I firstly want to preface this blog by saying, I am not an advocate of “toxic masculinity” nor am I bashing women or against them. I simply am writing this blog to assist in raising my fellow alpha males’ standards because every single one of you here who have been consistently reading our blogs and applying the knowledge and wisdom are indeed high value males. Hence, you should opt to raise your standards in the type of women you attract and make the decision to share your empire with. So it comes with great pleasure to present to you guys 10 TYPES OF WOMEN YOU MUST STAY AWAY FROM AS AN ALPHA MALE.

1. Overly needy and obsessive

Guys I forgot to mention above you should only begin picking a woman to be in your life, when you get your shit together, if you don’t have a command of income or financial stability you should click off this blog, women ought not to be your focus right now. So guys as a high value male you must understand that you have shit to do all the time and nobody wants to deal with a big adult demanding your time and energy 24/7, this is a life steal. You need to develop standards and never settle for anything less than those standards. Women like this usually are insecure or have a void in their lives that they need to fill hence they always want you around for affection and attention. I say no! Your time as a high value male is worth way more than laying around all day comforting and attending to a female. So do yourself a huge favor and stay away from these types of women.

2. Depressed/Insecure

Men nowadays often like to be this big “heroic figure” to women and feel that they need to accept a woman’s low vibrational energy and raise them from that dark place. No guys, these types of women do not need a man, they instead need to look within and work on themselves in all aspects. These types of women would transfer their bad energy on to you and I’m not even talking from just a spiritual perspective, I’m talking from a mental and physical one as well. Have you ever noticed that it’s extremely difficult to be happy around a depressed person or confident around an insecure person? These types of women would subliminally destroy you and make you carry around that low, depressing energy all day. They also require a lot of compliments and affection to feel good about themselves, that’s not a high value woman guys, stay away from her.

3. Social media addict

This one is more for my younger guys, the ones that are looking for women in the 20-25 age bracket. If your girl is ALWAYS on social media, I mean to the point you can’t even get a real genuine conversation out of her because she’s so distracted taking selfies and talking to random strangers, simply cut her off bro. You can’t build anything with these types of women, they usually have no personality, no sort of substance to their way of living and they sure as hell ain’t getting much done throughout the day because they are too busy keeping up with the latest Kylie Jenner trend. These women are also WAY too in touch with their egos and are validation oriented as well. They would do ANYTHING for the like and the comment on Instagram and I mean anything. Yes, disrespecting your relationship is a possibility, so do yourself a huge favor and stay away from these types of women.

4. Fishing on social media

The fact that I have to have this on this list is a testament to how low the bar is for women these days bro. Women who are constantly throwing around ‘thirst’ traps and posting seductive pictures on social media to seek validation or get men’s attention seem to be quite common in today’s society and nobody is talking about it. In fact women only do these things because it works and who else to blame but these beta males who fall for the trap and give them validation every time? Exactly. You guys need to understand that these types of females have no form of respect for themselves and far less for you. Hell they won’t even have respect for your potential relationship. I’ll give you a quick story, I personally know a female who recently added me to her ‘close friends list’ on Instagram and she would have random moments where she would post pictures of her naked body and seductive videos and things that she shouldn’t be posting and showing it to her close friends. The sad thing about this all is that she is in a committed relationship, shake my head. Don’t be one of these guys bro, save yourselves the embarrassment.

5. Lack of purpose or spirit

This is something that my younger guys should especially pay attention to, hell even some of my older folk should pay attention as well because some of y’all miss it as well. Guys your woman is a representation of you and some of you guys want to go on to get married someday and y’all often neglect having a spiritual connection with your woman. Now I’m not saying you have to be religious or anything like that but you should stay away from women who have a lack of purpose or some form of spiritual inclination. These are the type of women who sell their body on ‘only fans’ and become strippers and indulge in any kind of low vibrational behavior like that. This is simply because they have no sense of respect for themselves on a spiritual level guys. A woman who has a sense of purpose would not engage themselves in this type of low vibrational behavior guys, trust me. Not to mention women like these have little or no ethical backgrounds so they won’t hesitate to disrespect you or embarrass you, which are things you should not settle for as a high value male. Many marriages and relationships fail today because of this simple yet profound point guys, don’t be a victim of this.

6. Unhealthy

Due to the propaganda that floats around these days and how everyone is so comfortable with doing whatever they feel, men feel the need to avoid these types of discussion with their significant other like if that same woman won’t pass these negative habits on to you guys’ children. Listen, no high value male should settle for an unhealthy woman. Contrary to what the media says it is not okay to be 25 years of age with diabetes, cholesterol clogged arteries and barely being able to walk. This is not okay and would never be okay, get you a woman who invests in her health just like you (the alpha). Your health is your wealth and many physiological diseases are hereditary. You may want to have a child with your woman in the future and it’s not fair to them to pass down a healthy condition that they didn’t ask for. Being unhealthy also affects so many more aspects of your lives such as your mentality, will to work and confidence. You don’t want a woman who carries around this burden, raise your standards my fellow alpha males.

7. Drama oriented 

There is a narrative going around that goes along the lines of ‘Toxic relationships are the best’ and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Deep down nobody, even the people that second this statement, likes to go back and forth, arguing and fighting with their significant other. That logically makes no sense. As a high value male you require clarity and definite purpose every day in your life as you achieve your goals. This can’t be achieved if you always have your girlfriend causing some drama or ruckus in your life. These types of women are jezebels who are used to dealing with low vibrational people. So getting into fights and arguments does something for them on a spiritual level, it’s almost like a satisfaction to them. That’s why women like this spend all day ‘beefing’ with their significant other or other people in general. Females like this more often than not, attract negativity into your life because they are always manifesting low vibrational behavior and outcomes. Stay away from these types of women guys, they are destructive.

8. Lack of vision/motivation

Yes I get that it is in your God given role as a man to provide for your family and loved ones, I am an advocate of this concept in fact and I encourage all high value males to do this. However, this doesn’t mean that your woman isn’t required to have a vision to do something for herself. Women who lack motivation for themselves are usually sleeping around all day, always tired, complaining and drifting . These types of women would suck your energy guys, no joke. Women like this often transfer off that mood onto you and that in turn stifles your creative energy and makes it difficult to get your stuff done. My humble advice is to ask testing questions relating to this in the dating stage with a woman. So you can figure out the type of woman she is, if she gives you the impression that she doesn’t have any vision or motivation to do anything, save yourself the headache and time wasted and cut her off bro.

9. Sheep (doesn’t have a mind of her own)

This one is something to pay particular attention to because it can easily go unnoticed but I task you to focus on your girlfriend’s decisions and actions. See if she stands for something or if her decision is made based on her friends or social media following. This may not seem like a big deal but guys, if your woman can’t think for herself and know what she wants for herself, out of the relationship or anything in particular then that’s alarming bro. Because you would no longer be satisfying her wants or needs but other people’s. Women like this are usually insecure in their own views or way of thinking that they need the approval or validation from an external source to feel solid in that word and that’s a terrible thing. Women like this can be easily manipulated and their peers can influence their mentality in a situation that can affect you guys’ relationship. Stupid things like “why didn’t he get you a sports car for Valentine’s Day? That’s what my boyfriend got for me” or “girl it’s been three years since y’all been together, why ain’t he proposed to you yet?” These are manipulative things that weak minded women fall victim to. So stay away from these types of women guys, they are bad for you.

10. “Empowerment” obsessed 

Last but certainly not least. The new age “empowerment” obsessed female. Guys I saved this one for last because I need you guys to understand that this woman is simply the most destructive woman there is. Not only are they stepping outside their God given role but they are also women who lack respect for men for various reasons that we are not gonna get into. These types of women are usually posting 4,000 tweets daily about capitalism and equal rights and oppression amongst women while eating pizza all day. These types of women are walking contradictions and they live everyday of their lives to embody a masculine role, argue with and disrespect men on a regular basis. As a high value male you should not settle for a woman who fails to respect or submit to you guys, I don’t care what the media tells you. YOU are in control, YOU are the leader, YOU are the dominant one, don’t settle for a female who goes against that.

And that brings you to the end of this blog guys. I hope this one has been beneficial to you and I thank you for reading til the end of the blog. As a high value male we need to raise our standards in the dating game as well guys, don’t neglect this. With that being said thank you for all the support we have been getting lately, God bless you guys. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or email us at [email protected] and we will get on to you as soon as possible.