In the fitness community, the notation of getting in shape and looking your best self is the primary focus. This comes with good cause obviously, as it can only benefit you to get in shape. But have you ever sat and asked yourself, “Why am I doing all these bench presses?” Or “What are the benefits of exercising?”. If you’re a guy like me you’d probably have asked yourself this a couple times. Yes, the obvious benefits of exercising are health and fitness related (looking and feeling your best self). However, there are a surprising amount of qualities that we build as men that contribute towards our success in the long run. Some of which we often neglect or take for granted. This article would shine light on exactly what are the mental benefits of exercising. 


As mentioned in previous articles, one of the main benefits of exercising is increased masculinity. Let’s face it, despite all the negative connotations surrounding the ‘ideal body type’, if you strive not to achieve this you are only doing yourself a disservice. Think about it, how can you wake up in the morning and tell yourself the world is yours, and that you’re gonna kick life’s ass if you’re overweight. That’s hardly ever possible, you’ll only be kidding yourself. Taking care of your physical body as a direct correlation to success. Fit people are more energized, disciplined and hardworking than your average Joe. Which are direct traits of a successful individual. A credible LinkedIn article further backs up this, going into the full science behind this narrative. A lot of successful people’s journeys all started underneath the bar. The beautiful thing about this too is that getting in shape requires no intellect, IQ or brain power. Just sheer hard work, discipline and consistency.


As alpha males, I want you guys to have your priorities straight. One of the top priorities in an alpha male’s life is to look and feel his best self. I can’t stress on this enough, you have to prioritize your fitness. If you’re a man in 2021, you have absolutely no reason to not be in shape. I don’t care if “it runs in the family” or you can’t afford a gym membership, that’s all excuses. So before you even think about making all these millions and driving this expensive vehicle, focus on getting in shape first. One of the main benefits of exercising is that it is often a launchpad towards your success as a man. All of my personal achievements are often accredited to fitness and getting in shape, this is where my success journey began. I learnt so many lessons in the gym that no near death experience, educational institution nor wiseman can teach you. I will share all these lessons with you as I break down the benefits of exercising in this article. So without any further delay, allow me to guide you on 10 BENEFITS OF EXERCISING. 

1.Builds discipline 

We coming in hot on this list at number 1. Discipline is one of, if not, the biggest benefits of exercising. The ability to stick to a goal despite emotion, circumstances or inconveniences is an essential mental trait to possess. You read this all the time on this website about the significance of discipline when it comes to your respective success journeys. You simply can’t do it without discipline, I don’t care what advantages you have in life. You can have 10 million dollars in inheritance or 5 income generating assets, without discipline you’ll blow it all away, I guarantee you. According to lovemoney.com 70% of lottery winners end up broke, why is this?. Well I guarantee you a huge factor that contributed to their demise is that they simply lacked discipline. The lack of discipline caused them to spend on frivolous items, neglect financial literacy and not invest. These are all things that build wealth and therefore requires discipline to refrain from engaging in acts of instant gratification. Discipline leads to consistency, consistency leads to results and results leads to success. So in a nutshell, discipline leads to success.

2.Builds strength 

Building strength comes as one of the most important benefits of exercising simply because this lies within a man’s role. One of the symbols or statements of masculinity is strength. Think about any masculine person you know, something that often comes to mind is strength, both mentally and physically. That’s right, exercising doesn’t only condition you physically, it does so mentally as well. From personal experience, I’m actually motivated to workout 10% of the time and I workout daily. What I have developed from exercising is that mental toughness and grit to say, no matter how I feel or where I am, I have to get my sessions in. This is one of the major benefits of exercising, you find that strength required mentally to get going. This new found mental strength can give you that extra resilience required to grind it out with other goals as well. Physical strength is also mandatory for masculine men, as in times of danger it will be expected of you to defend yourself and or loved ones. Exercising gives you that physical strength to fight off potential predators or even scare them away from attacking you in the first place. This is why women are subconsciously attracted to men with a “v-taper” physique. It exudes strength, which gives them the comfort and security they need so that when shit hits the fan, they are safe.

3.Reduces risk of lifestyle diseases

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are responsible for just under a third of global deaths. Let me repeat that one more time for the boys in the back, CVDs ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR AROUND A THIRD OF GLOBAL DEATHS WORLDWIDE. Wait there’s more, according to heart.org 48% of adults in the US suffered with cardiovascular diseases in 2016. If you haven’t noticed by now, lifestyle diseases are quite common conditions in the US and this comes with no surprise. Due to the generally poor diets and the lack of exercise of individuals in the US. This leads me to one of the biggest benefits of exercising and that is reducing the risk of all lifestyle diseases. It has been scientifically proven that exercise significantly lowers the chances of being diagnosed with any form of lifestyle diseases. Combine that with a good diet and you are now basically immune to all lifestyle diseases. So do yourself and your health a HUGE favor, and start exercising.

4.Boosts confidence 

“A fit body gives you confidence. And there’s nothing more impressive than a great attitude, which you can wear on your sleeve” – Virat Kohli. This is a quote that speaks volumes. There’s no single trait that can propel you towards success in anything in life more than confidence. Think about all successful men, men who are successful with women, in their careers, in sports, etc. They all may have different ethnic backgrounds, physical features and status but you know what’s one thing they all have in common? Confidence. I solely believe that confidence is the single most important trait a man can possess. A confident man possesses the power to achieve anything his very mind can conceptualize. The fastest and arguably cheapest way in which a man can gain confidence is through his physique. That leads me to yet another one of the benefits of exercising. There’s something about being in shape and lean that gives you unmatched confidence. Exercising and building a body that you can be proud of and most importantly confident in, is essential. And I urge all of you guys to hatch this power through exercising.

5.Increases testosterone 

Increased testosterone is something we as men always aspire to achieve. Testosterone is responsible for the development of our masculine features, like deepening of the voice, beard, muscle mass, etc. Many men today suffer with low testosterone. In fact, according to abcnews.go.com, approximately 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 suffer with low testosterone. This leads me to another important aspect or benefit of exercising and that is increased testosterone. One of the easiest ways to boost testosterone is to simply exercise. It has been scientifically proven that men who engage in frequent physical exercise or strength training have high testosterone levels. Which is a huge benefit for us as men that helps us avoid problems that men face at an older age. Such as erectile dysfunction, severe loss of muscle mass, hair loss, low sex drive, etc. 

6.Increases attractiveness 

I know this is a point that all you guys were expecting to see. And yes, it is indeed true that exercising increases your level of attraction from the opposite sex. Forget all what you heard about the ‘dad bod’ and the ‘beer gut’ men that women claim to be more attracted to. These are white hat lies, and it is seen in the statistics. According to a survey done by us, 25% of the women interviewed stated that abs is the most attractive physical feature on a man, 20% said chest and 15% said arms. This research shows that about 60% of women are attracted to a well developed upper body. So based on these statistics, it is safe to say that one of the benefits of exercising is increased attractiveness in general. This does not mean that most women like physiques of professional bodybuilders and powerlifters, in fact these types are a turn off for most women. Women are attracted to a more lean, muscular and “natural looking” physique.

7.Builds respect

One of the most desirable aspirations that most men have is respect. This is no secret, this is why men get upset when another guy looks at his girl a certain way or gets aggressive if people treat them as less than at times. This is because of our subconscious desire to be respected or be respectable. The part most men forget though, is that respect is earned. The truth is, nobody is going to genuinely respect you automatically. You would have passed someone’s intangible tests that then qualifies you to become somebody they respect. It isn’t just handed out like that guys. One major benefit of exercising is the respect that comes from it, from both men and women. You see, a guy who walks confident, with a well developed masculine physique, sends a statement to the world. A statement that he is disciplined, hardworking and consistent. Most people don’t possess these qualities hence they automatically respect a guy who has a good physique. Exercising would gain you respect without you having to lift a finger.

8.Makes you more masculine 

You guys know one of the main messages we preach on this blog is being a masculine, alpha male. So it is in our best interest to ensure that you look and embody as much masculinity as possible. So therefore this benefit comes as no surprise. When you are ‘jacked’ most people automatically view you as more masculine. This is simply because all the masculine icons are often depicted or displayed with a muscular physique. Think of Thor from Avengers or Rocky Balboa from the Rocky franchise. They are both seen as very masculine men and some of this can be credited to their physical appearance. I preach this to my guys as much as possible to always strive towards building that ‘v-taper’ body. This look signifies the most masculinity as the upper body is where most of the physical strength is condensed. Focus on building your shoulders, chest and back for a more masculine look. 

9.Increased athletic capabilities 

Speaking of Rocky, an essential benefit of exercising definitely has to be increased athletic capability. This is common sense in most sports, the stronger you are, the more of an advantage you have in said sport. Think of sprinters like Usain bolt, they have insanely strong lower bodies, to be able to explode when in contact with the track to propel themselves forward. Or basketball players like Lebron James, strength is a huge aspect of his game as it enables him to be so explosive on the court. No matter how you cut it, strength is a huge aspect of most sports and your body has a great demand for it when playing. Can’t begin to explain just how much exercising has benefitted my athletic career and it gave me so many advantages. When exercising you develop other fitness components as well, such as stamina, balance, flexibility, agility, etc. not just strength. 

10.It puts a smile on God’s face

Last but most importantly, exercising puts a smile on our Father’s face. Yes, you read that correctly, getting in shape and taking good care of your body is indeed of service to the Most High. Think about it, if God made us in his own image and likeness, why would he want us to not take care of our bodies, gain unhealthy amounts of weight and suffer from diseases as a result. That’s definitely not how he ordained it to be. Guys our body is our temple, it’s the physical outlet God blessed us with, to go out and execute our purposes. He definitely hasn’t ordered us to walk these paths in life in poor physical condition. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 stated that “Your body is a temple”. This simply means that we are the house of the Holy Spirit and we must take good care of the temple, to accommodate such a spirit. You guys have to start seeing life for what it is, and not what it appears to be. 


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