, water is super essential as being properly hydrated throughout the day, increases energy levels and suppresses appetite. This level of energy can be then used to put more time and effort into your purpose and business. Water also flush your digestive tracts which makes it so much easier to digest food and excrete waste as well. Which are all health problems you should always aim to avoid, especially being a high value man. Like how embarrassing is that, to be a man of high value, and constipated at a young age because you don’t drink enough water. About half of adults don’t drink enough water in the US. 

That’s right, drinking enough water puts you in a position of value health wise. Simply because most people aren’t willing to do it. 

6.Follow a Routine 

A high value man understands that time is his most valuable resource. Yep, not money, not gold, not oil, none of that. Time is finite, the other listed commodities can be easily restored. But that time you wasted chasing women when you could’ve been working on your business, you can’t get it back. This is a concept a high value man lives by. If you want to be of value, you have to start by valuing your time. You must account for every single minute of your time, everything must be calculated. How do you do that, well you have to create a schedule. This schedule must be a day to day routined layout, showing exactly how you spend your time and what you spend it doing. This method has increased productivity a whole lot for me guys, I can’t even begin to explain. I work 12 hours every day , 7 days a week. Building a schedule has allowed me to allot my working hours in 4, 3 hour intervals. Seeing this in a clear and concise format has allowed me to triple my productivity and output. This is essentially how I get so many blogs out, so frequently. It’s because I manage my time. Again, common theme, this is something that most men are not able to do. So coming up with a routine and sticking to it instantly makes you high value.

7.Work On a Goal/ Side Hustle

If you’re a man reading this blog right now and you don’t have your purpose figured out, some income stream or business goals set, what are you doing bro? I’ve noticed a common theme in the red pill community as of recently. You guys are only redpill when it comes to women and that’s sad bro. And guess what, you’re going to struggle with women just as much as a ‘blue pill’ guy if you don’t have your finances in order. If you want to be a high value man, you need to buckle down and work relentlessly on your goals and aspirations. You can’t call yourself an alpha male if you don’t have a command of income, don’t have a purpose or don’t have some goals to work towards. The high value man is rich because he prioritizes his purpose and his finances. This financial journey then equipped him with the confidence and the abundance mindset required, to be high value. So what are you waiting on? Get your head down and put in the work, and stop chasing tail all day.

8.Manage Your Finances

All high value men manage their finances. If you want to become high value, you have to at least conceptualize some form of financial literacy. Though I know this isn’t a finance blog, you have to grasp this concept to transcend the boundaries of an average man. There’s a renowned Proverb that goes along the lines of, ‘A fool and his money soon depart’ and this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is indeed way too expensive to be ignorant, especially when it comes to money. Financial illiteracy can cost you drastically in the long run. That’s why we here at the Red Pill Tactics team, always advise that you seek financial knowledge and practice monetary discipline. Though there are many constructive financial habits you can make, as mentioned on the entrepreneurship section of this blog, the most powerful one to master is delayed gratification. Mastering this very concept will put you in a position of value, as majority of men don’t have the character to do this.

9.Practice Gratitude 

Not only do I believe gratitude is the most important habit you can practice spiritually, but I also believe the art of gratitude is one of the most perspective changing practices once done correctly. Guys, if you had a kid right, and you worked your ass off everyday to provide food, clothing, shelter, internet access, entertainment devices and others. Then that kid keeps seeing the glasses as half empty and not giving thanks for what he already has. Wouldn’t you feel unappreciated and undervalued? Hell you might probably want to whoop that child’s ass if you’re from where I’m from. This is exactly how the Most High feels when you complain about not having all the materialistic things and opportunities before giving thanks for simple things like waking up, proper health and a meal to eat. Get in the habit of expressing gratitude for the littlest things guys, and watch your life change for the better. This also puts you in an abundance mindset spiritually, which is the true essence of being a high value man.


If you fellas only knew that 100% of your low value issues in life can be solved by one simple habit and that’s praying. I can’t stress how much prayer has turned my life around for the better. I went from being depressed and complaining about my life situation, to owning it and making the most out of my opportunities. Believe me, nothing changed on the external, but on the internal I was delivered. I finally learned to stop leaning on my own strength and understanding and submit all my problems to the Most High. He then brought wisdom and understanding unto me to discern my way through my life situation and develop myself as a man in all aspects. This is my testimony on how God changed my life through prayer guys, I can’t make this up. By submitting to the most high and incorporating him in your life journey, you can only go up from there fellas, I promise. 


And that brings you to the end of this blog, thank you for reading all the way to the end, stay tuned in to redpilltactics.com for new uploads like these every Monday and Thursday! As always leave a comment in the comment section letting us know how you feel about this one and how it benefited you. Also feel free to share the game with a family member or a close friend, don’t be selfish lol. Finally, thank you for your continued support. Peace and love!